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Volume 82, Issue 1, January 2014 EDITORIALLETTERS TO THE EDITORPHYSICS EDUCATION RESEARCH Resource Letter N-1: Nanotechnology View Description Hide DescriptionThis Resource Letter provides a guide to the literature on Nanotechnology. Journal articles, books, websites, and other documents are cited on the following topics: attributes of various types of nanomaterials, nanotechnology in the context of different academic fields, and the effects of nanotechnology on society.PAPERS Measuring Boltzmann's constant through holographic video microscopy of a single colloidal sphere View Description Hide DescriptionThe trajectory of a colloidal sphere diffusing in water records a history of the random forces exerted on the sphere by thermally driven fluctuations in the suspending fluid. The trajectory therefore can be used to characterize the spectrum of thermal fluctuations and thus to obtain an estimate for Boltzmann's constant. Browse - American Journal of Physics Browse - American Journal of Physics