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DIRECT2Experts DIRECT2Experts A Network for All The DIRECT2Experts network, open to all biomedical institutions, is a pilot project facilitated by the Research Networking Working Group of the NIH-supported Clinical & Translational Science Award (CTSA) Consortium. Our Goal To improve biomedical research and leverage our strengths as a community by creating a network that enables easy access to expertise and related resources across institutions regardless of local platforms and tools, and in collaboration with participating institutions to ensure access to approved and verified data. What makes DIRECT2Experts different?
Amerouali, Youcef (1956-...) Amerouali, Youcef (1956-...) Notice de type Personne Amerouali, Youcef (1956-....) Langue d'expression : français @Métadonnées basées sur l'association d'éléments de description de ressources et d'éléments de profil d'utilisateur / Youcef Amerouali ; sous la dir. de Richard Bouché. 2001 [thèse]. La vedette peut être employée dans une vedette RAMEAU La vedette ne peut s'employer qu'en tête de vedette
European Commission: CORDIS: FP7: EMM European Commission: CORDIS: FP7: EMM deDie Datenbank des Expertenmanagementmoduls (EMM) von CORDIS steht nicht mehr zur Verfügung. Sie wurde in einen für Experten reservierten Bereich des Teilnehmerportals verlagert. Aktualisieren Sie bitte ihre Links und Lesezeichen mit der folgenden URL: enThe CORDIS Expert Management Module (EMM) database is no longer available. It has been transferred to the Participant Portal to an area dedicated to experts. Please update your links and bookmarks with this URL:
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IRD Nov 2010 - PresentIRD - Ingénieur en bibliométrie | Research Docteur en Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication CLEO - Mar 2008 - Oct 2010IE - CDD | Higher Education Nicolas Barts Nicolas Barts
emma bester (emmabe)'s Public Profile in the Diigo Community emma bester (emmabe)'s Public Profile in the Diigo Community Cette liste anti sioniste, qui n’a d’anti sioniste que le nom, regroupait toute une galaxie lié à l’extrême-droite : des anciens du Renouveau français (groupuscule catholique, royaliste et contre-révolutionnaire), des musulmans du Centre Zarah, une officine chiite pro-iranienne dirigée par Yahia Gouasmi, d’anciens Verts exclus du parti écologiste pour antisémitisme, des musulmans proches du FN, et Alain Soral. Cette liste anti sioniste ne faisait que peu de cas de la solidarité avec la cause palestinienne, en effet dans les 15 points du programme du « Parti Anti-Sioniste », les mots « Israël » ou « Palestine » sont absents. D’ailleurs de nombreuses organisations en solidarité avec la Palestine ont clairement déclaré que Dieudonné et sa clique ne servent pas la lutte de la cause palestinienne.
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Muriel Foulonneau | Profile - Synopsis : Nature Network Generating educational assessment items from Linked Open Data: the case of DBpedia R. Garcia-Castro et al. (Eds.): ESWC 2011 Workshops, LNCS 7117, pp. 16--27. Springer, Heidelberg (2011) Information Processing & Management Muriel Foulonneau | Profile - Synopsis : Nature Network
SelectedWorks | Berkeley Electronic Press "I have been floored by the number of downloads from my SelectedWorks site and love using it to announce new work to interested friends and colleagues."— John Donohue, Leighton Homer Surbeck Professor of Law, Yale University With SelectedWorks, Authors SelectedWorks | Berkeley Electronic Press
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Microsoft Academic Search Microsoft Academic Search You can search Microsoft Academic Search for specific authors, and when data is available, search results will display a Co-Author link. The Co-Author link will take you to the Co-Author Graph feature, which provides a visual display of the relationships between and among co-authors. To reveal details about the publications on which co-authors have collaborated, click any of the connective strands.
Scholar Universe - Database of scholar profiles for published academic faculty, medical researchers and scientific experts

Scholar Universe - Database of scholar profiles for published academic faculty, medical researchers and scientific experts

COS Scholar Universe™ brings a world of research and scholarship to one easily searchable database. With 2 million profiles, it helps researchers and academics connect with colleagues with shared interests while expanding their networks to include previously unknown people working in related fields or in other areas of the world. Comprehensive – 2 million profiles of active full-time faculty—authors, researchers and scholars Broad in scope – International and multidisciplinary Well-rounded – data comes from multiple sources, including the scholars themselves Accurate and current – Editorially controlled and regularly updated Facilitates discovery – keyword-searchable, with faceted search results to help searchers explore beyond their current spheres of knowledge
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