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How to bezel a pearl using Seed beads and Delica beads. Sidonia's handmade jewelry - How to bezel an 25x18mm drop cabochon. Sidonia's handmade jewelry - Half Tila Ring - Beaded Ring. Sidonia's handmade jewelry - Sunset Glare - Beaded Earrings. Beaded Bling Earrings Tutorial. Turquoise Baroque Earrings Tutorial. Video Tutorial - Beaded Earrings "Belleza" Square Tila Earrings Beading Tutorial by Honeybeads (Video tutorial) Hexagon Duo Earrings. Hugs and Kisses Beaded Bracelet Tutorial.

Beaded Bracelet with 8mm and 6mm Glass Pearl . Бисерный Браслет из 8мм и 6мм жемчуга. Tubular beadwork tutorial (Chenille Stitch): a simple idea for a tubular beadwork. Beading4perfectionists : B&B reject #2 :-) Flowers and Grapes necklace beading tutorial. Crystal Diamonds Necklace Tutorial. Делаем серьги - объемный треугольник из бисера. Making earrings surround triangle of beads. Beaded Earrings Twin Beads glass Pearl Seed Beads. Серьги бисер дуо жемчуг. DIY Tutorial: Orecchini perline Iris - DIY Tutorial: Iris beaded earrings. DIY Tutorial perline Anello. ANILLO CON SUPERDUOS Y ROCALLAS. Herringbone Bracelet With Superduo Beads.

Beading Ideas - Flower earring ( whit Rulla y Superduo beads) Video Tutorial - Beaded Earrings "Belleza" TheHeartBeading: Beaded bracelet and earrings with half tilas, superduos and pinch beads. Beading Tutorial: Basic Right Angle Weave. One of the most versatile and useful bead weaving stitches ever created is right angle weave.

Beading Tutorial: Basic Right Angle Weave

Developed by David Chatt, it is a single needle variation of cross-weave. Using a figure eight stitching pattern, groups of beads are gathered together to form shared rows that can be increased and embellished in every direction with ease. The unique shape of a basic right angle weave unit allows for endless possibilities in three-dimensional beadwork. The simplest form of RAW is the four bead unit, stitched in flat rows. This technique is great for bracelets and rings, but can also be adapted to make 3-D objects, beaded beads and more. Tutorial: Graduated Herringbone ‘Bobble’ Rope. Have you ever been completely smitten with shaped seed beads, only to find yourself at a loss when it comes to using them?

Tutorial: Graduated Herringbone ‘Bobble’ Rope

One of my favorite techniques for combining a variety of seed bead sizes and shapes is tubular herringbone weave. Not only can you use up a lot of beads at once, but the possibilities for color and pattern combinations are endless! This technique, which I like to call ‘herringbone bobbles’ uses at least two seed bead sizes, or as many as you can come up with. The only restriction is that the beads need to gradually change in size. You can begin as small as you like, although for the best durability, I recommend going no smaller than standard size 11/o Delicas. When choosing your beads and pattern, look carefully at the sizes to determine the best sequence for increasing and decreasing your rope.

Crystal Bracelet #15. Tutorial : Crystal Bracelet #15Level : Beginner The design is from Thai Crystal Book.

Crystal Bracelet #15

Equipment :- Swarovski Bicone Crystal 3 mm.- Swarovski Bicone Crystal 4 mm.- Swarovski Round Crystal 6 mm.- Seed Bead 11/0- Nylon Thread- Clasp and Jumprings The deep green color here is Palace Green Opal. I couldn't remember the length of thread I used for this one. Diamonds Bracelet. Overview: Odd-Count Peyote Stitch Project This is a beginner's beadwork project that introduces Odd-Count Peyote Stitch.

Diamonds Bracelet

Before doing this project, I would recommend that you have previously stitched a simple project with regular (even-count) peyote stitch. How do you know if that's what you did, you ask? Well, if you started out with an even number of beads, it was even-count, and when you start with an odd-number, it's odd-count!!! A peyote stitch project that starts with an odd number of beads typically requires a kind of figure-8 thread path at the end of every second row.

The secret is to use 2 needles and to work on a beading mat like Velux so that the needle you aren't using can be "parked" by sticking it into the mat. Peyote stitch pattern paper. Beaded crocheted bracelet video tutorial. I love the look of these bracelets.

beaded crocheted bracelet video tutorial

The turquoise & brown is my favorite, of course. I really love the mixture of color and bead shapes and sizes. All of them feel like summer to me. Maybe because of the colors I chose or the crocheted “twine” look. How to Bezel a Rivoli Rhinestone. Way back in 2009, I shared a tutorial for a peyote stitch bezel, using a circular peyote start.

