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Clipica: Paste the web.

Privacy policy First and foremost, Clipica currently hosts all uploaded image data on ImageShack. Therefore, you should first read and understand their privacy policy before continuing. The Little Software Company respects your right to privacy. We will do whatever we can to ensure your information hosted on Clipica is kept private and will honour any reasonable requests to remove private data. However, it is important to understand that while it is possible for us to remove our local association of shortened clipi.ca urls to their target imageshack.us urls, thus effectively breaking any image links kept in their original clipi.ca form, we cannot remove the associated image data stored on ImageShack's servers, or prevent those with access to those urls from viewing already-uploaded images. Clipica: Paste the web.
Picozu is an online drawing and photo retouching application based on HTML5 and CSS3. The application provides you with an easy yet complex way to edit your photos, draw using various brushes, filters, layers and explore a number of editing tools such as color fill, magic eraser or freehand selection.Picozu helps you to create charts, collages, demotivators or memes, even generate fractals in just a few easy steps. You can use Picozu with your favorite social media website and edit your profile and album photos. Picozu is the perfect application for everyone that wants to enhance their photos or draw from scratch, as it offers you all the editing options that you need, making the editing process easy and fun. And FREE!

Picozu - sharing creativity

Picozu - sharing creativity
Free online photo editor with printing and slideshows Conceptualizing, creating and sustaining world class products in the web and mobile space, DeviceDriven is well able to deliver reliably to an evolving product roadmap. Know More... We have helped our customers move from dedicated data-centre infrastructure to hybrid and cloud-only configurations, providing them with the agility, scalability, security and cost-effectiveness that make sense for their web services. Businesses today need to have very effective and high-quality marketing strategies to create awareness among and engage their online customers. Our Online Marketing team create and execute on marketing campaigns designed specifically for your business.

Free online photo editor with printing and slideshows