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Article. SWT. Processing. j2ee. Hive Development Limited: Google Web Toolkit (GWT) MVP Example. Here at Hive Development, I'm currently working on the GWT based UI for a new website/RIA monitoring service called SiteAlright.

Hive Development Limited: Google Web Toolkit (GWT) MVP Example

I recommend you head over and check it out. As you might expect we try to follow best practises when developing our apps and there's been quite a lot of talk recently on GWT Google Groups regarding the use of elements from the recent talk by Ray Ryan at Google I/O 2009 entitled Google Web Toolkit Architecture: Best Practices For Architecting Your GWTApp. This excellent talk laid out several best practise approaches for architecting your GWT application based on the team's experiences while developing the new AdWords interface.

Some of the key recommendations were: Code Conventions for the Java(TM) Programming Language: Contents. - web 2.0 javascript.