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Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer Real Ring Modulator for music synthesizers. Please note: This is not a guitar effect where you can "plug in your guitar and get a sound out". Extra circuity is absolutely essential, either directly wired, or as parts of other equipment. If you need to ask how to use it, then it's not for you. Four quadrant multipliers have more or less replaced ring modulators in synthesizers, even though they still bear the label "ring modulator".
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ACQ-PRK4 + QM12i A combination of Roland's compact 4-channel Pro Recorder Edirol R-44 and Line Audio eminent QM12i-microphone allows you to make crystal clear recordings in 4-channel surround sound! A complete solution for multichannel recording of up to 8 analog channels at the same time of which 6 can be microphones. The system includes an Acer laptop with 17" display, MOTU UltraLitemk3 and recording software Adobe Audition. ACQ-PRK6 for stereo + close-up miking - Sound, Light, Rental, Event, Media, Studio - Acquris IT HB ACQ-PRK6 for stereo + close-up miking - Sound, Light, Rental, Event, Media, Studio - Acquris IT HB
I Dream Of Wires on Vimeo I Dream Of Wires on Vimeo I DREAM OF WIRES is an independent documentary film about the phenomenal resurgence of the modular synthesizer. Written and directed by Robert Fantinatto, with Jason Amm (Ghostly International recording artist Solvent) serving as producer and co-writer, I Dream Of Wires' theatrical cut is set to be released at a future date, TBA. In the meantime, our 4-hour "Hardcore Edition" cut was released in August 2013 on DVD and BluRay, and is available to purchase now, via About "I Dream Of Wires: Hardcore Edition" : I DREAM OF WIRES: HARDCORE EDITION is a companion to the forthcoming feature-length documentary, I DREAM OF WIRES.
"I Dream of Wires: Hardcore Edition" 2013 official trailer on Vimeo

Feisty Little One Feisty Little One hey everybody, so, we’ve got some big news. feisty little one is going to start regularly producing the technological terror. in fact, we have one ready now if anybody wants it. just take a look over in the products section for more info. a few improvements have been made to the design of the technological terror: we’ve screen printed the “artwork” directly onto the faceplate. the filter works much better now…as do the shift register and arpeggiator modules. and the pulse width modulation knob in the dual input oscillator module is much more responsive. aside from that, everything else is the same as in the sample videos.
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Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer Sub Oscillator for music synthesizers. The sub oscillator was one of the first synthesizer modules I ever built, back around 1980. The first version was designed with the ETI 4600 in mind, and was published as a circuit idea in the Australian edition of ETI. Another circuit I used at the time to "fatten up" the sound of my single oscillator synth was a "harmony generator", achieved by running a 4017 decade counter chip wired to divide by six or divide by three. Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer
Analogue Solutions BD78 – CR78 BassDrum
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Tiptop Audio - Welcome Tiptop Audio - Welcome Techno legend John Tejada has provided Tiptop Audio exclusive insight into his latest remix! While crafting his remix of “Breaking Time” for Simian Mobile Disco, John used the Z8000 Matrix Sequencer and our 808/909 drum modules! He generously provided a video for a peek at the patch he created for this remix: he uses the Z8000 to modulate the chord filter sound by advancing to a new filter setting with each note all in sync with the drum modules! Check it out below! As for the remix itself, it can be found on Simian Mobile Disco's Beatport page, here. If you are a fan of John Tejada or Simian Mobile Disco, please check it out!
synthesizers synthesizers The RES-4 is a modified VCEQ-4 with combined four band pass filters in to two outputs; BAND PASS and NOTCH. The BAND PASS is a sum of all four filters (RES1, RES2, RES3 and RES4) in phase and the NOTCH is a sum of filter1 (RES1) + fiter3 (RES3) in phase and filter2 (RES2) + filter4 (RES4) inverted. The result of these two outputs is a different frequency responce with differently positioned notches for the BAND PASS and the NOTCH.
Anywhere Tinysizer Puts A Tiny Monster Modular Synthesizer In The Palm Of Your Hands Anywhere Tinysizer Puts A Tiny Monster Modular Synthesizer In The Palm Of Your Hands Anyware has introduced the Tinysizer – a tiny monster modular synthesizer. Patching of the 20 modules is done using a tiny patch matrix. Anyware Tinysizer Features:
ANYWARE-INSTRUMENTS ANALOG MINI MODULAR SYNTHESIZER TINYSIZER! Maybe the smallest vintage mini synthesizer analog modular system for classic sound design and analogue electronic music.
Tom Tom The combination of the SEM's limited programmability, combined with programmable envelope generators and LFOs in the new Programmer, allows many but not all of the SO4V's parameters to be remembered in memory patch storage. The most important parameters that remain non-programmable in the new Son Of 4 Voice are resonance, filter modes, and initial pulse width. This was the same situation with the original 4-Voice, and while certain parameters remain non-programmable, enhanced features of the new Programmer add capabilities that the old 4 Voice did not have, programmable or not. Also, the patch storage in the new Programmer is four-way multitimbral, so you can have a different setup stored for each SEM in a patch.
PerFourMer - Vermona PerFourMer - Vermona The PERFOURMER is a true analog synthesizer, providing a nearly unlimited diversity of basses, leads, pads and effect sounds through its incredibly flexible sound generation circuitry and its easy user interface. In addition, the PERFOURMER can be used as a complex filterbank with its 6 filter inputs! Even though the PERFOURMER is not a modular system, you can configure its structure as a semi-modular. The basic concept is reminiscent of classic synthesizers like the Oberheim 4-Voice or the Korg MONO/POL
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here’s a modulae and a cat, ok. but this one is matesonix and it fits into a standard moog size rack like dotcom, motm etc. and it has “burn your fingers here” on it. this is the right way to do it, but it is still yellow. if you want more of this have a look at deviant synth (like t he names says). which focusses on “weird” stuff and no synthesizers and claims to be something like the opposite of blogs like matrixsynth, music thing etc., he’s right and I found this module shot there. Metasonix DotCom Module
Signal Arts Home Midi Analog Performance Sequencer Version 3.4 Now Available Super-automated step sequencing using the new Lemur app. "...the MAPS is the best sequencer I've ever used for generating true, real-time, intuitive musical composition. It is so intuitive, even the most powerful features seamlessly blend into its operation. Bang for buck, even, it's also the best I've used." "Shaggy" Scott Scheferman, USA. MAPS user review on
It all started with a SYNTHRA The story begins in the 1970s when we developed our first analogue synth. It was made to order for a musician and given the name SYNTHRA. Cwejman synthesizers
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EBBE UND FLUT Modules & Features: -Input Amplifier (0db/+20db) -Automatic Softknee Compressor (Attack/Release times: 20 ms/125 ms or 40 ms/250 ms) -2-way spectral Distortion with two change over frequencies (96 Hz/ 1050 Hz) -quick Signalflow change (parallel/serial/anti-serial mode of VCF1, VCF2, Distortion) -2 x VCF with 12 filter functions each (6xlowpass, 2xhighpass, 2xbandpass, notch, allpass) -VCA -VC (Voltage Controlled)- high speed LFO -Sample & Hold (S&H) -true RMS Voltage Follower (linear/logarithmic (db-linear) scale) -2 x VC-(Voltage Controlled)-Envelope Generators (Attack/Hold/Release or Attack/Release) -dynamic (level independent) Audiotrigger -Noisegate -Bypass Rear panel audio ins and outs:
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