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Machine2Machine | datamobile Datamobile ist Experte für automatisierten Austausch von Informationen zwischen Geräten, Maschinen, Computern etc. mit einem zentralen Server. Mit DATENKARTE.m2m erhalten Sie eines der leistungsfähigsten Produkte im Machine-2-Machine-Bereich und genießen folgende Vorteile: Passende M2M-Lösungen für alle BranchenPermanenter Überblick über alle Anlagen, Fahrzeuge, MaschinenManagementtool zur Kontrolle und Verwaltung aller SIM KartenAbrechnung in 1 KB-SchrittenJederzeit in Betriebs- und Produktionsabläufe eingreifenSensationell günstigkein MindestumsatzVPN Verbindung (dataguard)Verständlich, flexibel, transparent, kostensparend Machine2Machine | datamobile
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BREAKFAST - "You guys are like the Mythbusters of Advertising" BREAKFAST - "You guys are like the Mythbusters of Advertising" It’s 2014. We’re officially living in the future. Yes, the one you picture in your head when you combine all those images of eye-scanners and helpful little space droids. But the reason you didn’t sit at the kitchen table this morning and get the weather from your cereal box is simply because the cereal company didn’t even know to ask. Or did they? We’re BREAKFAST, and we spend our days wondering why a Gap store still works the same way it did 40 years ago.
Cubelets: modular, affordable robotics for kids and students Cubelets: modular, affordable robotics for kids and students Robotics can be a tricky subject to teach children, and it's hard to know where to start. Cubelets is a system of modular cubes that each have one use, interaction, or behavior, and by linking them together you can create easy to understand robots with impressive behavior. It's a great concept: you start with very basic ideas, and then by linking them together you can create something that can work in a variety of ways.
The Web 2.0 Summit Points of Control Map
Apple Aims To Take NFC Mainstream; Perhaps The Greatest Trick They’ve Ever Pulled? Apple Aims To Take NFC Mainstream; Perhaps The Greatest Trick They’ve Ever Pulled? Bloomberg has an interesting report tonight, but they have the headline all wrong. Apple Plans Service That Lets IPhone Users Pay With Handsets — is technically correct (assuming the report is true, of course), but it completely downplays the potential ramifications of what Apple is apparently attempting to do. If Apple can nail Near-Field Communication (NFC) and tie it directly into their already-established iTunes payment system.
You've Got Mail: How To Internet Enable Your Mailbox You've Got Mail: How To Internet Enable Your Mailbox Internet of Things (IoT) is a term for when everyday ordinary objects are connected to the Internet via microchips. It's a simple concept with big implications for how we interact with the world, deal with the resulting mass of data, live our lives and...get the mail? IoT can be something as complex as smart power grids or something as simple as - as evidenced by the object-hacking folks over at Make Magazine - getting push notifications every time a letter arrives.
IBM RFID Commercial - The Future Market
Stephan Seitz "Die Zukunft der Entwicklung von umweltfreundlichen und energieeffizienten Technologien hat gerade erst begonnen. Innovative Technologien haben schon immer mein Leben begleitet und eine große Faszination ausgeübt. Seitz Smart Technologies - Stephan Seitz Seitz Smart Technologies - Stephan Seitz

Retailigence: Powering location-based shopping.

Retailigence: Powering location-based shopping. Retailers Be where the shoppers are. We are your connection to the mobile marketing channel. Brands Reach and influence consumers throughout their digital path-to-purchase. Developers
LG Thinq will add smartphone control to its home appliances LG is expected to unveil new technology at CES 2011 that would allow you to control your home appliances using your smartphone or tablet. Appliances controlled by this new technology, dubbed Thinq, include ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and even a HOM-ROT robotic vacuum cleaner. Similar to Rosie the robot of the Jetson’s cartoon, the HOM-BOT robot will reportedly clean your house, feed your pet and even has a remote viewing function to let you watch your house while you are gone. According to LG, this is only the beginning of its Thinq technology. The Korean company plans to add new appliances and new ways of controlling them in the future. The system requires owners to have a Thinq-compatible appliance and a compatible smartphone. LG Thinq will add smartphone control to its home appliances
Bye Bye Standby Control My Home
Bye Bye Standby Home Energy-Saving Product Range
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Internet of Things 2010 Conference November 29 - December 1 Tokyo, Japan
Nabto nabs $1 million in funding for tiny web servers Nabto makes web technology for devices like medical appliances (see Medotech’s Grindcare) and building automation devices. The Danish startup just closed a new funding round combining funds from previous investor Østjysk Innovation, the Danish government-backed fund Vækstfonden and some private investors. The new financing will mainly be used to boost Nabto’s sales and marketing. Nabto’s target market is home or industrial devices that are remotely controlled or whose data needs to be queried from a web browser. More broadly it applies to the type of interconnected device that will form the upcoming “Internet of Things“. Many of the target devices will be located behind a firewall and have dynamically assigned IP addresses, which is problematic when it comes to locating and connecting to them. Nabto nabs $1 million in funding for tiny web servers
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Transform businesses (and lives) Xively helps unlock and expand business potential by removing the barriers inhibiting the complete comprehension and control of your business. Continuous, 360-degree interaction with your business-connected objects delivers real-time insights that drive intelligent action.

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Secure Remote Computer Access to Firewall Protected Network Devices Without a VPN
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