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Uitvalsbasis van TwitterRadio op Radio1 — TwitterRadio. Wave Machines - The Greatest Escape We Ever Made. Etymologic: the toughest etymology (word origin) game on the Web. Panda Cloud Antivirus FREE - The first free cloud antivirus agai. Simple Spark. Kings of Code - Web Developers Conference - June 29-30 - Amsterd. Convert files and data online. CaptionTube: Home. HootSuite-ultimate-Twitter-profile-management-toolbox. More Infographics on Good.


iLearn Technology eyePlorer. Posted by admin | Posted in Interactive Whiteboard, Language Arts, Middle/High School, Primary Elementary, Science, Secondary Elementary, Social Studies, Teacher Resources, web tools, Websites | Posted on 31-03-2009 Tags: classroom, explore, eyePlorer, google, note taking, notebook, notes, research, teacher, tenkely, visual, wikipedia What it is: eyePlorer is a really cool site that allows students “explore and process knowledge.”

iLearn Technology eyePlorer

Student type in a word or words to research. eyePlorer pulls information from Wikipedia and puts it into a color wheel of information. When students hover over the different areas of the color wheel, they get a sentence or two about their subject. There is a notebook where students can drag and drop facts that they want to remember. How to integrate eyePlorer into the classroom: This is a truly unique way for students to research and explore new information. Leave a comment and tell us how you are using eyePlorer in your classroom. The Hyperwords Company. Glue: The Next Marketing Tool for Creatives. Glue is a free Firefox add-on that lets you take your social network to every major site you visit.

Glue: The Next Marketing Tool for Creatives

At heart, it's a semantic Web tool: it can "read" and contextualize the content on the sites you visit, and serve up your friends' thoughts in a little toolbar on the top of the window. Say you're on Amazon, and you're considering buying a DVD of Pineapple Express. Glue will pop down and tell you what your friends thought of the movie--whether they mentioned it on Twitter, read about it on Fandango, or looked it up on Wikipedia. All in all, Glue knows of hundreds of popular sites where people research and review everything from actors, musicians, films, and TV shows to restaurants, wine, and books.

Check out the demo below: Glue 4.2 Overview from AdaptiveBlue on Vimeo. Obviously, having this kind of connectivity around a given product or place is a seller's dream. Norby's Photostream. Digital Concert Hall. Tynt Tracer: What's being copied from your site? DUB Is Your Mobile Business Card. YoutubeTweeter. DigInfo : Daily Video News from Japan. The Sound Advice Project. HootSuite-ultimate-Twitter-profile-management-toolbox. FlippingBook flash page flip engine - flash component or xml-swf. Daily freebies, free stuff, and free samp. Smub: Shorten, Personalize, Bookmark, Share URLs on Any Browser. Banksy Barely Legal. Futuro Primitivo. H1N1 Swine Flu. My $23/month iPhone (updated)

50+ Ways To Create Digital Stories With Students. Creating stories using web tools is fun and engaging for student while also teaching them new skills.

50+ Ways To Create Digital Stories With Students

Best of all you can embed them in blog posts to grab readers; including something a bit different makes reading posts more interesting. Web Tools For Creating Stories To make the task easier we have Alan Levine‘s 50+ Ways to tell a story. This excellent resource documents how each of more than fifty Web 2.0 tools can be used to create a story using images, audio, and/or video.

It has been broken into the following sections: My favorite section is examples of the same story created using each of the 50+ tools because he has a simple review of each and you can check out the example to see if it fits your needs before using it yourself or with your students. Embedding Stories in Blog Posts Once you have created your stories it is embedded into blog posts using the same procedure for embedding any HTML code. Would love your feedback: Micro Persuasion: The Next Twitter or Facebook is the Open Web. Twenty-Two Interesting Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom - Go. Banish Your Browser With Innovative Adobe AIR Apps - PC World. Adobe AIR adds support for hundreds of cool, cross-platform apps.

Banish Your Browser With Innovative Adobe AIR Apps - PC World

And it no longer matters whether you're using a Mac, a Windows PC, a Linux machine, or a mobile device--AIR works with them all. But, despite AIR's impressive ability to blur the line between your desktop and the Web, AIR apps are by no means Web-only. HootSuite-ultimate-Twitter-profile-management-toolbox. - Blipster - A desktop player for Subprime. TypoGenerator. Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers by Nik Peachey. Me On Mag - Create Fake Magazine Covers with your Photo! Convez - Currency Conversion! Format Factory - Download. Flickery - the desktop client for Mac OS X Leopard. Start Panicking! Noteboek. VISIONAIRE.