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RPI-HARDWARE. Raspberry pi. DOMOTIQUE PI. RPI-MEDIA. RPI-NAS. Tutoriaux généraux et spécifiques. Tutos R-Pi. RPI - RESEAU AD HOC. Smartenit - Solutions. There is nothing as tasty as homemade raspberry pie in the summer, and the ice cream on top makes it even more delicious, especially when it's free.

Smartenit - Solutions

The Smartenit ZBPServer software is the ice cream that turns your Rpi into a "HomAidPi", full-fledged automation monster gateway that manages large home / building automation networks based on ZigBee, INSTEON and X10 protocols. Choose one of several USB automation interfaces available from Smartenit (USB-CID, ZBPLM, and EZIComm) and access a large ecosystem of automation devices that includes lighting, HVAC, irrigation, appliance control, energy management, water management, etc.

Check out our "How To" section below to see how to load the Smartenit software onto your Rpi and cook up something special. So grab your Raspberry Pi, compatible Smartenit controller automation interface, scoop on our ZBPServer and enjoy your powerful, inexpensive home automation gateway. PiFace™ Digital and Gertboard. RaspberryPi. Framboise 314, le Raspberry Pi à la sauce française….

RaspiHub - For the latest Raspberry Pi news. 14 : Surveiller les performances du rpi depuis le web. Ce post est le quatorzième (mazette, déjà !)

14 : Surveiller les performances du rpi depuis le web

Le blog de NicoLargo. » Ajenti : Une alternative pour les adeptes de Webmin Jérôme BEHUET. COMPARAISON. A long time ago, Earth was ruled by dinosaurs. Then they died and we began to play with Motorola HC11. These were prehistoric times, when debugging involved an oscilloscope. (Yes, I am that old.) Then Massimo Banzi invented a new single board: Arduino. And everyone was happy. Then the unexpected happened: David Braben invented the Raspberry Pi. The story does not end here: now we have CubieBoard, Gooseberry, APC Rock, OLinuXino, Hackberry A10, et caetera. Each one of them is different. PDF file If you see any error in this, please feel free to leave a comment below. RASPBERRYPI. Par X.


How to fix unbootable Raspberry Pi after rpi-update. Submitted by admin on Sun, 04/14/2013 - 22:01 Fix Debian BootFix Raspberry pi not bootingLinuxRaspberry Pirpi-updaterpi-update is a great utility to get all the latest updates and patches on your Raspberry Pi Debian operating-system.

How to fix unbootable Raspberry Pi after rpi-update

But being a utility which downloads and installs each of the latest, cutting-edge core OS components it may mess things occasionally. A recent bad core-patch made Raspberry Pi unbootable for several, after downloading all the files successfully the RPi will don't boot with all the red LED on and green LED flashing three times telling a problem with boot files. To fix this Raspberry Pi boot issue, first we must take out the SD card and plug-in to a different computer. Now, edit config.txt file and edit gpu_mem value to 16 (gpu_mem=16) as shown below, this make your RPi bootable.

However, this will still make RPi unbootable should you ever change this value. Thank you for visiting, If there is criticism and suggestions please leave a comment. Raspberry-pi. Accueil. Raspberry Pi Email Server. The RasPi’s small size and low power consumption make it an ideal choice for use as a home email server.

Raspberry Pi Email Server

After trying a couple of different pieces of software, I finally found an excellent combination: Postfix with Dovecot and Squirrelmail, plus Spamasssassin and Sieve for spam filtering. There are many, many tutorials out there for the first trilogy of programs, but since the configuration is slightly different for each distribution I kept coming unstuck when setting mine up on the Pi. Having finally got mine configured properly, I’ve put together a set of 5 tutorials, which will take you from a vanilla Raspbian image to a fully functioning email server in no time. When writing the tutorial I made an effort to explain what each setting does instead of just dumping commands.

How to setup a mail server with Citadel on Raspberry Pi. I decided to start a series of articles that explain how to go about setting up various types of servers using the Raspberry Pi as a base for the server infrastructure.

How to setup a mail server with Citadel on Raspberry Pi

Thus, this one is about setting the Raspberry Pi to be a mail server using Citadel. The first thing we need to understand in setting up a mail server are the protocols that need to be in place. The most basic mail server requires two protocols to function, one to retrieve e-mail (IMAP/POP3) and one to send and accept mail (SMTP). Usually these function operate as two different services. RPi Hub.

Notice: The Raspberry Pi Wiki pages on this site is collaborative work - the Raspberry Pi Foundation is not responsible for content on these pages.

