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Liebe Expression. Imprimantes 3D.


Matériel & Techniques / Gears & Technics. Publication & Diffusion // Publishing & Broadcasting. Formation / Trainings. Photo Journalism. To Sort (or to put in trash) Photographes // Photographers.

  1. salomenadinesauveur Jun 16 2012
    Bienvenue dans l'équipe.Jvoie que tu fais aussi des movies,c'est cool. J'éspère admirer les belles photos que tu nous raméneras.Amitiés....Salome
  2. gilead Jan 21 2011
    Profite bien et ramène nous de belles images !
  3. smokenico Jan 21 2011
    merci à tous pour votre contribution je suis en tournage en Espagne et vous avez toute ma confiance !
  4. gilead Jan 20 2011
    Thanks all :-) @smokenico: seeing what has been added in South America which is not really an "official" (or sort of) photographer page, and since the main tree is called "Photographie", what about creating some topics into the main ? "Photographers" (then by continent as now), "Galleries", "Museum", "Events"... and so on ?...
  5. smokenico Jan 20 2011
    @ gilead well done and thanks a lot.
  6. lavigiedelacom Jan 20 2011
    @gilead: Thanks, it's very usefull.
  7. gilead Jan 19 2011
    @smokenico: a big clean was done... I created some pearltrees for unclassified (to do...)
  8. smokenico Jan 15 2011
    @gilead, great ! you're right.
  9. gilead Jan 15 2011
    Fine! I removed the "By Countries" tree and directly added continental locations directly under "PHOTOGRAPHES", it sounds me simplier this way
  10. smokenico Jan 15 2011
    @ gilead it's ok to move pearls by countries