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Sewing projects

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Patterns and projects. Guinevere Bracelet. (copyright 2007 Deborah Roberti) MATERIALS (for a 7-inch bracelet, not including clasp) • Approximately 600 11/0 seed beads or Delica beads: I used Lt.

Guinevere Bracelet

Bronze DB-22L Delica beads. Can be purchased at and • Approximately 48 dark 4mm bicone crystals: I used Swarovski Burgundy. . • Approximately 46 light 4mm bicone crystals: I used Swarovski Topaz Satin. . • Approximately 46 4mm glass pearls: I used Swarovski bright gold or Czech light gold. Step 1: You’re going to have to add thread while creating this bracelet (unless you don’t mind work­ing with about 5 yards of thread initially) so start with a length you feel comfortable working with and thread your needle.

String a seed bead, a dark crystal, a seed bead, a pearl, a seed bead, a light crystal, a seed bead and a pearl. Step 2: Go back through the pearl, the seed bead and the light crystal: Step 3: String 5 seed beads, a light crystal and 5 seed beads. You’ve just finished row 1. Step 10: String a seed bead. Royal Crystal Bracelet. Copyright 2007 Deborah Roberti MATERIALS (for a 7-inch bracelet, not including clasp) • 4 yards waxed Nymo or C-Lon thread, size D, or 6 lb.

Royal Crystal Bracelet

FireLine. Snowflake Earrings. (copyright 2013 Deborah Roberti) Materials: • About 2 yards of 6 lb.

Snowflake Earrings

Trinket Earrings. (copyright 2010 Deborah Roberti) Materials: • 2 yards of 6 lb.

Trinket Earrings

Skinny Bracelet II. (copyright 2010 Deborah Roberti) Materials (for a 7-inch bracelet, not including clasp): • 3 yards of 6 lb.

Skinny Bracelet II

Lobelia Necklace. Copyright 2010 Deborah Roberti MATERIALS (for an 18-inch necklace, not including clasp) • 6 yards of thread, size D, or 6lb.

Lobelia Necklace

FireLine • Approximately 40 size 11/0 bronze seed beads (I used Miyuki Lt. Bronze 11-0457L. Can be purchased online at Charlene's Beads and • Approximately 150 size 11/0 green seed beads (I used Tourmaline Gold Luster 11-0306. Can be purchased online at • Approximately 80 size 3mm fire-polished beads (I used Czech Periodot/Olive Valentinit. Step 1: Thread your needle with 6 yards of thread or FireLine. Skinny Bracelet II. Skinny Twin Cube Band. (copyright 2012 Deborah Roberti) Materials (for a 7-inch bracelet, not including clasp): • 3 yards of 6 lb.

Skinny Twin Cube Band

FireLine • About 250 size 11/0 seed beads: Miyuki Nickel 11-0464A. Lobelia Necklace. Jeweled Bracelet. (matches the FREE Jeweled Earrings) copyright 2005 Deborah Roberti MATERIALS (for a 7-inch bracelet, not including clasp) •3 yards waxed Nymo or C-Lon thread, size D, or 6 lb.

Jeweled Bracelet

FireLine • About 150 size 11/0 seed beads or Delica beads: I used Miyuki Delica #34 Lt. Gold Plated. • About 112 4mm bicone crystals: I used Swarovski Chrysolite Satin. • About 14 6mm fire-polished beads: I used Czech Garnet. You can find many more color combinations at the Gallery of Color Suggestions! Flower Earrings. Skinny SuperDuo Band. (copyright 2012 Deborah Roberti) ABOUT SUPERDUO BEADS: Twin beads and SuperDuo beads are often referred to as two-hole seed beads and they look almost exactly alike with a few exceptions.

Skinny SuperDuo Band

Twin beads, made by Czech company Preciosa Ornela, have the same oval shape but are often somewhat irregular in size. Hana-Ami Motif. (copyright 2005 Deborah Roberti) Triangle weave, a relative of right-angle weave, originated centuries ago in Japan, Europe, Russia and the Ukraine.

Hana-Ami Motif

In Japanese beadwork, triangle weave is used to create a motif called Hana-Ami (Hana means "flower" and Ami means "stitch" or "net"). Garden Necklace. (copyright 2007 Deborah Roberti) Materials (for a 16-inch necklace, not including clasp): • Waxed Nymo or C-Lon thread, size D; or 6lb FireLine, whichever is your preference • Approximately 300 size 11/0 seeds beads or Delica beads (I used Delica 11/0 Lt. Gold DB-34. Can be purchased at, and Crystal Ornament. (copyright 2010 Deborah Roberti) Materials: •2 yards of 8 lb. FireLine. Bodacious Earrings and Pendant. Copyright 2014 Deborah Roberti For the exact beads used in the photo above, click here to go to the Gallery of Color Suggestions and scroll down. Earrings: • Two yards of 6 lb. Diagonal Stripes Bracelet. Copyright 2006 Deborah Roberti The Diagonal Stripes Bracelet pattern is fully illustrated with detailed step-by-step instructions for an easy, single-needle, right-angle weave (worked diagonally) band.

