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Plantes sauvages

Histoires de plantes. Accueil_Cabane_De_Tellus.index. Belles Fleurs de France. Blog végétal. Botanique de Ferdinand Faideau. Exhibition 2012 Botanical Celebration. Celebrations abound in 2012 in the city of London and the Society of Botanical Artists was ready at the starting line ahead of the Olympics and the Royal Diamond Jubilee with its own celebrations in April for the Annual Open exhibition: Botanical Celebration.

Exhibition 2012 Botanical Celebration

The Exhibition celebrated plants, from those which inspire and fascinate including rare or endangered species, to the stalwart favourites and those which sustain and tempt our taste buds. There were some with Olympic aptitude for running and jumping, aquatic experts and those which fire out their seeds like pistols, even groups which, like the Olympics, wait eagerly to be torched to accomplish their magnificent performance. Floralbum. Natures - Pflanzenarchiv Lavendelfoto - Recherche rapide. Un aperçu de Botanique. PhotoFlora. Récréations botaniques.