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Prey model diets

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Wolves Hunting Bison. What do wild canids consume on a carcass? Broken Down By Tissue Type. Aqutaq Grazes on Blackberries. Meat Scat. Formed Scat. Hair and Bone Scat. Why does poop matter? How We Make Wolf Food. Hair and Hide. Customizing for your dog. B589R.pdf. Starchy diet may have transformed wolves to dogs. Even the most illustrious canine breeds can probably trace their heritage to junkyard dogs.

Starchy diet may have transformed wolves to dogs

That’s the conclusion of a new study aimed at finding the genetic changes that transformed wild wolves into domesticated dogs. Dogs can digest carbohydrates better than wolves can, and gaining that ability may have been an important step in taming the animals, evolutionary geneticist Erik Axelsson of Uppsala University in Sweden and his colleagues report online January 23 in Nature. Amazon.