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Puppet Theatres

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Galapagos Puppet Theater - PuppetART Detroit Puppet Theater and Puppet Center. The Bob Baker Marionettes. Untitled Document. Puppet State Theatre Company - The Man Who Planted Trees. Chicago Puppet Theatre Shows & Puppetry Classes by Von Orthal Puppets in Chicago, Illinois. Home. Peewinkle Puppet Studio. Puppet Theatre. Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre has been producing original puppet works for the benefit of the Houston community since 1995. Bobbindoctrin provides experimental adult puppet performances with low admission prices and gives actors, directors, playwrights, musicians, sculptors, dancers and engineers a much-needed and unique venue for their art while encouraging theatregoers from all economic strata to attend. Bobbindoctrin has a history of introducing audiences to new forms of stagecraft using puppet techniques rarely touched upon by conventional theatre groups.

Bobbindoctrin incorporates a mix of shadow, rod, hand, string and tabletop puppetry, as well as masks, in any given show. These varied traditions of puppetry are applied to presenting new and original works (not performed or published elsewhere) written explicitly for the puppet stage by local playwrights. The Carolina Puppet Theatre. The Carolina Puppet Theatre is an enchanting puppet experience creatively entertaining audiences with high energy antics.

The Carolina Puppet Theatre

Using a variety of puppet styles, the characters come to life with engaging personalities and close interaction with the audience. The many hand crafted puppets, from Bartlet the superstar to space ships and aliens, are only the beginning of the experience of getting to know a "real live puppet. " Poly and Ester, the wacky Gabardine Sisters may introduce you to Charlie the Monster who is afraid of little girls, but may be coaxed into letting one give him a kiss on the cheek sending him into peals of happiness. Don’t for a second think this is solely for children. The seemingly adlibbed flow of the show includes humor appreciated by all ages. Even though many of the puppets they use are created by the Carolina Puppet Theatre, it is not the making of the puppets that they relish, but making them come alive. Talking Hands Theatre : Educating Through Puppetry. Tears of Joy Theatre. Tears of Joy Theatre. Paper Moon Puppet Theatre Touring Company.

The Paper Moon Puppet Theatre Touring Shows To your school or organization.

Paper Moon Puppet Theatre Touring Company

Two HAND PUPPET shows for smaller venues and a large touring ROD PUPPET production The touring shows begin with a pre-show interactive session to familiarize children with the puppets and finish with a post-show demonstration and question and answer session. A modern re-telling with a family of bears at a National State Park campsite who bear a striking resemblance to the Cleaver family in "Leave It To Beaver;" complete with TV commercials , a rock & roll-obsessed little bear and a feisty little Goldilocks . $325.00 for one performance and $475.00 for two performances on the same day. Maximum seating suggestion for these shows per performance: 200 Punch, Judy, their dog, Toby, three resourceful little lambs and a zany wolf who dresses as Little Bo-Peep to catch his quarry $325.00 for one performance and $475.00 for two performances on the same day. And in preparation: Maximum seating suggestion per performance: 200.

Paper Moon Puppet Theater, Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Black Cherry Puppet Theater. David Quesal. Barefoot Puppets - Barefoot Puppet Theatre. Great Arizona Puppet Theater - Home. Puppet Showplace Theatre - New England's Puppet Theatre since 1974. Dallas Puppet Theater Home Page. Apprenticeship « Bread and Puppet: Cheap Art and Political Theater in Vermont. We are also looking to hire a Farm manager for our 2014 Summer Season.

Apprenticeship « Bread and Puppet: Cheap Art and Political Theater in Vermont

Click HERE for more information. The Bread and Puppet Theater offers a summer apprenticeship program to provide students, truck drivers, housewives, farmers, musicians, activists, anyone, with an opportunity to actively participate in Bread & Puppet style show making. Bread & Puppet Theater, one of the oldest non-commercial and self-supporting theaters in the country, has created politically and socially aware shows with commitment to community participants for fifty years. At present, our shows are antiwar, anti-Capitalism, anti-Globalization and pro-Vermont independence. The apprenticeship program is an intensive nine week long communal living and working experience with an eclectic group of people on our farm in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

Apprentices help to create our weekly Sunday program (outdoor circus, pageant and sideshows) and can participate in our indoor Friday evening shows. THE DENVER PUPPET THEATER  - home. Thistle Theatre: A Puppet Theatre for Families. Blue Sky Puppet Theatre. Bits 'N Pieces Puppet Theatre. Crabgrass Puppet Theatre. The Zoot Theatre Company. Muppets Home - Muppet Central Fan Site.

Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater in Balboa Park > Schedule. In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre.