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Boombox from car stereo. Besta Published on April 2nd, 2013 | by Jules IKEAHacker Materials: BESTA Description: I drew the exact size of each component needed to create the boombox and I cut the door to accommodate the stereo, speakers and other components.

Boombox from car stereo

To power and customize the boombox I used the following items: 1) Car stereo 2) Speakers 3) Regulated Switching Power Supply 4) Toggle Switch 5) Volt meter 6) Cable grommet After connecting the wires I assembled the rest of the unit and fastened with screws and caps the door. Now the car stereo has become a boombox and I can listen music with tuner, cd player, usb and iPod dock in the house or wherever I want. ~ Stefano, Rome, Italy The Author Jules IKEAHacker "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. TubeToTV Sends YouTube Videos from Chrome to XBMC.

Raspeberry Pi

How I Built the Media Center of My Dreams for Under $500. Kinja is in read-only mode.

How I Built the Media Center of My Dreams for Under $500

We are working to restore service. No TV tuner card...? I realize that it adds expense, but it seems worth it considering that a lot of cable companies charge you monthly to rent their box. Build a XBMC Media Center with a $35 Raspberry Pi. See the Actual Signal Strength on Your iPhone or Android. Charger Windows sans se logger. Charger Windows sans se logger Lorsque vous démarrez votre PC, c'est déjà long...

Charger Windows sans se logger

Ensuite vous entrez votre mot de passe et vous devez encore attendre... C'est terriblement ennuyeux !!! Alors evidement, vous pouvez le configurer pour qu'il se logge automatiquement au démarrage mais la session n'est malheureusement plus verouillée.Et bien, j'ai la solution qui permettra à votre ordinateur de se charger complétement tout en maintenant votre session fermée. Téléchargez le freeware TweakUI sur le site de Microsoft et installez le.

Et voilà votre PC se loggera tout seul et lockera la session immédiatement. Vous avez aimé cet article ? Turn an Old Computer into a Networked Backup, Streaming, or Torrenting Machine with Ubuntu. How about some tips on using a Rasberry Pi for a really cheap, lower power, low performance home server?

Turn an Old Computer into a Networked Backup, Streaming, or Torrenting Machine with Ubuntu

(aka, occasional backups and file storage, not a "home media center") Everyone keeps saying this, but my one question is...where do you put all the drives? The machine is cheap, but the HDD enclosure will dwarf the practicality of the machine. Unless you already have some sort of JBOD enclosure that just works with the machine (distribution dependent perhaps). The purpose might work well for a proxy, VPN, maybe a content filter or basic firewall. My brother is working with some sort of command line home automation language that runs on linux and this might very well be the ideal controller.

How to build a tin can waveguide antenna. Assemble the probe and mount in can Now you'll need that bit of wire.

How to build a tin can waveguide antenna

You'll need a soldering iron or a friend with one as well. Cut the wire so that when it is stuck in the connector as shown, the total length of both the brass tube and wire sticking out past the connector is 1.21". Get as close to this length as you can. When you've got your wire correctly sized, solder it into the connector keeping it as straight and upright as you can. Connect your antenna to your wireless card or access point. Build Your Own Unified, Cordless TV-Plus-Entertainment-Center Combo. Are wires really that in-view anymore?

Build Your Own Unified, Cordless TV-Plus-Entertainment-Center Combo

Pretty much every entertainment center on the market, whether it's from Target, Costco, Best Buy or Hammacher Schlemmer is built with pre-drilled access holes (for cabinets and drawers) or come with some sort of clips that hide the wires behind the shelf supports (for an open system). Even if you've got everything just sitting on a table somewhere, aren't all the wires pressed back behind the table anyway before coming up to the TV? Is There Anything Awesome I Can Do with All These Unused Ports on My TV? What Should I Use for My Home Theater PC: Apple TV, Nettop, Old Computer, or Something Else? How to Make a Wi Fi Booster Using Only a Beer Can. Build Wi-Fi Speakers to Stream Music Anywhere.

I want to put wireless speakers in 5 places in my house, but I don't have $900 to throw down for 5 squeeze boxes.

Build Wi-Fi Speakers to Stream Music Anywhere

What do you suggest as an alternative? Or are you just a shill for logitech? Wow, that's a little harsh. If you don't have $900, then you're not going to be able to put together the hardware necessary to build the wireless side of your five speaker system. $900 would get you the controllers, encoders and wireless for your five setup, but you would still need the speakers and amplifiers. The Logitech system would actually be cheaper. Bluetooth Headset Hack. My mum wanted to play some music from my desktop computer on her stereo(which doesnt have usb support but has stereo jack audio input) - and I was looking for reasons to hack stuff. so i took old broken bluetooth headset (that my ex broke...bla bla ) and hacked it to include a stereo jack - and now she just plugs it in and plays the tunes(audio streaming) :) Future improvements: 1.

Bluetooth Headset Hack

Write a computer program to include voice control so she can just change music or switch of the computer off from her room using a voice command. 2.Hack the stereo to charge the bluetooth headset without unpluging it. Velcro + sugru mini cable tidy.