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The Ur Programming Language Family. The Ur Programming Language Family. Rethink IT Automation. Rapid Application Development. UnderC: C, C++ Interpreter. UnderC for Windows and Linux vs 1.2.8 has been released The goal of the UnderC project is to produce a useful C++ interpreter which supports "pocket" versions of standard library classes (iostreams, strings, vectors, lists, maps, etc) and the STL algorithms.

UnderC: C, C++ Interpreter

It is particularly intended to make life easier for students beginning C++. A beta version of USE (the UnderC Scripting Environment) is now available; see the downloads section. Here is a screenshot showing USE debugging itself. Ubercode - How to write programs! - UrbiForge Main/Home Page. Unladen-swallow - A faster implementation of Python. - the Unicon Programming Language Home Page. The Unlambda Programming Language.

Unlambda: Your Functional Programming Language Nightmares Come True Table of contents What's New in Unlambda World?

The Unlambda Programming Language

Introduction What is Unlambda? What does Unlambda look like?