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Top Stories • Koch-Backed Political Network, Built to Shield Donors, Raised $400 Million in 2012 Elections• WY-Sen: Liz Cheney Drops Out • Kerry: US will support Iraq, but without troops Below the Fold • Republicans Have Unveiled Their 2014 Agenda: Do NothingAnalysis ► • Republican Governors' Contempt for Health Care Obamacare Medicaid Split Creates Two Americas for Poor• New York Governor Cuomo set to allow limited medical use of marijuanaWatch this! ► • Georgetown Professor Calls for Obama's Assassination on Fox News• Reid: GOP Needs to Stop 'Being Republicans in Congress'• Kerry Opens Door to Iran’s Participation in Syrian Peace Talks• Republicans Nervous the Tea Party Will Obstruct the Debt Ceiling Vote Endless Campaign American Politics Journal - Newswire American Politics Journal - Newswire
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Beats Electronics, based in Santa Monica, Calif., said equity investment giant Carlyle Group has purchased a minority share of the company for $500 million. Beats, founded by music producer Jimmy Iovine and rapper Andre Young — known as Dr. Dre — is a rapidly expanding maker of high-end headphones costing between $200 and $400. Online Journal Online Journal