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Home. Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer. Real Ring Modulator for music synthesizers.

Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer

Please note: This is not a guitar effect where you can "plug in your guitar and get a sound out". Extra circuity is absolutely essential, either directly wired, or as parts of other equipment. If you need to ask how to use it, then it's not for you. Four quadrant multipliers have more or less replaced ring modulators in synthesizers, even though they still bear the label "ring modulator".

The distortion in these is lower than that of a true diode ring modulator, because the diode voltage drops have been eliminated. Yusynth Modules. ACQ-PRK6 for stereo + close-up miking - Sound, Light, Rental, Event, Media, Studio - Acquris IT HB. A complete solution for multichannel recording of up to 24 channels simultaneously.

ACQ-PRK6 for stereo + close-up miking - Sound, Light, Rental, Event, Media, Studio - Acquris IT HB

The solution contains an ACER laptop with 17" screen, recording software Adobe Audition, and MOTU 896mk3 + 2 x MOTU 8PRE. A total of 24 channels with excellent recording quality. I Dream Of Wires. I DREAM OF WIRES is an independent documentary film about the phenomenal resurgence of the modular synthesizer.

I Dream Of Wires

Written and directed by Robert Fantinatto, with Jason Amm (Ghostly International recording artist Solvent) serving as producer and co-writer, I Dream Of Wires' theatrical cut is set to be released at a future date, TBA. In the meantime, our 4-hour "Hardcore Edition" cut was released in August 2013 on DVD and BluRay, and is available to purchase now, via "I Dream of Wires: Hardcore Edition" 2013 official trailer. Muff's Modules & More. SDIY. Feisty Little One. CGS - Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer. Welcome to the Lunar Experience. Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer. Sub Oscillator for music synthesizers.

Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer

The sub oscillator was one of the first synthesizer modules I ever built, back around 1980. The first version was designed with the ETI 4600 in mind, and was published as a circuit idea in the Australian edition of ETI. Another circuit I used at the time to "fatten up" the sound of my single oscillator synth was a "harmony generator", achieved by running a 4017 decade counter chip wired to divide by six or divide by three.

This design combines both of these circuits, giving a two channel sub oscillator, which allows each channel to be used independantly, or driven from the same oscillator, but set to different intervals. As a bonus, both channels can be multiplied or "digitally ring modulated" giving even more effects. Some ideas on how to use this module: Analogue Solutions BD78 – CR78 BassDrum. Metasonix R-51 - Tiptop Audio - Welcome. Synthesizers. Synthesizers. Anywhere Tinysizer Puts A Tiny Monster Modular Synthesizer In The Palm Of Your Hands. ANYWARE-INSTRUMENTS ANALOG MINI MODULAR SYNTHESIZER TINYSIZER! Maybe the smallest vintage mini synthesizer analog modular system for classic sound design and analogue electronic music. Tom PerFourMer - Vermona.

The PERFOURMER is a true analog synthesizer, providing a nearly unlimited diversity of basses, leads, pads and effect sounds through its incredibly flexible sound generation circuitry and its easy user interface.

PerFourMer - Vermona

In addition, the PERFOURMER can be used as a complex filterbank with its 6 filter inputs! Modcan Synthesizers Main Page. Metasonix DotCom Module. Signal Arts Home. Cwejman synthesizers. Eventide Pitch Factor. Make Noise. Google Traduction. Afficher le sujet - Combien de fabricants de modules Eurorack ? Ringer DotCom Modular. Livewire. EBBE UND FLUT. Not Found. Modules - Modular Analog Synthesizer for Electronic Music. Every synthesizer system contains modules which provide the functions needed to create complex sounds.

Modules - Modular Analog Synthesizer for Electronic Music

Modules can be mounted in any slot in a cabinet or rack. Most modules require power which is supplied from a cable behind the module. Modules In numerical order Q101,Q102,Q103,Q137 Power Modules Controls the internal power supply and provides entry and exit connectors for AC and DC voltages. Power Supplies and power cable harnesses are also listed. Q105 Slew Limiter Limits the rate of change of a signal. Q106 Oscillator The Oscillator generates the basic waveforms needed to create sounds. Q107 Filter State Variable Filter providing Low Pass, High Pass, Notch, and Band Pass. Q108 Amplifier Used to control the amplitude of an audio or control signal.

Q109 Envelope Generator Creates envelopes that are used to control filters, amplifiers, oscillators, etc. Q110 Noise Source Source of random signals used to create sounds such as thunder, drums, etc. and to create random control signals. DIY instrments. WELCOME TO CLUB OF THE KNOBS - ANALOG MODULAR SYNTHESIZER. Mini modulo a base de dark energy. Document sans titre. Papareil Synth Labs. Scientific Synthesizer Systems.

Prototype to Production PCB supplier from China - A-100 do it yourself page. This document is intended for A-100 users who want to learn a little bit about the technical details of the A-100.

A-100 do it yourself page

We will start with some electronic basics and introduce at first the most important electronic parts used in the A-100 circuits. Then we will show how some basic circuits (like attenuators, amplifiers, mixers, inverters and so on) can be realized with these parts. The following paragraph will show some simple modifications of A-100 modules: e.g. changing the sensitivity of CV or audio inputs, increasing or decreasing output levels (e.g. VCAs or mixers with maximum amplification > 1), adding offset feature to mixers, changing between DC and AC coupled inputs/outputs, adding feedback inserts for VC resonance to all filters and many more. This page starts September 2004. Additional information about technical details (e.g. The A-100 service manual is available only for A-100 customers (see price list for current price).

Other pages of interest for DIY: Electronic Sound-House. This site describes some of the work I've done designing and building electronic music synthesizers and controllers.

Electronic Sound-House

After many years of neglect, analog synthesis is once again popular. Some of my newly developed and improved synthesizer modules are presented here, with special emphasis on new types of modules not previously available. Chaos science is now a large and important mathematical and scientific discipline. Chaotic processes combine regular and irregular behavior, analogous in many respects to musical composition and natural sounds.