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Sciences de la nature

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Neurosciences at the service of education – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Sebastien Boucley – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Le plancher de béton est officiellement fini et séché.

Sebastien Boucley – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial

Maintenant, nous avons passé à l’érection des murs des appartements. Nous avons utilisé des colombages d’acier contrairement au colombage de bois plus traditionnel. Tous les tuyaux de plomberie et les fils d’électricité vont être acheminés dans ces murs. About me. Saumira.Suoi – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Sabrina.Nicolescu – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Simon.Lescieux – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial.

Laurent.Colas – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Les effets de l'informatisation sur la pratique médicale – Stage 2016 – Marianne Gareau. Je m’appelle Marianne et je suis étudiante au collégial international Sainte-Anne en sciences de la santé.

Les effets de l'informatisation sur la pratique médicale – Stage 2016 – Marianne Gareau

Ghady Bou-Nehme-Sawaya – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Cette semaine était ma dernière.

Ghady Bou-Nehme-Sawaya – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial

J’ai complété mon article scientifique avec l’aide des pharmaciens. Ils ont corrigé mon texte pour une deuxième fois. Arnaud Dorval-Leblanc - Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. New Plan A – Ashley.Pesce. Dental Care in the Philippines – In collaboration with Terre Sans Frontières. Internship in Victoriaville – Nothing Tastes as Good as Healthy Feels. Research question – Sophie.Kaltenback.

I want my question to have a link with the mission Floating Doctors.

Research question – Sophie.Kaltenback

This organization have been created after the earthquake in Haiti in 2009. From the information they gave us, they want to “reduce the present and future burden of disease in the developing world, and to promote improvements in health care delivery worldwide”. There goals include donating medical supplies to isolated areas, improving preventive health care services, reducing child and maternal mortalities, studying the progress in health care services in isolated areas and find solutions and informing doctors in the developing world about the latests technologies.

My research question will be about what are the causes and consequences of malnutrition in Bocas del Torro. I will observe the diet of the people of Panama and I will compare it to a typical diet of a person in an industrialized countries. Logbook- Week 1. On Monday the 11th, I went to the hospital to get familiar with the working system at the coffee shop, but it wasn’t my official first day.

Logbook- Week 1

I started working at the coffee shop on Thursday for the afternoon shift. Surprisingly enough, there are many people who volunteer at the coffee shop and because of that I can’t volunteer everyday. That means that I can’t spend around 90 hours out of 120 to volunteer. I’m going to have to cut it down to 25-35 hours. For now, I can volunteer regularly on Thursday afternoon and on Friday morning. On Thursday and Friday, I was working on the dishes in a team of 2.

Next week, I can work on Monday, Thursday and Friday. About me – Étude de la maladie d'Alzheimer à l'Hôpital de Lasalle. Internship – Louis-Philippe Pelletier. Le stage. Justin Beaurivage's Integrative Project. Development has slowed down over the weekend.

Justin Beaurivage's Integrative Project

However, all the main functionalities for QuickResults 2.0.0 are now implemented. What remains to do is mostly build a user interface (UI) around it. I have also switched to a “material design” UI, which is now the standard for modern Android applications. It helps enhance responsiveness and generate […] After many hours of work, I have finally achieved a fully automatic FIS points calculation engine.

I have decided to make major API changes in the near future. I made a lot of progress yesterday. À propos de mon stage – L'univers de la réadaptation en physiothérapie. Vous vous trouvez présentement sur la page dédiée à vous en dire un peu plus sur ce en quoi consiste mon stage.

À propos de mon stage – L'univers de la réadaptation en physiothérapie

Je sais que vous mourrez d’envie d’en savoir plus! Observation of the impacts of Agent Orange on the lives of children in Vietnam – Frédérique Auclair. Stage – Tom.Breyel. Émilie Evans. Daphne's Internship. My final week of internship was very similar to my second week (not a lot of action at work).

Daphne's Internship

A lot of document preparation was done, for example, preparing the layout of documents, preparing some bills and other small actions to help the architects. During this week, I also continued to help on the offer for the firms services and I continued to do some research for the design and remodelling of a bathroom.

Looking back on the three weeks I have passed along side architects, I can say that I have learnt a lot about the domain of architecture. I learnt that the creative part of architecture is much less important than I thought, it is just a small step of many. Also, I learnt that much of the work done is reviewing the plans to see if aspects of it is respected by the construction workers and the engineers, every single aspect of the project is thought through and if only one detail is not respected the entire project can change.

Hello everyone ! Hello everyone, À propos de moi – Mon stage en Tanzanie. OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME – INTERNSHIP 2016 – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Charles Champagne – Stage. Catherine's Internship – Invertebrate at Nature's Museum in Ottawa. 15 avril 2016 par catherine.boucher 2 Commentaires Hi everyone!

Catherine's Internship – Invertebrate at Nature's Museum in Ottawa

I had my first week the Campus du Patrimoine Naturel, which is the building where the collections of the Nature’s museum are kept and where the research is done. On Monday, I was presented to the team I was going to be working with in the invertebrate collection. Also, I had a long formation on safety measures specific to lab work and to keeping the collections away for any source of potential contamination. In addition, the day before I had to follow an online formation about the SIMDUT (Service des matière dangeureuse utilisé au travail). On Tuesday, I began my work, which is to organized but also do research to name taxonomically dry specimens of the display collection. On Wednesday, I organized the family haliotis and began the limpets. On Tuesday, all the team in the Invertebrate collection helped to reorganize the cabinets to create more space for the future specimens that the museum will acquire.

