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Generative Art Live Application. Processing and libPD tutorial for Android. Low tech home tech. XAMARU. OpenProcessing - Share Your Sketches! Discourse - Processing wrapper for C++ library. Jumping into JOGL. Announced in July, the partnership of Sun and SGI to provide Java bindings to OpenGL gave a jolt to the Java community, particularly to desktop, graphics, and game developers.

Jumping into JOGL

While some were disappointed to see Sun back away from Java3D, others were excited to see the popular and widely understood OpenGL exposed in a more direct fashion to Java developers. A reference implementation of the Java/OpenGL binding is hosted on as the JOGL project. This article will get you up and running with JOGL by describing: How to download and provision the JOGL library files.How to create a JOGL-powered AWT component that's wired up to receive and respond to events such as size changes and repaint requests.How to do 2D graphics in JOGL with simple graphic primitives and images. Yes, 2D for now, to keep things simple.

Jumping In JOGL currently supports four platforms: WindowsSolarisMac OS XLinux (on x86) Grab the distribution for your platform and decompress it on your system. Unfamiliar Territory. 3D Matrix Math Demystified. Note for math weenies: This is not meant to be a full tutorial on matrices, and is also not intended to cover the math behind them in the usual manner.

3D Matrix Math Demystified

It is my personal way of thinking about rotation matrices in 3D graphics, and it will hopefully provide at least some people with a new (and possibly more intuitive) way of visualizing matrices that they may not have considered before. For serious 3D graphics, you will need to use matrix math. The problem is that at first glance it seems bloody complicated. The truth is there are simpler ways to think about matrix math than as abstract rectangular arrays of numbers. My personal favorite way of thinking about and visualizing 3D rotation matrices is this: Simple 3-by-3 Rotation Matrices can be thought of simply as three 3D vectors. Matrices can be thought of as representing the transformation (or change) in orientation and position required to get from one Coordinate Space, or Frame of Reference, to another one. Le "TXT" de la Bible. Texte complet, tiré de la traduction Louis-Segond 1910 Ancien Testament Genèse | Exode | Lévitique | Nombres | Deutéronome |

Le "TXT" de la Bible

OSC. L'origine de l'OSC OSC a été inventé en 1997 au UC Berkeley Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT;


Il prend le relais du protocole Midi. OSC est plus rapide, plus précis et peut contrairement au Midi envoyer plusieurs données et type de données aux mêmes temps. Donc l'OSC a été écrit en particulier pour contrôler du son dans des dispositifs en réseaux mais aussi plus généralement pour les appareils multimedias. Normalement, l'OSC est envoyé via des câbles Ethernet ou bien par Internet.

OSC et le réseau D'abord quelques termes concernant le réseau en général et le OSC en particulier. Le client doit connaître le numéro IP du host. Windows 2000, XP et Vista: Par la ligne de commande dans 'executer' (démarrer/executer) cmd /k ipconfig /all ou simplement ipconfig. Fisica. 1,000,000 points in OpenGL using Vertex Arrays. Extended Language (API)

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Extended Language (API)

The Processing Language was designed to facilitate the creation of sophisticated visual structures. Structure () (parentheses) , (comma) . (dot) /* */ (multiline comment) /** */ (doc comment) // (comment) ; (semicolon) = (assign) [] (array access) {} (curly braces) catch class draw() exit() extends false final implements import loop() new noLoop() null popStyle() private public pushStyle() redraw() return setup() static super this true try void Environment cursor() displayHeight displayWidth focused frameCount frameRate() frameRate height noCursor() size() width Data Primitive boolean byte char color double float int long Composite Array ArrayList FloatDict FloatList HashMap IntDict IntList JSONArray JSONObject Object String StringDict StringList Table TableRow XML Conversion.