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"Votre planification écologique, c'est l'Île aux enfants"
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INTeroperability and Automated MAPping: INTAMAP The INTAMAP project is a project for development of an interoperable framework for real time automatic mapping of critical environmental variables by extending spatial statistical methods and employing open, web-based, data exchange and visualisation tools. All the methods and implementations of methods are open source and downloadable from these pages. Additionally the UncertML candidate standard for communicating uncertainty was developed. The project can be seen to consist of four parts: Statistical back-end, implemented in R which contains implementations of traditional geostatistical interpolation methods, new methods (Spatial copulas and Projected Spatial Gaussian Process) and support tools. INTeroperability and Automated MAPping: INTAMAP
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Report by david ferrisPowered by solar panels and biomass, microgrids are spreading slowly across India, where 300 million people live without electricity. But can these off-grid technologies be scaled-up to bring low-carbon power to tens of millions of people?Comments | READ MORE Yale Environment 360

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Environmental Performance Index 2010: Home

Environmental Performance Index 2010: Home

By Aaron Reuben, YCELP staff, reviewed by Tien Shiao, World Resources Institute What to expect when you're expecting climate change? Storms, floods, and water scarcity for starters. The World Resources Institute has teamed up with global business partners to produce a digital, customizable water resource risk map. The "Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas" will allow companies and conservation partners to identify and plan for current and proejcted water stress around the world. The map tool uses sophisticated indicators to arrive at final risk profiles.
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The Nature Conservancy - Protecting Nature, Preserving Life A young panda scaling a tree in China. Photograph entered in the 2008 Green Olympic Photo Contest. ©Yong Yange A First for China The country's first land trust reserve is launched in 2013, protecting important species like the panda. - Explore Protected Areas
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