Étudiante – Stage de Fin d'étude. Création de lentilles optiques – Arnaud Déziel-Richer, étudiant en Science de la Santé – Collégial International Sainte-Anne. Anne Charbonneau – Compte rendu du diagnostique et du suivi des enfants TDAH dans une Unité de Médecine Familiale. INRS Physics Internship – Alexandre Cuoci.

This website exists to communicate my experiences, thoughts and the steps taken in building my CiSA (Collégial International Sainte-Anne) end of session internship in Spring 2016.

INRS Physics Internship – Alexandre Cuoci

I am very excited at the thought of the multiple opportunities awaiting me over the course of this year, which will undoubtedly prepare me for my entrance to university next fall. My name is Alex. I am a Year 2 Health Science student at CiSA. Upon graduation, I would like to pursue my studies in either a faculty of medicine, actuarial science or engineering. Otherwise, I am motivated by my desire to help others, understand how the world works and build a diversified portfolio. Aside this introduction, other pages of this website will present my curriculum vitae, detail an overview of my project and contain a log-book identifying my step-by-step process to preparing myself for this internship.

Have a nice visit! Alex. Sarah Daoust-Boucher – Étudiante en Sciences pures et appliquées. Sarah.Bahsali - Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. The Two Beams House in Brazil really captured my eye. It’s a beautiful use and mix of both materials. Concrete and Wood. Brazil is a country with very warm climate, which makes gives the architect a chance to connected the… Continue Reading. Internship 2016 – Sophie Lamontagne. Impact de l'allaitement sur la protection des infections chez les jeunes enfants – Valérie Boulet. Samuel.Helie. Stage 2016 – La consommation de vitamine A dans un centre de détention juvénile au Kenya. Stage à L'INRS – Observation des Nanomatériaux. Cette troisième semaine de stage s’est déroulée comme la deuxième, Alex et moi avons fait une trentaine de gravures et nous avons coller quelques pointes fines sur les diapasons utilisés dans le microscope à effet atomique.

L’étudiant qui nous accompagne nous a enseigner le processus de collage lundi et nous l’avons pratiquer pendant deux jours. Cela consiste à placer la pointe fine gravée sous un microscope, la couper pour garder une longueur plus petite qu’un millimètres, appliquer une petite quantité de colle qui sèche sous des rayons UV sur le diapason et finalement poser le diapason sur la pointe fine pour qu’elle y colle. Quelques ajustements peuvent être faits sous le microscope pour s’assurer que la pointe fine est bien droite sur le diapason. Le troisième jour, nous avons gravés des pointes fines et nous les avons collées pour que l’étudiant qui nous accompagne les utilise dans le système TERS afin d’analyser leur performance. Rachel.Sapin: Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Pierre-Nicolas Stock – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Marilie.Charbonneau – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial.

My second week went well. I continued to make a little bit of researches and I started my final report. Mrs Dollé gave a formation to some groups of nurses. I had the opportunity to assist to her presentation. It was very interesting. There were some information that I didn’t understand, but then she explained them to me so the second time she gave her formation I was in measure to understand better what she was talking about.

Ma deuxième semaine c’est bien passée. Charbel Saade – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. This will be a short entry. Although I put a lot of time, the progress is not outstanding. The documents I prepared resumed the main points of my internship in details (all available in a separate logbook). The objective of this was to simplify writing the final report. With these main points, I can make sure to analyse and develop the right elements. To do so, all of the points are summed up in a few tables detailing each one of them with a description and a justification (how cit can be use... Plus So, my internship is over. Alexandre.Grant – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial.

Hello there! Welcome to my blog! My name is Alexandre Grant, but you can call me Alex. Andreanne.Racine – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. COLOMBIA / CANADA – Léanne Roncière's pediatrics internship. Antony Rizk – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Lilianne.Morin – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Kadjo-Norience-Stephane.Seniadja – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Finding an internship place was easier say than done. I had three place in my mind, two in Canada and One in Dubaï. In Canada, It was Hydro Quebec and Rothsay/laurenco . In Dubaï, it was Dubaï petroleum. These places cover many subject that I am interested for, Hydro Quebec because I want to work on the process who allow the conversion of water in electricity , it is mostly link to the conservation and transfer of energy.

But in order to get this internship, I should wait till the registration link opens and it didn’t fit with my due date. About Dubaï petroleum, I want to work on the raffinage of petroleum. About Rothsay, I visited their website, made some calls and I have been directed toward Mr Gaudreau, the men in charge of the recrutement. After all these plans above I end up with no internship at the begining of the new year (2016).

Louis-Philippe Gauthier - Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Just half way through my internship and I can already start my report on my research question as I have for one, touched both domain in the banking system that were going to be compared which were: the domain of… Continue Reading This last week was very busy and entertaining. I originally thought I was going to spend it with the wealth management team but I was reassigned at the beginning of the week to the trading desk. This is where the… Continue Reading The first week is officially over and here I am, eager for the new one to start. I learned so much about the field of study and about myself in this first week that resuming it in a short text… Continue Reading What is the goal of a research project if not to collect data, analyse it and show your result to the collectivity.

After already having planed my internship, it was important to give myself a plan B in case that plan A fails. Before going head first into the internships, it is important to establish preliminary budgets. Laurence.Rousseau – Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. Arnaud Dorval-Leblanc - Un site utilisant Réseau WordPress Collegial. À propos de moi – David.Laflamme. Laurence.Poirier – Les traitements du diabète et leur lien avec les maladies cardiovasculaires.

Internship 2016 – Be happy with becoming yourself.