How to Bezel a Rivoli Rhinestone

While the method certainly works, it’s not the best way to approach these little beauties. A tubular peyote bezel is not only easier to stitch, but also adapts well to all kinds of rhinestone and cabochon shapes or sizes. Once you’ve made your first bezel, the technique is easy! FREE PATTERNS & Blank Bead GRAPHS » Until We Bead Again, Beth Murr RN-CCRN Bead Artist. FreeHummingBirdPatternForTest. Sb_graphpaper. Beading Tutorial: Basic Right Angle Weave. Square Openwork RAW. Although right angle weave is considered a beading stitch, it is really more of a method, because the are no limits to the ways that we can use it to connect and weave beads of all shapes and sizes.

Square Openwork RAW

The basic right angle weave stitch developed by David Chatt is built from a unit of four seed beads in a cluster, using a single needle technique. The figure-eight motion of the thread can also be applied to other bead sizes and shapes, or multiple bead units, and is a more complex version of a double needle stitch called cross weave. A recent Bracelet a Week design using openwork RAW with square units sparked a discussion on the shape of this right angle weave variation.

A finished panel will have edges that are rounded, instead of straight like the inner units. The inside walls of each row form straight vertical and horizontal lines because they are being pulled in two different directions by the path of the thread. Beaded Ball Earrings Tutorial. PeyoteAlphabet. Quilting & Tools Tutorials - Yarn-or-Fabric.

Tila Right Angle Weave Tutorial. Last week I promised to share the openwork right angle weave technique behind my new Tila bead cuffs.

Tila Right Angle Weave Tutorial

The RAW variation uses Miyuki’s unique two-hole beads and seed beads, and can easily be adapted with different patterns and accents. In order to incorporate the Tilas into the beadwork, you must make a turn by adding accents to either side of the squares. Both 8/o and 11/o beads work well, or you could also use small magatamas. If you don’t mind a little thread showing, skip the accents and do the turn stitch naked. There are lots of possibilities! This tutorial will also show an example of a striped pattern within the beadwork.

Square Openwork RAW. Beading Tutorials: Twisted Tubular Herringbone. Everyone loves a spiral.

Beading Tutorials: Twisted Tubular Herringbone

Spirals are the most common and alluring shapes in nature, found in everything from seashells to our own DNA. Even the shape and flow of human made spiral patterns are very organic, and we are instinctively drawn to them, as if they stir up some ancient memory of our natural heritage. Spiral herringbone is a deceptively simple technique, once you get the first few stitches down, and it always looks amazing when you have a finished rope.

It works with beads of almost any shape or size, and can be used with many different patterns of color. Peyote Stitch triangle: how to make post earrings with Peyote Stitch triangles. Tutorial: Making Bead Covered Beads. Here and there, we’ve covered some of the amazing ways that beaders can create their own components using materials like polymer clay and even paper.

Tutorial: Making Bead Covered Beads

But what about transforming the beads that we already have? Today we’re going to look at a simple technique that turns an ordinary macramé bead into a seed bead wonder. You can use just about any round, large-hole bead for this technique. Wooden macramé beads are ideal because they are lightweight, and they won’t damage the threads with sharp edges. Size 11/o seed beads are also recommended for the best coverage and overall bead shape, with Fireline thread for strong tension. Beading Tutorial: Bridged Herringbone. Ring # 16 - Rubies and Cream As a beaders, learning and growing as artists is a never-ending process. There will always be something new to practice or develop, and our designs evolve as our skills do. On the many beading boards and forums, newcomers will often ask their peers, “How do you come up with your unique designs?”.

How to Make Wood Dough. If your kids like playing with dough like Play-Doh or molding clay, they will love making sculptures with homemade wood dough. Homemade wood dough dries to a wood finish and can be sanded down smooth with sandpaper. You can also paint or stain wood dough sculptures. To paint them, you can use any of the homemade paint recipes I have at the bottom of this article.

Beading Tutorial: Spiral Peyote. Any technique that has a spiral is usually high up on a beader’s list of favorite stitches. Not only are the projects beautiful and eye-catching, but they are lots of fun to do. Spiral peyote is one of the most adaptable forms of spiral beadwork. Just by changing the arrangement of the beads, you can create nearly endless looks and patterns. Peyote Tube Beads. Making beaded beads is a skill that most bead weavers hope to develop. There’s something so exciting about creating your own unique components using your favorite beads. The easiest and most logical place to start is with peyote tube beads. These simple and versatile beaded beads are very easy to make once you get the hang of flat peyote stitch. The best thing about them is that you can adjust the size of your beads simply by increasing the number of peyote rows and columns.

They are great for mixed media designs that use wide cords and fibers, like hemp macramé. Mod Podge cherry charm bracelet tutorial. I’m telling you right now – you don’t have enough jewelry. I know you think you do, but really, you don’t. So I’m here to help you make more. Two things influenced the creation of this DIY charm bracelet. 1) I’ve been trying to spice up my wardrobe, as I mentioned a few months ago and 2) Plaid has new Mod Podge products! The fancy new products include new formulas as well as Podgeables, which are fun surfaces to decoupage on. The line includes these charms. I’m always skeptical about new product in general. Gather These Supplies Mod Podge MatteMod Podge Dimensional MagicMod Podge Podgeable Shapes – BasicMod Podge Tracing Templates – Basic Shapes FolkArt paint – Buttercup and a stylus (this part is optional) Fabric – scraps will work Jewelry making supplies – I used a chain, lobster claw and five jump rings Paintbrush Scissors Pen.

