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La città isotropa : RANGEL STUDIO. Ubiquitous urbanism studio zaha hadid – nss. Our project explores principles of physical and visual connectivity as a method of evaluating and generating new spatial solutions for contemporary society.

ubiquitous urbanism studio zaha hadid – nss

This idea derives from a startup research of individual urban systems, where on the example of working environment, we have addressed problems, needs and desires of corporative field. Having analyzed existing precedents, we have met certain communicational constrains intrinsic to old spatial models, that still widely repeated even for new social processes. Creating a colourful identity for one of London’s biggest business districts. Dn&co has developed the place branding for Broadgate, one of London’s largest pedestrianised neighbourhoods and business districts.

Creating a colourful identity for one of London’s biggest business districts

Connecting the City of London, Shoreditch and Spitalfields, Broadgate is owned by British Land and GIC, and features a number of public spaces, shops, restaurants and other businesses. Dn&co was commissioned to create a new brand strategy and identity for the district as part of a £1.5bn redevelopment masterplan, which aims to “change the perception of Broadgate”, says founder Joy Nazzari. “We helped Broadgate define a clearer sense of purpose as a place of inspiring energy that connects, empowers and surprises people. Beth Cavener Stichter and Alessandro Gallo Collaborate on Ornate Sculpture. Beth Cavener Stichter’s (Hi-Fructose Vol. 26 cover artist) sculptures have an intensely-visceral quality.

Beth Cavener Stichter and Alessandro Gallo Collaborate on Ornate Sculpture

The ceramic animals she hand-builds demonstrate an human-like sense of understanding with their sensitive gazes and anthropomorphic eyes. But despite their thoughtful countenances, these characters are also perfectly at home in their animal skins. Cavener Stichter’s work does not shy away from the brutality of the animal world, from its untamed sexuality to its endless cycle of predator and prey. She recently collaborated with Italian artist Alessandro Gallo (previously featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 24), who embellished her latest sculpture, Tangled Up in You, with painted tattoos reminiscent of traditional Japanese tattoo art. Kate MacDowell - Portfolio. Wow!! Amazingly Articulate 3D Paper Objects by Kevin LCK. This stunningly articulate work was created by talented artist Kevin LCK.

Wow!! Amazingly Articulate 3D Paper Objects by Kevin LCK

He made these 3D Paper Objects as part of a project entitled ‘Ordinary Behavior’. Check out the rest of the images I selected for this post: Gallery: 3D Paper Objects by Kevin LCK From Kevin’s site: This is Kevin LCK an illustrator, product designer and a member of BrainRental. Tendril Typeface - The English Group. Magnifiques lettres de typographie de l'alphabet par Luke Doyle. Découvrez le superbe travail de « lukedoylestudio », un Londonien qui vient de créer une série de lettres illustrées.

Magnifiques lettres de typographie de l'alphabet par Luke Doyle

AMKK(東 信、花樹研究所) Cette astuce pour votre appartement est magique. Essayez, vous allez être étonné. Quand je me promène dans mon appartement, il y a une chose qui me gêne vraiment : la majorité de mes meubles viennent d’IKEA ou autres et je n’ai rien de vraiment original.

Cette astuce pour votre appartement est magique. Essayez, vous allez être étonné.

Cela en vaut tout de même la peine de personnaliser son foyer. Que ce soit par du mobilier pragmatique ou juste créatif, ça ne peut pas être si compliqué que cela. J’ai donc décidé de m’y atteler. La pièce maîtresse ici est une belle planche de bois. Tasses et Mugs originaux. Date de dernière mise à jour : le 19 mars 2013 à 9 h 38 min Le superbe set de tasse à café façon clavier informatique : Keyboard Coffee Cups designé par E Square.

Tasses et Mugs originaux

Le set de trois tasses à café Ctrl+Alt+Suppr dispo en blanc ou noir à 11 euros. Quand le pliage du papier devient un art - illustrations - référencer votre site ou blog sur Internet, refOK. Le pliage du papier, l'origami, comme certains le nomment, peut très souvent devenir un Art à part entière et pas seulement 'que' japonais, quand sa maîtrise devient presque complète et que l'effet produit arrive alors à nous surprendre ...

quand le pliage du papier devient un art - illustrations - référencer votre site ou blog sur Internet, refOK

