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UnderC: C, C++ Interpreter UnderC: C, C++ Interpreter UnderC for Windows and Linux vs 1.2.8 has been released The goal of the UnderC project is to produce a useful C++ interpreter which supports "pocket" versions of standard library classes (iostreams, strings, vectors, lists, maps, etc) and the STL algorithms. It is particularly intended to make life easier for students beginning C++. A beta version of USE (the UnderC Scripting Environment) is now available; see the downloads section. Here is a screenshot showing USE debugging itself.
Ubercode - How to write programs! - Ubercode - How to write programs! - What is Ubercode? It's an easy-to-use programming environment that lets you create apps for Microsoft Windows. Ubercode is ideal for beginners and more advanced programmers alike. Try the Free Trial now! Want to create business apps? The Ubercode Professional Pack makes it easy to connect to databases and to create distributed apps.
Go to the blog to get the last news about Gostai Technologies. Go to the Downloads section to get Urbi 2.x. What is Urbi? Urbi is an open-source software platform to control robots or complex systems in general. It includes a C++ component library called UObject that comes with a robot standard API to describe motors, sensors and algorithms. Next to UObject, you can use the urbiscript orchestration script language to glue the components together and describe high level behaviors, a bit like python or LUA, but with embedded parallel and event-driven semantics to make the job easier.

UrbiForge Main/Home Page

UrbiForge Main/Home Page
unladen-swallow - A faster implementation of Python - the Unicon Programming Language Home Page
The Unlambda Programming Language The Unlambda Programming Language Unlambda: Your Functional Programming Language Nightmares Come True Table of contents What's New in Unlambda World? Introduction What is Unlambda? What does Unlambda look like?