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The Permaculture Project LLC
Regenerative Design Group Regenerative Design Group Re;gen-er-a-tive De-sign: noun 1. Envisions human developments that restore, renew, and revitalize their own sources of energy andmaterials while supporting natural processes. 2. Creates resilient, evolving systems that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature.Master Planning & Campus Design: With schools, hospitals, and other institutions, we develop designs for campuses that offer attractive, useful spaces for living and learning. From the details of garden beds to master plans for hundreds of acres, we guide the transition from high-input lawns to diverse landscapes, following the patterns of healthy ecosystems.Residential Communities & Integrated Homesteads: Weaving together ecological restoration and site improvement with the creation of beautiful and functional human habitat, we work with owner-designers and communities to develop plans that maximize both the conservation and productivity of their land.
AppleSeed Permaculture makes your life sustainable. From organic farming to renewable energy to rainwater harvesting to edible landscaping, we’ve got everything you need for 100% sustainability. We offer turn-key design, installation, and management services for your property – anything from one-quarter acre to a quarter-million acres. Do you want to get started with sustainability? We can help you choose the right piece of land, develop a detailed plan, and move directly into action. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. AppleSeed Permaculture AppleSeed Permaculture