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Origami and PaperCraft – I miei lavori: simmetria3. Kirigami / French Dancers Silhouette Art Print Romance D’ Automne Giclee. Cheery Lynn Designs Blog. Boxing Day Madness – Kirigami How-to. It’s Boxing Day or Boxing Week in North America and millions of people are simply going mad for those sales and bargains.

Boxing Day Madness – Kirigami How-to

First of all, I wonder if they are actually worth the stress and chaos and second of all -where do people get all of this energy just after the holidays??? I used to work in retail and I must say, Boxing Day was always my most hated day >:P Instead, stay in and try some new kirigami to relax and make something new for the home. You can virtually make a kirigami version of anything your heart desires. How about a vacation to Paris? Or perhaps a simple new gown for a special occasion? 1 – I used regular (legal sized) paper since that’s what I had laying around but virtually any size will work. 2 – Fold the paper in half lengthwise. 3 – Sketch what you like, but only half of it and make sure to include parts of the middle fold.

For more intricate designs, you can print, trace or photocopy anything you find online or in books. Free DIY Kirigami Greetings Cards Patterns. Kirigami Pueblo (Ramin Razani) Inspired by: Architectural Kirigami. I haven't shown much on this blog for the past few days because I am working on two online kirigami courses I am developing as part of an atelier for crafters.

Inspired by: Architectural Kirigami

More about this later. Since one of my courses is "Three Dimensional Kirigami," I thought I would show you some architectural designs that inspire me. Architectural kirigami is 3D kirigami in the shape of buildings. There are some artists who do only that and... wow, they do it exceedingly well. Architectural kirigami is something I have done very rarely. Here are some wonderful images from across the web: These two are by Ingrid Siliakus. I don't know the originator of this next one. And here is how magical they can look when lit up. It takes a completely different eye to create buildings than to create what I make. Cute and elegant DIY kirigami pop up cards pattern and design.

Cute and elegant pop up greeting cards. These kirigami patterns / designs are not free but it worth your money, I guess.. It’s nothing but namely – classic. At first, I thought it provides a few trial freebies patterns but it turns out that the free one is only a special bonus for those who bought their pattern set. But still, they look nice and I would like to share their design and pattern with my readers. Anyway, if you are looking for free pattern, try to check my old post on free pop card pattern and tutorial by wikihow. ” Easy Cut Pop-ups are printable pop-up card patterns. . - EasyCutPopup. DIY Inspiration: Kirigami and Monkiri. How to make a Kirigami Pop Up Ballerina Greeting Card! How to make a Kirigami Pop Up Dionysos Theatre Greeting Card!

How to build a paper 'kirigami' tower. Fun Kirigami Stairs. How to make a Kirigami Pop Up Hand Fan Card (Paper Craft)! How to make a Kirigami Pop Up Ancient Dragon Card (Paper Craft)!