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3D animated bullet time autostereo wobble Nimslo photos. Alpes Stereo. Appareils Photos 3D. Ekeren 3D Equipement. Gentles Limited: gentSTEREO-proSDM gentSTEREO-basicSDM gentSTEREO-repeatSDM. GentSTEREO: simultaneous trigger for Canon. gentSTEREO is a range of remote camera releases designed to trigger 2 or more Canon cameras running the SDM software enhancement to take stereo or virtual reality pictures.

Gentles Limited: gentSTEREO-proSDM gentSTEREO-basicSDM gentSTEREO-repeatSDM

In basic use they allow two Canon cameras to be triggered at exactly the same time for stereo photography. The products also allow the synchronisation of an external flash, as well as capabilities for time-lapse, external triggering, and continuous shooting modes. This is a very cost effective way to generate high quality stereo images, all you need is: A pair of Canon point-and-shoot cameras, compatible models are detailed below, A small executable file added to the camera SD card called StereoData Maker, gentSTEREO to control both cameras simultaneously gentSTEREO-proSDM: simultaneous trigger and flash for Canon. gentSTEREO-proSDM Designed for advanced users who have exacting stereo photography needs.

GentSTEREO-basicSDM: simultaneous trigger for Canon. Conversion 2D 3D. Stereo Photo Maker. English , German , Japanese StereoPhoto Maker (SPM) est un éditeur d'images stéréo très souple et performant mais aussi un outil pour visionner les images stéréo.

Stereo Photo Maker

Il permet aussi aux utilisateurs ayant quelques notions de HTML de créer des pages Web utilisant la 'StereoPhotoViewer Applet'. Il faut simplement télécharger le contenu du projet-applet sur le Serveur Web en utilisant un logiciel FTP (il existe des logiciels gratuits de ce type). Téléchargement :StereoPhoto Maker Ver5.06 1310 Ko 30/Sep/2014StereoPhoto Maker 64bit Ver5.06 1974 Ko 30/Sep/2014 Ver. 4.43->4.50See here Ver. 4.41->4.43See here English Online Help Great thanks to Pierre MEINDRE for the French-language documentation. AnaBuilder.

AnaBuilder - Phantogram. Phantogram builder Temporary quick help to start07/09/2004 Etienne Monneret Etienne Monneret <I>(Email address protected by JavaScript.

AnaBuilder - Phantogram

Please enable JavaScript to contact me.) </i> & Didier Leboutte Thanks to Steve Boddy for his help about how to build a phantogram, and his cup example. What is a phantogram A phantogram is a pure "come out" stereo. Top left : the dotted triangle is what you see when looking at the anaglyph, taken with a horizontal camera, viewed on a vertical print. How to build it with the phantogram builder tool 1) print a regular square grid on a paper. 2) put this paper on a table with an object on it. 3) take a stereo couple of this object from a point of view making an angle of 45° with the horizontal. Example with a perfect calculated image from Steve Boddy : Left image : Fantogramme.