Super cube: transformable furniture with unpredictable configurations. Super cube: transformable furniture with unpredictable configurationsconfiguration #15all images courtesy of yuhao zhu each year, the UCLA architecture & urban design department expands the boundaries of their creative disciplines by inviting industry partners to work with professors and students for a program called SUPRASTUDIO. the results are imaginative and experimental, as the collaborations with partners such as greg lynn, thom mayne, boeing, walt disney, and UNESCO provide new ways of applying core principles to contemporary ideas. one such concept is ‘super cube’, a tech project created by the seminar of gehry partners and gehry technologies. video courtesy of suprastudio back to back chair, #19 configuration #18.

super cube: transformable furniture with unpredictable configurations

Architecture originale : des habitations hors du commun - Floriane Lemarié. Vous en avez assez des habitations conventionnelles et vous rêvez de maisons de caractère, originales, maisons d’architectes ou encore insolites, je vous propose aujourd’hui une petite sélection de très belles habitations.

Architecture originale : des habitations hors du commun - Floriane Lemarié

Norfolk, Virginia ( Des sculptures de moutons… à base de vieux téléphones. Skip to content ufunk. The Best Architecture Portfolio Designs. The Best Architecture Portfolio Designs When applying for an architecture job, you need to make sure you have the perfect portfolio. While a clever and attractive business card might help you initially get a firm's attention, and a well-considered résumé or CV might help you prove your value, in most cases it will be your portfolio that makes or breaks your application.

A Masterful Design - Inside Salk. Built for tomorrow The level of care and commitment that two of the time’s most visionary artistic and scientific minds—Kahn and Salk—put into the building saved it from the obsolescence that many other great buildings suffer and created the sustainable, functional site that is still the Salk Institute today. Clever practical design features complement an ethos of simplicity and inspiration. As Salk famously said, the building “guesses tomorrow.” “There is no other place like the Salk Institute,” says the Institute’s President, Elizabeth Blackburn. The mysterious neuroscience of holy buildings. Despite embodying different eras of history, distinct approaches to design and vastly different cultures, these icons have one thing in common -- they have the ability to leave us in awe.

"The way a space is architectured is linked with sensual elevation," says Vittorio Gallese, Professor of Physiology at the University of Parma, Italy, who explores the links between a person's brain and their surrounding environment. This ability to evoke emotion and contemplation is common for many of the world's architectural wonders -- and is especially prevalent in those serving a religious purpose. "To feel closer to God, you have to create an environment where everything suggests this feeling of elevation," says Gallese. Looking up to the skies Creating a feeling of elevation begins with one key action -- looking up. Incroyables sculptures en bois par Henrique Oliveira. Sculpteur et peintre brésilien, Henrique Oliveira, a une imagination débordante, il n’y aucun autre moyen d’expliquer la genèse de son inspiration pour ces installations en bois sur le thème du fantastique. Model architecture. WORAPONG MANUPIPATPONG: PUBLIC DESIGN FESTIVAL 2011.

Education MFA, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden (2007-2009) MA Architecture (2006-2007), TuDelft, the Netherlands Foundation course in painting, sculpture, and photography, University of Oregon, USA (2005-2006) BA Interior Architecture, KMITL, Bangkok (1998-2003) Group exhibition Art Normal, Rachburi, Thailand 2011 Crafting Geography, BKK Arthouse, BACC, Bangkok, 2010 BDF, Bangkok design festival, 2010. OS > tree structures - The OpenStructures blog. OS > tree structures - The OpenStructures blog. Le Festival du Design — Paris — D’Days. Source Organization Network Blog: Game of Space - Hiroshima MOCA. 昨年のSICF12に出展したGame of Spaceを広島の現代美術館で行われたゲンビどこでも企画展で展示させていただきました。 Project DescriptionThis installation was created using "Game of Life" cellular automaton devised by John Conway to represent the emergence of self-organizing systems. A cellular automaton is a discrete model that consists of a regular grid of cells and simple rules, studied in many fields including mathematics and science.

We developed this system in 3d models and tested it across projects of various scales. The pattern that is created by this system is a mix of order and chaos, which is similar to natural conditions. "Game of Space" expresses the complex phenomenon that is generated by simple rules, yet also creates architectural forms such as slabs and arches. Game of Space was exhibited at SICF12 (Tokyo, 2011) and Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (Hiroshima, 2011).

