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Online Search Tools - Deep Web Search. Idaho Employee Catches Flack For Wikiediting. The online encyclopedia Wikipedia may be frowned upon in most classrooms because it’s not seen as authoritative in the classic sense.

Idaho Employee Catches Flack For Wikiediting

But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a go-to source of information for millions of people around the world. So what do you do if you see a Wiki page that you think is inaccurate? On August 27 Melissa McGrath edited the Wikipedia page on Tom Luna. McGrath is Communications Director for Idaho’s Department of Education and Tom Luna, Idaho’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, is her boss.

Luna inspires strong feelings in Idaho, both positive and negative. McGrath says someone told her Luna’s wiki page was inaccurate. The page McGrath altered contained factually incorrect information such as, "Mr. But an anonymous blogger on the liberal website The Daily Kos criticized her saying McGrath was whitewashing Luna’s image.

The blogger saw an online exchange between McGrath and a Wiki regular. Here’s the problem But Becky Tallent says it’s not that simple. Talk:The Human Stain. Question of timing[edit] Editors need to respect the chronology of events.

Talk:The Human Stain

Critics commented on the book in 2000, when it came out, and we represent what they said then. Roth did not publicly respond at the time; in 2008, he said it was not Broyard; in 2012 he said it was Tumin. It is POV to try to rewrite the history; this is not a criminal case, but literary discussion. The Human Stain. An Open Letter to Wikipedia About Anatole Broyard and "The Human Stain"

I am Philip Roth.

An Open Letter to Wikipedia About Anatole Broyard and "The Human Stain"

I had reason recently to read for the first time the Wikipedia entry discussing my novel “The Human Stain.” The entry contains a serious misstatement that I would like to ask to have removed. This item entered Wikipedia not from the world of truthfulness but from the babble of literary gossip—there is no truth in it at all. Yet when, through an official interlocutor, I recently petitioned Wikipedia to delete this misstatement, along with two others, my interlocutor was told by the “English Wikipedia Administrator”—in a letter dated August 25th and addressed to my interlocutor—that I, Roth, was not a credible source: “I understand your point that the author is the greatest authority on their own work,” writes the Wikipedia Administrator—“but we require secondary sources.”

Thus was created the occasion for this open letter. My novel “The Human Stain” was described in the entry as “allegedly inspired by the life of the writer Anatole Broyard.” Sincerely, - login with these free web passwords to bypass compulsory registration. IceRocket real-time search. - Easily Find Similar WebSites. State Government Offices, Local US Government, City Government and Federal Government. Startpage Search Engine. Lawyer, Lawyers, Attorney, Attorneys, Law, Legal Information - FindLaw.

WHOIS Search for Domain Registration Information. Announcing a great feature for WHOIS users You can now start a WHOIS query directly in your browser!

WHOIS Search for Domain Registration Information

Use the format: and you'll come directly to our results page. Stay tuned for more useful features coming soon to WHOIS! What is WHOIS? When you register a domain name, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires your domain name registrar to submit your personal contact information to the WHOIS database. There are a variety of third parties who may check domain names in the WHOIS database, including: Individuals check domain names for expiration dates Registrars check domain names when transferring ownership Authorities check domain names when investigating criminal activity As an accredited domain names registrar, Network Solutions® must comply with the WHOIS database requirements set forth by ICANN.

Urban Legends Reference Pages. Internet Archive: Wayback Machine. Reference, Facts, News - Free and Family-friendly Resources - Refdesk. iTools - use the best tools. 100+ Alternative Search Engines You Should Know. If someone asks you, off the top of your head, what search engines you use or know off, chances are you’ll be naming the regulars: Google, Bing, Yahoo.

100+ Alternative Search Engines You Should Know

The Internet however is a really big place and there are plenty more search engines out there that can cater to very specific requirements. General Search Engines We’re skipping the search engines that everyone know about so you won’t be seeing Google, Yahoo or Bing in this list. Here are many other alternative search engines available out there. <img src=" width="800" height="400" alt="ecosia">Pin itMyWebSearch – MyWebSearch is search engine that shows results from Google.

ProfNet - Login. Kathleen O'Connor. Scour - Search Socially. AllPlus. What's Your Question? Startingpage Search Engine. My Excite. Advanced Search. Search Engine DuckDuckGo. Court Locator. Lycos. Scraper. Ixquick Search Engine. Advanced Web Search.

Dogpile Web Search.