I used 6mm bicone crystals but you could just as easily use 6mm fire-polished beads or any 6mm bead. For a smaller, daintier bracelet or necklace, use 4mm bicone crystals and 3mm fire-polished beads. It's a very versatile pattern. MATERIALS (for a 7-inch bracelet, not including clasp)


Granny. How to Sew Baby Tiptoe Sandals. How to make a Mobile Phone Pouch. Cell phone pouch sewing video tutorial by pattydoo. Folded Fabric Ornaments. StarOrnament. Wire Sculpture Tools & Techniques. Heart Pendant. Festive Stars made from Recycled Drinks Cans. November 1st, 2011 I’m preparing for a couple of craft fairs (details coming soon) at the moment and decided to have a go at making some Festive decorations by recycling some drinks cans I’ve been collecting. PeyoteBezel. HeartPendant. The table runner :) Jun06 Oh hello lovelies! It is such a beautiful day today and I’m in love… deeply madly crazy in love with my latest finished project… Are you ready to fall too? Beaded Bracelet "Summer Night" . Бисерный браслет "Летняя Ночь"

LindasJeweled. Linda's Tweaked Jeweled Bracelet.

Beading Beado. Bridget Hair Tutorial. Of course I'm speaking of Miss Bardot. This hair style is a fun mix of retro sexy, messy, and structured all at the same time. Not only that, it's great for days you roll out of bed and want to look great without a ton of work. It's supposed to be tousled and fun. Brookfield%20Bag. Knitting Stuff. Sewing along(s) — As a new weekend approaches, I am still trying to find the time to write about last weekend's sewing! I've had a week of meetings, appointments, a work day and heavy rain (flooding) so it's sped by with little sewing and blogging time. I started last weekend with a new blade and a new needle - armed with those I felt ready to take on the world!! I spent most of Saturday thinking, planning and cutting ... I seemed to be partway through several projects, all of which had stalled because I was ready for the next step. — until I did a miscut (probably was day dreaming about the next project I want to start) - oh no, would I have to rethink the outer border, or maybe do some piecing and hope the joins were not noticeable?

I made a few decisions and did a little cutting on the project I haven't officially started yet - if it's not on my blog, it's not started, right? I've been wondering who else is doing Pam Buda's Market Day sewalong? Happy creating, and thanks for reading to the end :-) Antique Red and White Quilt Block Tutorial. This is the red and white antique quilt that I showed you around Christmas. My Grandmother made this quilt. She was born in 1890 and died in 1923 so this quilt is at least 90 years old. Crafts team. Basket. Sew Mama Sew!

Good Morning Mug Hug Crochet Pattern. Stadium%20Blanket. Little superstar quilt top - comfortstitching. I've had the pedal to the metal all last week stitching up this star top. I used the wonky star tutorial here but instead of giving my stars wonky points I did even ones. Tuto-Fleur-d-Afrique.pdf. SpiralTutorial. WheelPat. 501 quilting design motifs + 8 ways to mark a quilt (+ giveaway!) If you quilt by hand or machine—or if you’re one of many quilters who is ready to try her hand (or machine) at quilting your own quilts—you simply must get to know our #1 bestselling book on the art of quilting. Why now? Drink Can Tinwork.

Little Ditties. Birthday Bracelet. Bodacious Earrings and Pendant. Creating a Peyote Bezel. Zippered pouch sewing video tutorial by pattydoo. Loom Beaded Bracelet Tutorial. How To: Native American Beadwork, Beaded Bracelet. Milk carton wallet - Do it yourself. Beaded Bracelet Russian Frosts. Браслет из бисера Русские Морозы. Stacker_LindaTweaked. Reader download. Net1. CuffBracelet. How to Make Your Own Earring Hooks. Lacey%20Lap-ghan. Eye Glass Holders. Cromitfoupic2-2. TerriChoker. Bugle Cluster Beaded Bracelet. 4.7.08 My version to Ruby's pattern for the Cecile's wheel bracelet.

JoAnnsWheelVariation. “Russian Leaf” Tutorial - Also being referred ... Skinny Twin Cube Band. Skinny Twin Cube Band. (Tutorial) Beaded Chantilly Lace Bracelet (Video 6) Dark Ecstasy Bracelet, Handmade Jewelry by Mariel. Rose Petals Bracelet - Beading tutorial by Sidonia's handmade jewelry. Egyptian Nights Bracelet Part 1 of 2. Tutorial - Bracciale Half Tila a fascia - Maggio 2015. How to Make the Water Lily Bead Woven Bracelet. Rounded Ridges Bracelet. Beading4perfectionists : Swarovski pearl and bicone with miyuki beads Bracelet beading tutorial.

Beginner Tutorial for the Left handed Newbie. Beadweaving " Owl Eyes " Bracelet. (Tutorial) Enchanted Star Component PART 1 (Video 73) (Tutorial) Dutch Tulip Bracelet (Video 124) (Tutorial) Think Outside The Box Bracelet (Video 126) Youtube. Beaded Flower Vine Bracelet Tutorial. Beaded Floral Lace Bracelet Tutorial. Ravishing Rounduos Beaded Bracelet Tutorial. Make a " RAW Gemstones " Bracelet. Flowering Pips Beadweaving Design. Delicate Thorns Bracelet Tutorial. How to Make a Vintage Flower Cuff Bracelet with Crystal and Seed Beads. Beading with Montees.