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Paper craft & origami projects

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Unicorn origami tutorial. The origami Bonsai Forum. Free Printable Mini Owl Treat Boxes. This craft is part of the 13 Days of Halloween project.

Free Printable Mini Owl Treat Boxes

Download number templates for the project, as well as the bug template for Day 3, in the tips and supplies post. Links to all of the crafts from this project can be found in the main 13 Days of Halloween post. This is it, Day 13! This little owl may look menacing, but he’ll be holding Halloween treats for you when you get to the big day. Happy Halloween! Quick Tip: If you’re pressed for time and want to speed up the process, you can cut 2″ wide x 3/4″ tall pieces of black cardstock and use decorative edging scissors (Fiskars Clouds and Scallop work very well for this) to make the feather ruffles, instead of cutting out the feather ruffle templates.

Supplies Needed mini owl treat box template (277Kb PDF) black and orange cardstock a stylus, ruler, and small cutting mat for scoring the box template (optional) craft scissors glue dots and double-sided tape school glue a small paintbrush a paper plate or piece of paper Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 3D Paper Owl from mmmcrafts. The gifted Larissa from mmmcrafts is here sharing her amazing talents with an unbelievable 3D paper owl.

3D Paper Owl from mmmcrafts

Larissa writes… Left: art made with this tutorial, Right: art made with alternate colors (see note at the end of the tutorial) Hey, Craft Campers! I’m delighted to participate in this summer kid-craft lineup. This 3D paper owl art project is for you and your crafty older kids, say around 11-ish years and up, who can wield a pair of scissors, handle smallish pieces and follow placement instructions carefully.

Moms: You can definitely young this down by cutting out the shapes for younger kids, and skipping the pop dots and folding. Alrighty young crafters, here’s what you will need to make the nighttime owl pictured above: Got all that together? Origami Christmas Tree (variation by Jo Nakashima - NO glue!) Paper Toys - Paper Cut-Outs - Free Animated Mechanical Paper Models. Paper Modelz - Part 100.

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See the Membership page for more details. Already a Member? Log in Here Turn the handle on the side of the box and the vertical shaft rotates back and forth. Use this mechanism as the starting point for your own character based designs or as a way of learning first hand how mechanisms work. Look out for the owl model using this mechanism coming soon. Print out the parts onto thin card. Fold up and glue the side tabs on the box to make right angle triangle tube sections. Glue together the two box sides. Fit the base into the box Fold in and glue the four tabs to the inside walls of the box. Assemble the hinged plate as shown. Make up the two crank ends from double thickness card. Origami - Folding Instructions. Crafting MacGyver: Circular Logic - StumbleUpon.

Make Your Own Gifts PAPER BOWLS AND BASKETS – Green Holiday Gift Guide. Disneyland Paris: Sleeping Beauty Castle Paper Model. Crease Patterns. Untitled Document. How to Make a Paper Corsage. How to make 25 paper Christmas ornaments. Here's a roundup of ornaments you can make from paper.Above left: I made with these instructionsAbove right: I made with these instructions (Update: this is now an old post; some of the links no longer work.)

How to make 25 paper Christmas ornaments

More: Printable snowflake 1 Printable snowflake 2 Paper snowflakes stapled together into something 3-D Not 3-D, but nice snowflake cutting templates Origami star Ornament made with circle cut-outsFlower ornament Ball-like star Ball-like... ballFlower ballGeodesic ballMulti-colored balls made this way, but fastened with wireMany-pointed star Mini star-shaped bookletGlitter star ornamentsMoravian stars Recycled paper ornamentCrystal ornament free download plus a gallery of inspiration Huge spiky star Origami Christmas tree 1 Origami Christmas tree 2 Kirigami Christmas tree 3 Happy folding!

The Shirt. As with all these designs, try to start with a relatively clean, crisp bill. It will make it much easier. All folds should be sharply creased. It helps to go over the fold with a fingernail on a flat, hard surface. Start by folding the bill precisely in half lengthwise. Home Page of Maddy and Maverick. How to make an entire ship out of paper. Recovered The Origami Page. This section is intended for the beginner.

Recovered The Origami Page

It introduces all of the major folds in origami and shows how they are done. It also provides a large number of simple models that aim to allow one to practice these folds. By the time you have finished this section of my web site, you should be able to fold most of the models in the other sections. If you cannot complete a particular fold or section, please do not give up. Keep trying!

Part 1 Paper and arrows Most origami uses a single uncut square of paper, and this website is no exception. On origami diagrams, arrows show you which direction the paper is to be folded in. Recovered Origami Letter Holder. Thejamesgarner's Channel. Amazingorigami's Channel. Home Page of Maddy and Maverick. Okakuku's Channel.