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A Guch-a-riffic chemistry tutorial! Mr.

A Guch-a-riffic chemistry tutorial!

Guch Explains I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I'm not going to add to the list below anymore because it's a pain to get everything formatted for the Interwebs. The good news is that I'm going to start adding new questions in blog format over at . Check it out, and email me any questions you've got at .

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Physics Magazines. Great Physicians. Quantum Physics. Physics Pearlers. Electromagnetism. Nanotechnology. Physics on Time. Systems Theories. Nuclear Physics. Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived. Physics Flash Animations. Scientists discover snowflake identical to one which fell in 1963. Scientists were today able to dispel the age-old belief that no two snowflakes are the same, using state of the art microscopy and by catching flakes as they fell in specially designed equipment while sitting at a table outside a pub in Norwich.

Scientists discover snowflake identical to one which fell in 1963

The team of researchers, backed by a £20m grant, were able to make an identical match to the famous Bentley flake, photographed 47 years ago by amateur snowflakeologist Wilson Bentley. El bosón de Higgs: La “partícula de Dios” sí existe (y lo que eso significa) Tags: bosón de HiggsPeter Higgs Pues sí.

El bosón de Higgs: La “partícula de Dios” sí existe (y lo que eso significa)

Resulta que existe. Con un 99,999999 % de probabilidad. O sea, que la han encontrado. Rocks and Weathering. Tres minutos para entender el bosón de Higgs. Bueno, pues aquí lo tenéis.

Tres minutos para entender el bosón de Higgs

Después de muchos días de trabajo y gracias al talento de David Tesouro (animación y la parte más importante del curro), Miguel Fernández Flores (grafismo) y Nicola Zonno (ilustraciones), estrenamos nuestro primer videográfico de ciencia en Después del éxito de "El bosón de Higgs explicado a mi abuela", queríamos hacer algo en nuevos formatos y nos pusimos a ello.

Aún tenemos que mejorar mucho, pero creo que este primer videográfico os gustará :-) * Podéis pillar el código del vídeo e insertarlo en vuestros blogs, si os gusta (Hacedlo!!) Enlace: Tres minutos para entender el bosón de Higgs ( Coriolis-like effect found 184 years before Coriolis - physics-math - 14 January 2011. The cosmos loves irony.

Coriolis-like effect found 184 years before Coriolis - physics-math - 14 January 2011

While trying to prove that the Earth is fixed in space, an Italian priest described something similar to the Coriolis effect – the slight deflection experienced by objects moving in a rotating frame of reference – nearly 200 years before mathematician Gustave Coriolis worked it out in 1835. In 1651, Giovanni Riccioli published 77 arguments against the idea that the apparent motions of the heavens were due to the Earth's rotation and orbit around the sun. These included claims that Hell would be in the wrong place, aesthetic concerns over proportion and harmony, and more scientific approaches. Now, Christopher Graney at Jefferson Community and Technical College in Louisville, Kentucky, has translated them from Latin, and discovered that Riccioli conjectured phenomena resembling the Coriolis effect (

Laser Crosswalk Saves Pedestrians From a Painful Death. CERN: Light Speed May Have Been Exceeded By Subatomic Particle. GENEVA — One of the very pillars of physics and Einstein's theory of relativity – that nothing can go faster than the speed of light – was rocked Thursday by new findings from one of the world's foremost laboratories.

CERN: Light Speed May Have Been Exceeded By Subatomic Particle

European researchers said they clocked an oddball type of subatomic particle called a neutrino going faster than the 186,282 miles per second that has long been considered the cosmic speed limit. The claim was met with skepticism, with one outside physicist calling it the equivalent of saying you have a flying carpet. In fact, the researchers themselves are not ready to proclaim a discovery and are asking other physicists to independently try to verify their findings. Demonic device converts information to energy. La historia del Bosón de Higgs. Una nueva partícula, quizás el bosón de Higgs, se filtra antes de tiempo. "Hemos observado una nueva partícula...

