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Twitter as a Metacognitive Support Device by Alan Reid. “If student satisfaction, engagement, and metacognitive awareness are all part of your definition of a successful course, then Twitter may be an option for you.”

Twitter as a Metacognitive Support Device by Alan Reid

12 Common Education Technology Implementation Problems and How to Prevent and Remediate Them. Learning Solutions Magazine: Home. Towards alternative lifelong learning(s): what Freire can still teach us. Judith Walker, Doctoral Candidate [1] Educational Studies, University of British Columbia I am hopeful, not out of mere stubbornness, but out of an existential, concrete imperative (Freire, 1999, p.8) Introduction In the first edition of the Rizoma Freireano, McLaren and Jaramillo (2008) contributed an article calling for ‘alternative globalizations’.

Towards alternative lifelong learning(s): what Freire can still teach us

In this paper, the authors firmly reject the inevitability of a global neoliberal capitalism, which has come to dominate our understandings of the nature of globalization, and instead put forward the alternative ideals of ‘critical globalization studies’ and ‘critical globalization pedagogy’. By using the term ‘alternative’ the authors reframe the word ‘globalization’ and reappropriate it to some extent rather than endorsing a binary understanding of a pre-destined and already-defined concept, which would have occurred had they relied on the term ‘anti’. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM) The iJIM journal aims to focus on the exchange of relevant trends and research results as well as the presentation of practical experiences gained while developing and testing elements of interactive mobile technologies.

International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM)

The objective of the journal is to publish and discuss fundamentals, applications and experiences in the field of interactive mobile technologies in learning and teaching as well as in industrial and other applications. 3 raisons pour lesquelles vous devriez passer au Serious Game pour vos prochaines formations. Bloom and bust. Les thèses en e-éducation. Je vous propose une liste des thèses publiées depuis 2008 dont le sujet est relatif à un aspect de la e-éducation.

Les thèses en e-éducation

Je me suis appuyée sur les bases HAL et de l’ATIEF, il en manque sûrement. N’hésitez pas à me signaler les oublis, les omissions et les erreurs. Samuel_fournier_affiche.pdf (Objet application/pdf) mLearnCon 2012 Mobile Learning Conference & Expo. Ingenierie-pedagogique.pdf (Objet application/pdf) Transmédia storytelling. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Transmédia storytelling

Une nouvelle pédagogie pour les jeunes ? Épilogue (VIII sur VIII) eBook April 2012 - Thank You Success Page. The Thing about Multiple-Choice Tests … by Mike Dickinson. “The thing about multiple-choice questions is that the answer is right there on the screen.

The Thing about Multiple-Choice Tests … by Mike Dickinson

So the challenge as question-writers is to construct the question and its answer choices in such a way that the learner really has to master the objective in order to select the correct choice.” You can easily psyche out a multiple-choice test, right? I mean, based on the fact that you're a developer of online instruction, I assume that part of the reason you reached your current position is that you're a good test taker. Now you're on the other end of the spectrum, designing multiple-choice questions and hoping your learners' answer choices will be based on their actual knowledge and not their clever testmanship. So the challenge in writing these items is to create a valid measure of the learner's knowledge.

In educational settings, instructors of online learning courses often have the ability to assign written papers, that is, constructed response tests. Sköld. L’actualité pédagogique et du monde de la formation #11. A Symbiosis Between Instructional Systems Design and Project Management / Une symbiose de la conception de matériel pédagogique et de la gestion de projet. 0402_hotte_basque.pdf (Objet application/pdf) The Accidental Instructional Designer by Cammy Bean. “You may have found your way into this field by accident, but it is what you’re doing in the here and now, so you might as well do it well and with great passion and delight.”

The Accidental Instructional Designer by Cammy Bean

Top eLearning Learning Behavior Roles Content for Thu.Feb 23. L’histoire de Linux résumée en infographie. GNU/Linux, le système d’exploitation qui a su imposer une manière différente de faire des logiciels : les rendre libres, afin que tout un chacun puisse participer à la correction des bugs et des failles de sécurité, mais aussi puisse créer ses propres projets en s’inspirant du code existant.

L’histoire de Linux résumée en infographie

Sa grande flexibilité lui permet d’être présent sur des plateformes de plus en plus nombreuses : non seulement les ordinateurs, mais aussi les téléphones portables, les tablettes, les supercalculateurs, les systèmes embarqués, etc… Pour fêter les 20 ans du système libre le plus utilisé dans le monde, voici une très bonne infographie vous présentant les grandes étapes de l’histoire de Linux, qui a irrémédiablement changé l’informatique que nous utilisons de nos jours : Source. One Learning Challenge: Four Designers Put Their Skills to the Test by Tracy Bissette. “What I find most inspiring is the individuality brought to each solution.

One Learning Challenge: Four Designers Put Their Skills to the Test by Tracy Bissette

The unique ideas shared in this challenge – a pre-test, a motivating campaign, varying levels of scaffolding, an acronym for easy recall – demonstrate that instructional designs can be enhanced by other viewpoints.” Mentorship is a powerful teaching tool. As an instructional designer (ID), I’ve recognized that ideas from mentors and peers have been a catalyst for my professional growth.

With this in mind, I created a session for DevLearn 2011 that would give session participants insights into the thought processes of skilled instructional designers. The session title was “One Learning Challenge: Three Designers Put Their Skills to the Test.” Three of my colleagues agreed enthusiastically to participate in the session with me.

The challenge Client The client, the Door Security & Safety Foundation, provides programs that enhance the safety and security of existing buildings. Performance objectives.