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Fujitsu Develops Invisible QR Codes Made Of Light. Interactive television ads are nothing new; banner overlays on commercials have long let viewers ‘click’ for more product information or to redeem special offers, and as of late, brands have employed Shazam in ads to reward viewers with exclusive deals for watching the commercial.

Fujitsu Develops Invisible QR Codes Made Of Light

The interactive ad format has been shown to increase engagement with viewers; David Jones, Shazam’s EVP of Marketing has been quoted as saying, ‘In five or so seconds on screen, you can literally double the engagement that you’re getting on social media through these rich Shazam experiences.’ But in both examples, pictured above and below, the viewing experience is interrupted by an on-screen presence alerting the viewer to the opportunity. While the banner overlays and Shazam buttons are additive in engagement opportunities, they are detractive and obtrusive. Watch an explanation of the technology below: Fujitsu. Create barcode in Excel 2007 with ActiveX. This is an advanced but more complex way to insert barcode into Excel 2007. The advantages of using ActiveX control instead of simple document embedding - the possibility to use the standard Excel's Properties window and the ability to modify the barcode object using VBA.

Need more advanced example? See how to automate the creation process for multiple GS1-128 bar codes in Excel or how to create multiple Data Matrix bar codes from Excel table. 1. Run Microsoft Excel 2007 using Start button->All Programs menu. 2. 3. How to insert the barcode object using Excel 2007 Developer tab 1. 2. 3. 4. How to modify the barcode object with VBA 1. 2. 3. StrokeScribe1. Social Media QR Code Generator. Online Social Media QR Code Generator for your Twitter profile This is a free social media QR code service to generate QR codes for your Twitter profile.

Social Media QR Code Generator

Enter the path to your Twitter profile and click on the 'Genrate QR Code' button. Social Media - Twitter QR Code Generator. Create A Status Update URL For Twitter. Create QR Code. Using QR codes to update Twitter. Jointly posted with Richard Schatzberger, Director of Creative Technology, BBH New York With the holidays now in full swing we thought we would get into the spirit of giving and share an idea we have been playing with in BBH Labs.

Using QR codes to update Twitter

It’s nice and simple. So simple in fact that we can’t imagine that someone has already done it (tweet us a link if you have seen it in action). The idea is QR codes that instantly create tweets. Simply shoot the QR code (below) with a reader on your phone and you have a tweet ready to send out to the world (note: you may have to log-in to Twitter). Step 1: Make the URL (just change the red bit) Use these codes for special characters – (%20 is a space) (%40 is @) (%25 is #) To make it even easier try using zeek interactive’s tool for generating the link Step 2: Paste it into a QR code maker. That’s it. SnapTags: Will they kill QR codes? I remember a time when truncating the UPC bar code on the cover of a magazine was a huge coup.

SnapTags: Will they kill QR codes?

Taking the huge, lumbering code, which took up too much real estate on the cover of a publication, was bothersome and affected the design space. Cutting the bar code by half, in height and width, was celebrated as a major advance in the much-needed item used for scanning the price by, at best, only half the retailers, seems so petty and foolish now. When printers discovered you didn’t need to place the codes on white boxes, we rejoiced at not having the little lines popping out on what were beautiful covers, interrupted by alien chunks of absurdity. Again, it seems odd no one had discovered this fact for all the years bar codes had been used.

When we discovered that we could play with the bar codes, making fun little designs and jokes; we wondered why something so simple had escaped us for so long. Not long ago The QR Code appeared and changed instant information access via a scanner. Microsoft Tags: A Compelling Alternative To QR Code Hyperlinks. Search marketers are interested in print-based hyperlinks: traffic to my QR Codes: Are You Ready For Paper-Based Hyperlinks?

Microsoft Tags: A Compelling Alternative To QR Code Hyperlinks

Post remains strong. So here’s an in-depth look at Microsoft’s entry into the 2D code wars, called Microsoft Tags. Microsoft Tags is based on a homegrown technology known as high-capacity color barcode (HCCB). The Microsoft Tag is definitely distinctive in nature, and has an American southwestern look about it. The platform allows you to use two, four or eight colored triangle in a grid matrix. As with QR Codes, Microsoft tags are meant to provide digital links between traditional printed media and digital content. URL : You can encode any URL, except those blacklisted by Microsoft.Free text: Can encode up to 1000 characters. With these four options, you can provide your customers with access to coupons, offers, online photos, video or contact information by displaying Microsoft tags on printed materials (posters and brochures) or clothing. - il portale delle cantine del Friuli Venezia Giulia in multilingua. Il portale delle cantine Italiane in multilingua. E' nato il nuovo portale per aziende vinicole, ristoranti ed enoteche.

il portale delle cantine Italiane in multilingua