Concrete bunker cut in half by RAAAF and Atelier de Lyon. This movie shows how a redundant Second World War bunker in the Netherlands was turned into a sculptural visitor attraction by slicing it down the middle to reveal its insides. The bunker was built in 1940 to shelter up to 13 soldiers during bombing raids and the intervention by Dutch studios RAAAF and Atelier de Lyon reveals the small, dark spaces inside, which are normally hidden from view. The movie shows a diamond wire saw being used to cut a straight section through the centre of the monolithic structure, and a crane lifting it away to create a narrow slit. Cookies are Not Accepted - New York Times. Built of books by frank halmans. ‘the city in the mind’ from the ‘built of books’ series by frank halmansall images © the artist dutch artist frank halmans explores themes of domesticity and memory through his sculptural installations. his series ‘built of books’ employs vintage publications – the selected titles have no particular meaning and are not exceptional literary works –which he arranges into stacks. lining them up along shelves, he carving windows and doors through each, creating sets of imaginary buildings and interiors in each section of volumes. in a way these spaces which he slices through the books, stand as a metaphor and the idea of moving through something, whether it be a literary passage, or a physical expanse.

ZTH. Ryfylke – Grand opening of Allmannajuvet ➜ In 2002, world-renowned architect Peter Zumthor was commissioned by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to design a tourist installation in Allmannajuvet, north of Sauda. Peter Zumthor - exclusive look at architecture models. If, like us you’re in awe of the work of architect Peter Zumthor you’ll probably enjoy this gallery of images. They are photographs from an exhibition which has just opened and runs in the unlikely gallery space on the first floor of the city post office of Bregenz, on Lake Constance in Austria until October 28.

They’ve all been donated by Architekturbüro Peter Zumthor and are one of a kind architectural models, realised in the workshop of his office in Chur, Switzerland. Architectural Models by Peter Zumthor. Hyperzontal - Trevor Lamphier. GSAPP Advanced Studio IV Critic Marc Tsurumaki with Terri Chiao. House II in Aroeira / ARX Portugal. House II in Aroeira / ARX Portugal Architects Location Architects ARX PORTUGAL - José Mateus y Nuno Mateus Project Team Paulo Rocha, Stefano Riva, Andreia Tomé, Marco Roque Antunes, Pedro Sousa, Tânia Pedro Structure SAFRE, Projectos e Estudos de Engenharia Lda.

Area 640.0 sqm Project Year 2007. I’m jealous of elisa strozyk. Interview: Stephanie Beck - handful of salt. By Linda Ricci. Verl Ancel Adams. Problem Description: L'architecture miniature de Takanori Aiba. Amazing Cardboard House Exhibition. Visualizing Architecture. Dezeen. CYBECO - Prototype for a Cybernetic Ecology – IAAC Blog. Shaping the Invisible – IAAC Blog. ITER-ACTive SPACES – IAAC Blog. Ling-Li Tseng - Responsive Architecture V.01 by Ling-Li Tseng. Soundscape – IAAC Blog. Behance. Concept DIAGRAM. The Bartlett Book 2014 by The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL.

Bath haus. Behance. Aperçu de la collection. Derek Lerner : Browse all art by thumbnails. Cartographier, le pouvoir suprême - Graphserver - The Open-Source Multi-Modal Trip Planner. Aqua City (Cityspace #169) – Emily Garfield Art. Shadowplay : PHOTOS. Les oeuvres impressionnantes de Frei Otto- 11 mars 2015. This massive 3D-printed model shows off San Francisco in amazing detail. Fellowships > Stamen Design. Musée des Civilisations d’Europe et de Méditerranée - Marseille – 2002.

Lisa Ricciotti - Photographe. Architecture - David Bailey's World of Escher-like Tessellations. A network of staircases defines taiwan cafe by sou fujimoto. Sou Fujimoto au RBC Design Center à Montpellier %% Tokyo Apartments de Sou Fujimoto. Final Wooden House / Sou Fujimoto. Sou Fujimoto's Doha masterplan with towers of arches. Sou Fujimoto stacks aluminium boxes for "nomadic house" installation. Jean-Francois Rauzier’s utopian manipulations – shadedminds. 1:1 Architects Build Small Spaces at the V&A. Tokyo Apartment by Sou Fujimoto Architects. "I tried to create something melting into the green"- Sou Fujimoto.

Sou Fujimoto stacks aluminium boxes for "nomadic house" installation. David Umemoto. Zoom sur les boîtes. Views of Ricardo Bofill's Postmodern Casbah 'La Muralla Roja' in Alicante. The Labyrinth Home of Xavier Corbero. Delicate staircase leads to attic extension by Five AM. House T by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects.

Beautiful Steps staircase installations by Lang/Baumann. Red-brick boxes pop out of A-Lab's narrow office block on Oslo waterfront. Francesco Librizzi's sculptural staircase rises in Sicilan home. Origami Stair by Bell Phillips. Studio David Graas - Overview.


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