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Scribd. RockYou. SlideShare. Docstoc. Docstoc is the premier online business for the best quality and widest selection of documents used to start, grow, and manage your professional life and small business.


Docstoc provides a platform to upload, share and even sell your documents, and maintains an ever-growing repository of both free and purchasable legal, business, financial, technical, and educational documents that can be easily searched, previewed and downloaded. Docstoc provides technology to help facilitate the sharing of documents across the web, and has popularized the use of embedding documents throughout the blogosphere and mainstream media ( Over the last year, Docstoc released several new features including iPad apps, daily articles and videos edited by business professionals, and a redesigned subscription service for customers seeking unlimited access to documents.

Docstoc, Inc., was founded by Jason Nazar and Alon Shwartz. Recent Milestones Videos Above: Docstoc Product Overview Added: 10/8/13. Calameo. Calaméo is a program that instantly creates interactive web publications.


We offer you a new publishing method that has an incredibly wide variety of options and is simple to use. From a PDF file, you create magazines, brochures, sales catalogs, annual reports, presentation brochures… What is an interactive publication? It’s an interactive electronic document, accessible from a computer and capable of reproducing the feeling of reading a paper document: turn the pages, mark the pages, zoom … magazines, brochures, sales catalogs, annual reports, presentation brochures Who is Calaméo for? The advantages of an interactive publication Savings on cost and time for production, printing, sending print copies and logistics. Recent Milestones Calameo — Calaméo introduce iPad and iPhone support for all publications. (4/4/11) 1 Calameo added Jean-Olivier de Bérard as CEO & Co-Founder. (1/1/08) Calameo added Mathieu Quisefit as CTO & Co-Founder. (5/1/07) Videos Screenshots Products Calaméo Viewer.

Edocr. DoXtop. Doxtop is a free, open social content publisher that puts the power of a full-blown virtual publishing house at your fingertips.


With doxtop, you can author and publish just about anything onto the Web in a split-second: short stories, novels, brochures, white papers, newsletters, magazines, resumes, job descriptions, educational materials, annual reports, research studies, e-books and much more! Then publish, distribute, discuss, and market your publications online in any format for the viewing pleasure of any person, group, community or network on the Web—with the click of a button, and without having to understand Web technology. doxtop enables you to: Cut out all the middlemen and accelerate your time to market: doxtop puts you in control of the fastest, easiest and yet most comprehensive online publishing process on the planet. Twidox.

Bookgoo. Bookgoo allows you to upload, annotate, and collaborate with your documents.


The site allows you highlight and annotate your documents in the same way you would mark up a piece of paper with a highlighter and pen. Bookgoo allows you to then share your annotated documents with friends & colleagues. In turn, the people you share your documents with can highlight and annotate your document and provide comments on your annotations. Bookgoo facilitates the entire conversation right on the document and then stores and manages the user interactions. The company’s mission is to empower users to collaborate more effectively with documents while enabling in-context document interactions with the community of users. Bookgoo merges social bookmarking and social annotation concepts to deliver a shared social document service. Book Goo serves three primary tasks: Collaboration — Users can blog about content of interest for work or entertainment. Recent Milestones Videos Screenshots Traffic Analytics.

Issuu. Issuu is digital publishing and discovery platform that connects people to content for which they have great passion, created by publishers large and small, that share that passion.


A digital publishing service that reimagines the print experience, Issuu hosts over 15 million publications and serves over 5.5 billion pageviews to over 70 million active readers each month. The site features leading and emerging titles in fashion, culture, arts, hobbies, catalogs and hyperlocal content, all of which are accessible on any device. Issuu was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006 by Michael Hansen, Ruben Bjerg Hansen, Mikkel Jensen, and Martin Ferro-Thomsen, a self-avowed group of “mad geeks with a love of the publishing industry.”