RPi Hub

Now shipping to customers See the Buying Guide on how to order one, or visit the Raspberry Pi Foundation Home Page. Raspberry Pi OpenVPN Server Tutorial. Gegevens Categorie: Tutorials Want 20GB free cloud space?

Raspberry Pi OpenVPN Server Tutorial

Use my referral url to gain 20GB free space! Instead of 15GB of you are not using my referral link PPTP VPN? 84 MB Minimal Raspbian ARMHF Image for Raspberry Pi. Many embedded systems applications do not require a desktop environment or graphical interface on the screen (e.g. server), and you may want to only install the files you really need on the SD card either to reserve as much space as possible for data and/or your program or to reduce costs.

84 MB Minimal Raspbian ARMHF Image for Raspberry Pi

After searching for a minimal image based on Raspbian ARMHF distribution for the Raspberry, I could only find Linux Systems minimal image based on the Alpha version of the Raspbian Wheezy. Their compressed image is 109 MB in size, has a custom kernel, sshd and ntpd are enabled, but the wireless tools were deleted, and at the time the swap was located in another partition instead of a file inside the rootfs. The uncompress rootfs is about 414 MB (as reported by df -h when mounted as a loop device). I decided to prepare a minimal image myself based on the first Raspbian Wheezy release, that supports about the same features of the image mentioned above, plus support for the wireless tools. View forum - Français. Tout ce qu'on peut faire avec Raspberry PI - Libre974.

Raspberry PI en mode HTPC et pilotage via télécommande. Setting up LIRC on the RaspberryPi - June 8th 2013 Update: I have completed a soldered circuit prototype, complete with a full parts list and high resolution build pictures.

Setting up LIRC on the RaspberryPi -

Please read Open Source Universal Remote - Parts & Picturse to learn more. March 9th 2013 Update: I have formalized the schematic and parts list that I’m using and have made it available on Upverter. Please read RaspberryPi IR Schematic for LIRC for more details. March 4th Update: I’ve written a follow up post that describes how to control your RaspberryPi universal remote from the web. Please check out Controlling LIRC from the web for instructions on how to install and configure the software. Onion Pi : un Raspberry Pi pour garder l'anonymat sur le Net. Sommaire Idleman. Pour commencer merci pour tous tes articles/tutoriels et notamment pour tous les trucs en « ique » . Raspberry, Asterisk, Freepbx, SPA3102, Freebox tout y est !!! Mise à jour Raspbian et firmware Rpi - Raspberry Pi. Pour ceux qui laissent un peu leur Rapsberry de côté ou ne s’en servent pas souvent, pensez au moins à le garder au goût du jour.

Ça va faire du bruit chez les framboise314 : comment configurer le son sur le Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi. 40+ Cool Ideas for your Raspberry PI Project. RPi Projects. Back to the Hub. Community Pages: Tutorials - a list of tutorials. Learn by doing.

Welcome to / The Wifi Radio Project Introduction I'm one who often has the radio playing when I'm working on a project or unwinding at the end of the day. Add an external mpd client. At this stage, you could close the router again and use an external mpd client to control your radio. In this instructable we will also build an interface but having a way to acces the player while testing is always good. You can download a lot of mpd clients at even for you Iphone. I downloaded and installed the Ario client. To do so, I needed to install GTK+ too ( When you have installed the program, you need to set up the connection. Adafruit vous aide à utiliser votre Raspberry Pi.

Asterisk for Raspberry Pi. Programmation arduino. Documentation - RFID/NFC 13.56 MHz shield for Raspberry Pi tutorial. Tutorial Index Introduction RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology that uses electromagnetic fields to identify objects in a contactless way; it is also called proximity identification. There are 2 elements in RFID communications: the RFID module (or reader/writer device) and an RFID card (or tag). The RFID module acts as the master and the card acts as the slave; this means the module queries the card and sends instructions to it. In a normal RFID communication, the RFID module is fixed and the user takes his card near it when he needs to start the interaction. Ingredients: Cooking Hacks offers Mifare® Classic 1k cards tags, stickers and key rings along with the RFID/NFC module for Arduino.

Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi : The Unofficial Tutorial. Advertisement Get to know the world’s favorite $25 computer: the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry-pi. Framboise 314, le Raspberry Pi à la sauce française…. Single board computers. As we have concluded earlier, there are quite a few single-board micro computers out there today to choose from. Some of them offer better performance and more memory than others, some of them have a great variety of connectors while others only have the necessary minimum. A part of these devices can connect to custom hardware through general purpose input-output pins, while others are more integrated and less customizable. Most of them are based on the ARM architecture, which restricts their use to operating systems like Linux, Android, etc, but a few surprise us with an x86 design and can even run Windows.

Although they are generally small, there still are significant differences between them in size.