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Planet X, Nibiru, Nemesis, Elenin

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Conspiracy Archives. Coldest 'Missing Link' Brown Dwarf Discovered. Brown dwarfs are strange celestial objects.

Coldest 'Missing Link' Brown Dwarf Discovered

They’re not stars, they’re not planets, yet they exhibit characteristics of both. And now astronomers using NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) have discovered the coolest of a cool class of brown dwarfs, potentially providing some answers as to what makes a planet and what makes a star. RELATED: Do ‘Ultracool’ Brown Dwarfs Surround Us?

It seems simple enough; you get a huge cloud of gas, let it collapse under its mutual gravity for millions of years, and if there’s enough mass, perhaps a star will be born. But say if there isn’t quite enough mass contained in the nebula to spark the sustained nuclear fusion in the core? Although there might be some nuclear fusion in its core for a short period of time, a brown dwarf is commonly referred to as a “failed star.” RELATED: Record Breaker: ‘Very Cold’ Brown Dwarf Discovered But Y-class brown dwarfs are theoretical no more. SEE ALSO: Our First Interstellar Destination: A Brown Dwarf? 2012 – background details. Dec 21 2012 The date comes from the Mayan Calendar, it does not come from any other source.

2012 – background details

It represents the end of the fourth sun, however the Mayans talk about drastic earth changes that happen BEFORE the end date. Most people have been combining the two into one. Combining all the prophecies of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, The Book of Revelations etc, to that date, 21 Dec 2012. Dec 21 2012 is to do with the transition of our sun, our solar system, through the Galactic plane, through the ‘Photon band’ a circular pulse of energy that radiates out from the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy in an ever increasing disc.

That is purely to do with increasing the vibrational energy of all atomic and sub-atomic particles – the so called Ascension to a higher dimension. The eye of Niburu Nibiru Nasa deception March 2011. Comet Elenin Forecast for 9/2011 to 1/2012 (Old Version) Space Science. Russian Special News Report NIBIRU 100% Confirmed - Posted 08/18/2011. Jimmyprophet. Nibiru Insider And His Astronomers Confirm Location Of Nibiru Live On Air!! Slightly Behind Elenin! Uniting the way to the new world. The Quickening. THE SUN TODAY: 4 August 2011 - 2 Huge Flares; CMEs Heading Our Way. Planet X Nibiru Projected Orbital Return - 2012. The Sumerian mathmatics system might seem odd at first, but it's actually ideal for geometry, calculation with fractions, and time.

Planet X Nibiru Projected Orbital Return - 2012

The hour was divided into 60 minutes of 60 seconds each by the Mesopotamians using their sexagesimal system of counting. Sumerians state that Geometry and Astronomy was the language bestowed upon them by the gods (flesh and blood gods) and is still used by freemason architects today gaining knowledge on their Templar crusades in the Middle East. (The Templars disbanded and later reappeared as Freemasons). Hmmmmm... So, are the Sumerians lying and it's actually just a myth as modern religion would have you think? Various studies of Sumerian mathematics point out that the numerals are intimately connected to the precessional cycle. Australian Observatory capture images of Nibiru – August 20, 2011 - The Jungle Apocalypse.

NIBIRU FOUND! * CNN NEWS BRIEF! This is the original story from the Independant.


Up telescope! Search begins for giant new planet Tyche may be bigger than Jupiter and orbit at the outer edge of the solar system By Paul Rodgers Sunday, 13 February 2011 If you grew up thinking there were nine planets and were shocked when Pluto was demoted five years ago, get ready for another surprise. The hunt is on for a gas giant up to four times the mass of Jupiter thought to be lurking in the outer Oort Cloud, the most remote region of the solar system.

But scientists now believe the proof of its existence has already been gathered by a Nasa space telescope, Wise, and is just waiting to be analysed. [link to] Nibiru Nearing Means Climate Crisis & Food Shortage on Earth; Marsbase Closing, Marduk Fired, Enki Charged with Hybrid Management and Solving Food Shortage: Enki Speaks 15. In a few thousand years, "the Earthlings were proliferating....To be with the Anunnaki [Nibiran astronauts] they were eager, for food rations they toiled well.

Nibiru Nearing Means Climate Crisis & Food Shortage on Earth; Marsbase Closing, Marduk Fired, Enki Charged with Hybrid Management and Solving Food Shortage: Enki Speaks 15

Of heat and dust they did not complain, of backbreaking they did not grumble. Elenin, Nibiru, Planet-X - Time for a Sanity Check. © UnknownWhat is really going on?

Elenin, Nibiru, Planet-X - Time for a Sanity Check

Oy! Where to start? It seems there is a veritable fever going around at the moment, all centered on Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) and the possible connection it may have to Nibiru - or Planet-X as it's known in some circles. This is the supposed "12th planet" that's been prophesied to come plowing through the Solar System causing a doomsday scenario for us earth-dwellers. Right now, YouTube is awash with videos on Comet Elenin, making this and that claim. As we've noted here on SOTT over the years, when the noise starts to overpower the signal, that's when there's usually something brewing behind the scenes. To summarize the situation, it seems that we have certain folks claiming that Comet Elenin is everything from an elaborate hoax, to a piloted alien spacecraft, to a stray neutron star, to Planet-X itself, and on and on... NASA EMPLOYEE SPEAKS ABOUT NIBIRU.