styla - Styla is lightweight Scala-based Prolog interpreter based on a pure object oriented term hierarchy styla - Styla is lightweight Scala-based Prolog interpreter based on a pure object oriented term hierarchy A fairly complete and fast Prolog interpreter written is Scala, using Paul Tarau's Java-based Kernel Prolog as starting point (also available as an open source project at ). The name "Styla", besides being a rhyme to Scala :-) stands tentatively for "Scala Terms Yield Logic Agents" (a future development target), but hints toward the fact that style (seen as elegance and simplicity of implementation) has been a major design principle behind it. Among the features not found in most Prologs, first class Logic Engines - and a generic view of everything as Fluents (TermSinks and TermSources) that abstract away iteration over various data types, including answers produced by Logic Engines. Here are some limitations, most things not on this list and expected from a Prolog system should work. - toplevel goals that are not conjunctions should be parenthesized - operators are all fixed and "xfx" associativity, but they match the
Subtle Programming Language
Squirrel - The Programming Language
Solid: the language for smart web development
Slim - A Fast, Lightweight Template Engine for Ruby Slim - A Fast, Lightweight Template Engine for Ruby doctype html html head title Slim Examples meta name="keywords" content="template language" meta name="author" content=author javascript: alert('Slim supports embedded javascript!') body h1 Markup examples #content p This example shows you how a basic Slim file looks like. == yield - unless items.empty? table - for item in items do tr = td.price = item.price - else p | No items found. Please add some inventory. Thank you! Intro When I design code, I sketch it out without going into unnecessary details. Then I run it, fix if necessary.
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S-Lang is a multi-platform programmer's library designed to allow a developer to create robust multi-platform software. It provides facilities required by interactive applications such as display/screen management, keyboard input, keymaps, and so on. The most exciting feature of the library is the slang interpreter that may be easily embedded into a program to make it extensible. While the emphasis has always been on the embedded nature of the interpreter, it may also be used in a stand-alone fashion through the use of slsh, which is part of the S-Lang distribution. Unlike many interpreters, the S-Lang interpreter supports all of the native C integer types (signed and unsigned versions of char, short, int, long, and long long), and both single and double precision types, as well as a double precision complex type. S-Lang Library Information Page S-Lang Library Information Page
Scriptster - Home Project DescriptionUse a regular programming language for command line scripting! Scriptster integrates C# with a command line interpreter, allowing you to write batch files in this very powerful, type safe language. Scriptster is a single executable that is copy-deployable: simply copy it into a directory of your choice, run scriptster --install (from a command prompt started with administrator privileges - "Run as Administrator"), and close and reopen CMD windows where you expect to be using it (CMD needs update to PATHEXT environment variable, which it reads on load). Scriptster - Home
SNOBOL4.ORG: SNOBOL4 Resources SNOBOL4.ORG: SNOBOL4 Resources (Formerly "Phil's SNOBOL4 Resources") over 35,000 visitors served since September 1998 SNOBOL4 (StriNg Oriented and symBOlic Language) is a language for text processing, pattern matching, and much more, first designed and implemented at Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. (BTL) in the 1970's. SNOBOL History Available Implementations
The Salmon Programming Language Home
Squirrel - The Programming Language
Seed7 is a general purpose programming language designed by Thomas Mertes. It is a higher level language compared to Ada, C/C++ and Java. The Seed7 interpreter and the example programs are open-source software. There is also an open-source Seed7 compiler. Seed7 Homepage Seed7 Homepage
2013-10-21 19:16:38 - I'm still alive, this'll be a huge success... Woah been a while, 2012 was quite productive, but 2013 almost killed me (motorbikes, sword combat, and other activities). All of the meta-programming I've done has been mostly godlike. SC SC
Slime Programming Language - Browse Files at SourceForge
Supernova Programming Language Supernova Programming Language Supernova Programming Language
Sappeur Compiler Release Notes: This release fixes a pointer handling problem, extends Unit Tests, and adds samples and documentation. Users are urged to upgrade. Note that the Google Code site is being deprecated. Release Notes: 64-bit support on pthread-capable platforms. Integrity rules for destructors. Sappeur Compiler
scato - Programming language. Designed to plot fractals (IFS), L-systems, and other self-similar curves, and not just their Scato (Scalable Tortoise) is a programming language to drive the tortoise, that can draw lines with different width and colors. Scato is designed to plot iterated function system (IFS), L-systems, Penrose tile, and similar kinds of fractal objects. It's arm to make easy to scale and rotate parts of plots, produce loops and recursions, and create pretty self-similar colored curves. Moreover, Scato is environment.


May 2012 - Contributed stemmers for Irish and Czech Jul 2010 - Contributed stemmers for Armenian, Basque, Catalan Mar 2007 - Romanian stemmer Jan 2007 - Turkish stemmer Contributed by Evren (Kapusuz) Cilden Sep 2006 - Hungarian stemmer Contributed by Anna Tordai Jun 2006 - Supported and updated Python bindings
Stackr Programming Language
Slanx 2.0: C#/XML-based programming language This is a new attempt to implement a xml-based programming language. The proposed implementation wraps the C# 2.0 specification into a XML shape. As a tradition in new programming language specifications, the following "hello world" aplication depicts the layout of a minimal application in Slanx: Hello, World
CodePlexProject Hosting for Open Source Software Spec# Spec# Spec# ("speck-sharp") is an object-oriented .NET programming language with design-by-contract features for method pre- and postconditions and object invariants and also a non-null type system. Spec#

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styla - Styla is lightweight Scala-based Prolog interpreter based on a pure object oriented term hierarchy
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