Una nueva partícula, quizás el bosón de Higgs, se filtra antes de tiempo

Tenemos fuerte evidencia de que hay algo ahí", dice Joe Incandela, el portavoz de CMS, uno de los grandes detectores del acelerador de partículas LHC, en un vídeo que se ha hecho público, seguramente por error, antes de tiempo, ya que se ha retirado inmediatamente del acceso público, según ha informado Science News. La presentación de los últimos datos del LHC, que se espera que signifiquen el descubrimiento de la muy buscada partícula de Higgs, o el casi descubrimiento, está prevista para este miércoles por la mañana en el Laboratorio Europeo de Física de Partículas (CERN), junto a Ginebra. Mientras los físicos ultiman los análisis de los datos, los nervios parece que han jugado una mala pasada a los responsables de preparar la información pública con la filtración indebida de este vídeo. HyperPhysics. Michio Kaku - Smashing Atoms. Sunshine.

World’s Most Precise Clocks Could Reveal Universe Is a Hologram. Our existence could be coded in a finite bandwidth, like a live ultra-high-definition 3-D video.

World’s Most Precise Clocks Could Reveal Universe Is a Hologram

Lasers illuminate quantum security loophole. Demonic device converts information to energy. Quantum Computing: Will It Be a Leap in Human Evolution? Quantum computers have the potential to solve problems that would take a classical computer longer than the age of the universe.

Quantum Computing: Will It Be a Leap in Human Evolution?

Oxford Professor David Deutsch, quantum-computing pioneer, who wrote in his controversial masterpiece, Fabric of Reality says: "quantum computers can efficiently render every physically possible quantum environment, even when vast numbers of universes are interacting. Quantum computers can also efficiently solve certain mathematical problems, such as factorization, which are classically intractable, and can implement types of cryptography which are classically impossible. The Higgs Boson explained by PhD Comics. Higgs Found. Finally, physics’s zoo of subatomic particles is full.

Higgs Found

Scientists have almost certainly snared the Higgs boson, the last particle waiting to be roped into the fold. Decades after it was proposed, the Higgs emerged in the shards of particle collisions at the world’s most powerful accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN laboratory near Geneva. Physicists announced the discovery on July 4 during a seminar at the lab. Higgs boson: What's it for? I have no idea, says Prof. Laws of physics vary throughout the universe, new study suggests. A team of astrophysicists based in Australia and England has uncovered evidence that the laws of physics are different in different parts of the universe. The team -- from the University of New South Wales, Swinburne University of Technology and the University of Cambridge -- has submitted a report of the discovery for publication in the journal Physical Review Letters. A preliminary version of the paper is currently under peer review. The report describes how one of the supposed fundamental constants of Nature appears not to be constant after all.

Instead, this 'magic number' known as the fine-structure constant -- 'alpha' for short -- appears to vary throughout the universe. Electricity. Stuff under an electron microscope. Arranca la búsqueda de la 'partícula Dios' La sala de reuniones del partido tory está llena de militantes que charlan tranquilamente cuando, de pronto, la señora Thatcher entra por la puerta. A medida que Thatcher camina por la habitación, los militantes más cercanos forman corrillos a su alrededor y, en consecuencia, dificultan el movimiento de su líder. Guide to Snowflakes. The Official String Theory Web Site. Mind blowing physics engine demonstration.

Serious Flaw Emerges In Quantum Cryptography. The problem of sending messages securely has troubled humankind since the dawn of civilisation and probably before. In recent years, however, physicists have raised expectations that this problem has been solved by the invention of quantum key distribution. This exploits the strange quantum property of entanglement to guarantee the secrecy of a message.

Entanglement is so fragile that any eavesdropper cannot help but break it, revealing the ruse. New kind of light created in physics breakthrough. Physicists have created a new kind of light by chilling photons into a blob state. Just like solids, liquids and gases, this recently discovered condition represents a state of matter. Called a Bose-Einstein condensate, it was created in 1995 with super-cold atoms of a gas, but scientists had thought it could not be done with photons, which are basic units of light.

However, physicists Jan Klärs, Julian Schmitt, Frank Vewinger and Martin Weitz of the University of Bonn in Germany reported accomplishing it. Titanium foam could make your bones as strong as Wolverine's. 9 Things You Didn't Know About Benjamin Franklin. It's Fun Friday -- time for some fun for the weekend. Enjoy today's post and I'll see you back here on Monday with more philatelic news and notes. United States, 1938Scott #803 In 1938, the United States issued a set of definitive postage stamps featuring images of the nation's first 29 presidents. This issue has affectionately become known as the Prexies issue. In addition to the 29 presidents featured on the stamps, fractional postage stamps were issued with images of non-presidents, such as Benjamin Franklin and Martha Washington, and the White House.