Embellished Ombre Herringbone Cuff Tutorial. Beading Tutorial: Double Spiral. Flutterby Double Spiral Necklace The best thing about a simple beading technique is it’s adaptability. How to Make Stackable Ladder Bracelets. Taštička bronzovo-hnedá by IrenaK - - Handmade Náušnice. Beading Tutorial: Peyote Stitch Bezel. The Encarta English Dictionary defines a bead as “a small ball, pierced for stringing on a cord or sewing onto fabric”. This is a pretty accurate description of the average bead, but adventurous crafters know that there are so many other forms of beads to choose from that they could never be named in one place.

Aside from the many types of “pierced” or drilled objects, there are also many different materials that can be used as embellishments in beadwork that have no holes at all. Most beaders are familiar with cabochons, which can be flat or domed, and of course there are rhinestones as well. Some of the most wonderful un-beads are the things that don’t normally appear in beadwork, but which are so pretty or interesting that we can’t help but use them. Tutorial. Some of the most enjoyable aspects of beading are the simple pleasures, like combining a handful of choice colors, or adding a sweet motif to a classic stitch. One of my favorite ways to dress up the plain but pretty spiral rope is with flowers. Captured Bead Earring Tutorial. You’ve probably heard the expression, “Those that can’t do, teach...”. Wire wrapped Crystal 'Miss Dangles' Wire Wrap Tutorial by HoneyBeads. Sidonia's handmade jewelry - How to bezel a 16mm rivoli.

Beading4perfectionists : "The lazy bezel" around a 16mm Rivoli beading tutorial (pendant) Easy Wire Wrapped Bezel Pendant Tutorial. Quick Wrap! Wire Wrapping Tutorial for Pendants. Cabochon Wrapping. How To Make a Tree Of Life Pendant. How to Make a Wire Wrapped Soumak Stone Setting. Tried-and-Tested Wire Wrapping Tutorial for Pendants. How to make a Solomons Heart Paracord Bracelet (Locked-in-Love) How To Make A Shamballa Style Bracelet. How To Make Wire Jewellery. How To Make Bead Watches. Easy Wire Wrapped Bezel Pendant Tutorial.

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Gemstone Bracelet Link. How to Make the Para-Aramid Bar (Paracord) Bracelet by TIAT. How to make a (Thick) Fishtail Paracord Bracelet. Shark Jaw Bone Paracord Survival Bracelet with Buckle - How to - BoredParacord. Make the "Gorilla Knot" Paracord Survival Bracelet - DIY - BoredParacord. How to Make Wire Netting Around a Bottle. Packaging Templates. 1902 Beaded Chatelaine Purse Chart and Instructions. Free 1902 Purse Pattern: Crocheted Bead Chatelaine [Click For Printer-Friendly Page] This handbag is a glimpse at the history of fashion accessory styles and needlearts in the early 1900s; you can now make an authentic reproduction.

The materials called for in original directions are black crochet silk and steel beads. You can substitute today's crochet threads in your choice of thread weight, according to the finished size of purse you have in mind. Choose beads according to weight of thread. Packaging Templates. Paracordist's_How_To_Make_the_Ladder_Rack_Knot_Paracord_Bracelet_using_the_Ultimate_Jig. Macrame - By Stefan. Back to Tutorials. {DIY} Fishtail Bracelet – Typical House Cat. PSST: Thanks to popular demand, I’m super excited to announce that you can now purchase already-made fishtail bracelets from my jewelry shop, Lovecat Cult, just click here! Du néon aux poignets, ou comment faire ses propres bracelets ? {DIY inside} - Mon quotidien Créatif.

Hello girls ! Denim bracelet - tutorial. One of my most popular posts last year was my denim bracelets, and I got a lot of requests for a tutorial. So I have decided to kick off the new year by keeping my promise. DIY Embellished Friendship Bracelets. Bracelet noeud marin. How to make wrapped leather bracelets « Rings and Things.

DIY Friendship Bracelet. 87508806. Make the Jagged Ladder Paracord Survival Bracelet with Buckle - BoredParacord. How to Make a Wide (Double) Cobra Paracord Bracelet. How to Make the "Hex Nut" Paracord Survival Bracelet - BoredParacord. DIY Macrame Bracelet - Honestly WTF. Make the "Snake Fangs" Design Paracord Survival Bracelet - BoredParacord! How to Make "Watsons Cobra" Paracord Survival Bracelet - BoredParacord. Learn How to Make the "Tut Bar" Paracord Bracelet with Buckle - BoredParacord. Make the "Solomon's Dragon" Paracord Survival Bracelet - BoredParacord. DIY the Wide Dragons Tongue Paracord Bracelet - BoredParacord. How to Make the "Slithering Snake" Paracord Survival Bracelet - BoredParacord.

Paracord Double Cobra Weave Variation.