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Timothy Leary. Introduction.

Timothy Leary

More than half of a century passed from the beginning of the scientific and public activity of the well-known scientist and public leader Dr. Timothy Leary. Shroomery - Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) Demystified. Bitcoin: the hacker currency that’s taking over the web. Global, private and untraceable, it’s the monetary system of choice for libertarians, geeks, businesspeople and, apparently, drug kingpinsEarlier this week, two senators sent a letter to the US Attorney General, copied to the Drugs Enforcement Agency, alerting them to the existence of an underground website called Silk Road.

Bitcoin: the hacker currency that’s taking over the web

Like a lawless eBay, Silk Road users can, according to the senators, “freely purchase and sell illegal drugs . . . from cocaine and heroin, to ecstasy and marijuana”. For this they are using the digital currency Bitcoin.Created in 2009 by an anonymous Japanese computer science student using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin was initially adopted by hackers as a means of bartering services. The Great Big Narcotics Cookbook. Erowid. Psychoactive Vaults : Effects. Liberty Rights. Drugs. Mycology and pharmacology. Therapeutic Psychedelics and Drug Policy.


LSD as a Spiritual Experience - Deepak Chopra. Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) on LSD. The observer effect. Art. Psychoactive Herbs - Articles by Jim DeKorne. Cannabis. The herb. Drug research. Drugs World. Brain >drug path diagram. Mind Tripping. NeuroSoup's Channel.

  1. mirlen101 Jan 21 2011
    Everything seems to be becoming more clear no problems now keeping it short as mirlen101 works for me ;-) Any changes you want it's your experiment ;-) Let me know if anything isn't going logically or to plan ;-)
  2. orthomentor Jan 20 2011
    Messages so splattered. Anything like "@mirlen101"???
  3. orthomentor Jan 20 2011
    Sounds like it's pretty easy to figure out what I'm doing with the experiment. True?
  4. orthomentor Jan 20 2011
    Or just "mirlen101" as tree. Same as TED. Sure.
  5. orthomentor Jan 20 2011
    I will find place for complexity/psychedelics somewhere in the scheme. Now must get to work. Getting dark.
  6. orthomentor Jan 20 2011
    RTFM-->Background! Just kidding. I think me mentions complexity, but I forget which B-value.
  7. mirlen101 Jan 20 2011
    I was thinking of labeling the stuff I put in "Uniqueness" as a new pearltree called "Mirlen101 Uniqueness" to disguish it from anyone else's . Just to keep things tidey ;-)
  8. mirlen101 Jan 20 2011
    There is no "complexity" in Maslow Experiment ? Is there a place in Maslow B-values for "complexity" ?
  9. orthomentor Jan 20 2011
    Added Art for you to consider. Put under complexity in Maslow Experiment. Example: beadwork and maybe ahayuaska (sp?)