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PearsonAccessNext Test Administrator Training (Spring 2015) Student_Skills_for_PARCC_Checklist_Teacher_Edition.pdf - Google Docs. Student Skills for PARCC Checklist - Google Docs. PARCC Administrator directions - Google Docs. PARCC: Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Teachers. I’ve made videos to help students better understand what to expect from the online nature of PARCC, but what about the teachers who will administer the test?

PARCC: Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Teachers

Teachers everywhere have a ton on their plate, but administering the PARCC shouldn’t be something that you worry about. It’s not bad. To prove it, I’ve made a new video to show teachers who are “lucky” enough to administer PARCC what to expect. In the video, I walk through the responsibilities of a PARCC teacher aka Test Administrator and what a testing day will look like. The good news: 95% of your day is the same as when you’ve administered paper-based state tests. Now, I do want to be clear: I don’t work for PARCC, Pearson, the government, or anyone else. Enjoy the video and feel free to use it in your training with your district or however else you want. *Note: I may or may not have gone overboard with the whole “Mark Complete” thing… Like this: Like Loading...

PARCC ELA Practice Trailer. OB Tech Tune-Up for PARCC. Getting Ready for PARCC Are you ready for PARCC?

OB Tech Tune-Up for PARCC

You can practice the technology skills needed to succeed on the PARCC online assessment by completing the exercises found below in the Tech Tune-up. The best way to do well on online assessments is to practice, practice, practice! In order to help get your skills to tip-top form, practice exercises are arranged according to grade level and focus on the following skill sets: KEYBOARDINGMOUSE SKILLS and TOUCH DRAG AND DROPNAVIGATION Want to make sure you have all your skills covered? If you know a site that focuses on these skills, please click here and let us know about it. Good Luck on the PARCC Exam! Need more practice? Practice Using The Mouse on The Computer. Drag and Drop Math « Marlboro Tech Tools within the PARCC Framework. PARCC. PARCC English Language Arts/Literacy How to Be Successful Videos. This page will contain videos on how to be successful on the PARCC English Language Arts/Literacy Sample Assessments that were released.

PARCC English Language Arts/Literacy How to Be Successful Videos

These examples will take you through the important components of the PARCC ELA Assessments highlighting what the Marlboro Township School District feels you need to know to navigate the assessments successfully. All videos are narrated by the Superintendent, Dr. Eric Hibbs. The 1st video will detail how to successfully navigate a constructed response question. The 2nd video will explain how to Drag and Drop Cause and Effect in the PARCC ELA environment. The 3rd video will explain how to navigate a Drag and Drop while comparing narrator vs. character. The 4th video will explain how to navigate a Drag and Drop problem selecting from a list of phrases. The 5th video will explain how to navigate a Drag and Drop sample PARCC ELA problem. The 6th video will explain how to navigate the Drag and Drop in a passage and poetry question. NJ Symbaloo Tech Tools.