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System Acupuncture: Rethinking Innovation And Leadership In An Era Of Change And Uncertainty. IDEO CoLab. Cambridge Cleantech Smart Cities project gets the go-ahead. The multi-million euro project will help tech start-ups and SMEs use open data to develop Smart City solutions to address challenges in the urban environment by improving parking, monitoring air quality, optimising traffic flows, and promoting energy efficiency in buildings and vehicles.

Cambridge Cleantech Smart Cities project gets the go-ahead

Cambridge Cleantech will be managing £270,000 of the overall budget as the partner leading on open data innovation in the public sector. Use of public service information is currently estimated to have €300 billion of untapped value (EU, 2015). The Smart Cities Innovation Framework Implementation (SCIFI) project will establish collaborations between cities, citizens, public service providers, innovators and experts to unlock this huge potential, generating new Smart City products and services to solve urban challenges, while boosting regional economies.

The project, led by Mechelen in Belgium, brings together ten medium-sized cities from across the UK and Europe, and will run for four years. Stories of digital social innovation: Environment. 'Reality Labs': evolving the public sector innovation lab. How can labs have more real-world impact?

'Reality Labs': evolving the public sector innovation lab

Giulio Quaggiotto speaks to Tobias Öhman, programme manager at Swedish innovation agency Vinnova, about a new lab format to promote experimentation in the public sector. This blog was first published on the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation website. About Fabricademy. Fabricademy is a transdisciplinary course that focuses on the development of new technologies applied in the textile industry, in its broad range of applications, from the fashion industry and the upcoming wearable market.

About Fabricademy

The two phase program will last 6 months, with approximately 3 months of seminars and learning modules and three months focusing on individual in depth applied project research. The textile and clothing industry needs to explore and start to implement more viable, sustainable and fair alternatives systems of today. The program will focus on the unethical and environmentally unfriendly realities of the current industry, while combining the knowledge of traditional and future craftsmanship to work towards new ways of designing, prototyping and producing for the slowly changing textile and fashion-industry. Join Fabricademy. If you wish to participate in Fabricademy 2020/21, please fill out the form below, and you will be contacted by us to find a lab close to you.

Join Fabricademy

The course will start: September 22, 2020 Student’s Application process. Breathe.austria. Architectural Scale Model of Belfast. Sans titre. Explorateurs et expérimentateurs de haut niveau, pratiqueurs d’avant-garde, les artistes inventent les usages et les technologies de demain.

sans titre

Au travers de la collaboration les créateurs, les salariés d’Orange pourront réfléchir différemment, sur et autour de nouveaux usages. Porsche launches Digital Lab in Berlin. FabLab, LivingLab, espace de coworking… : compte-rendu et vidéos de l’atelier du 18 septembre 2015. L’atelier de la Plate-forme Créativité et Territoires 18 septembre 2015 – Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de L’Homme Contacts : – – Tel 0661255684 Voir le programme et la liste des participants.Voir la vidéo de la journée.

FabLab, LivingLab, espace de coworking… : compte-rendu et vidéos de l’atelier du 18 septembre 2015

Présentation du Pôle développement durable et territoires méditerranéens et sa plateforme «Créativité et territoires », Yvette Lazzeri. Conseil Supérieur de l'ESS (CSESS) La loi définit les missions du CSESS.

Conseil Supérieur de l'ESS (CSESS)

Technopole Marseille Provence Château-Gombert. Texte et photos - Copyright © Le Fablab Marseille est un tiers-lieu numérique au service de l'innovation.

Technopole Marseille Provence Château-Gombert

Hot desks: A club to celebrate the 'sheer joy of stuff' - The Long and Short. Our weekly newsletter features updates on all the latest articles from The Long + Short, and a roundup of the best stories of innovation from around the web, too.

Hot desks: A club to celebrate the 'sheer joy of stuff' - The Long and Short

Sign up below. See our archive of previous newsletters. View our privacy policy. We want our stories to go far and wide; to be seen be as many people as possible, in as many outlets as possible. La Fabrique de l'industrie. FabLabs. Hot desks: Stockholm's school without classrooms - The Long and Short. Often described as a "school without walls", instead of comprising conventional classrooms Telefonplan's design allows students to be taught in groups adjusted to their unique needs and achievement levels.

Hot desks: Stockholm's school without classrooms - The Long and Short

Five environmental elements were created: 'the mountain top' is for typically one-way, broadcast communication, such as talks, speeches and lectures; 'the cave' supports concentration and individual learning. 'The campfire' is for dialogue, often in small groups, which can result in high noise levels. Cambridge.nuvustudio. Our Work - Food + Future coLab. PSFK Picks 7 Innovative Spaces To Visit In Boston. Check out the organizations that inspire, facilitate, and introduce new concepts, from our Innovation Debrief: Boston The confluence of academia and industry combined with a supportive government have made Boston a hotbed for innovation.

PSFK’s recently launched Innovation Debrief: Boston highlights some of the organizations that inspire, facilitate, and produce new concepts. From our research, PSFK is spotlighting seven startup spaces, retail concepts, and education spaces to explore while visiting The Hub. Startups. Fab Lab Bcn. Peek Inside 7 of The Banking World's Coolest Innovation Labs. Aménagement labo I2R – Gaëlle Gabillet et Stéphane Villard.

L’espace I2R est un atelier fablab pour les équipes de design et d’ingénierie d’EDF R&D. Le lieu se structure en séquences dédiées au processus de création : réflexion, recherche, dessin, expérimentation, production… Un tourbillon de facultés se répartissent autour d’une table centrale de travail. La pensée se déploie dans l’espace et s’articule sur cette nouvelle topographie. Le processus de création du design devient visible. I-Lab Air Liquide. Programa de practicas fab lab bcn 2015 16. Boston's Home for Innovation. New Lab – A multidisciplinary design & technology center. Uk.businessinsider.

How To Build An Innovation Lab. History of Air Pollution Control. From Tunnels to Turbines: Old Ideas for Ridding Area of Smog, May 1997 Anecdotes Illustrate 50-Year History of War on Smog Southern California residents take it for granted that air pollution control is a highly sophisticated science backed up by a world-class air quality monitoring network. It wasn't always so. One of the first indications of the ill effects of smog was its damage to plants. Read about early research into plant damage at the University of California, Riverside. The first smog monitoring network wasn't established until the 1950s. One of the first stations still monitors pollutants in downtown Los Angeles. 1950s brochure advising growers on the use of smudge pots During the early 1950s, growers started using wind machines in place of smudge pots.

The Govlab. How To Build An Innovation Lab. The art of the innovation lab. As the public and social innovation landscape gets populated with an increasing number of ‘labs’, the need to be clear about why this development is happening and what could be gained from it remains highly relevant. A detour into the arts provides a useful reminder when trying to answer these questions. Experimental art. MIT Media Lab. Changing Places - About.