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SLIDE SHOW is now available.These movies require the Flash plug in v.6 or later. Shoji Ueda was sixteen when his parents gave him his first camera, and from that point on his life was dominated by photography. In this initial period Ueda discovers the work of European photographers such as Man Ray and Andre Kertesz, and begins to experiment with avant-garde techniques such as the rayogram and solarisation. In his compositions he also makes use of unusual resources such as high-angle and low-angle shots and deformations. The dunes of Tottori, the region where Shoji Ueda was born, become the ideal setting for his most original and well-known works. - Shoji Ueda Office - - Shoji Ueda Office -
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Димитрина Василева Професионален Фотограф от Варна - Сватбена фотография, Пътешествения, Пейзажи