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Psykopaint - Create and paint amazing art from photos. Digital painting. How To Paint, Draw & More. The Secret to Painting White Objects. <<< This is a detail of my painting, “Still Life in Blue & White”…I put a ‘white’ piece of paper next the the blue & white vase and blue jay so you can dramatically see how much color I use in my ‘whites’.

The Secret to Painting White Objects

The full painting is at the start of this post, or you can view in this speed video demo. First it is good to understand the basics of ‘white’. Yes it is true that titanium, zinc and lead white are the main tools for painting white and the effects of light in acrylic and oil. But there is more to painting ‘white’ than slopping a tube of white paint on a canvas….The challenge is this: Although white makes a color lighter, it also removes its vibrancy and brightness. ~The two different categories of white~ Light-Generated WHITE: White = the sum of all the colors of light.Yes, white is a color.White reflects all the colors of the visible light spectrum to the eyes. Pigment WHITE:(obviously, this is the ‘white’ we artists are need to understand) You might like these articles too: Save Money. Nathan Stanton. Paint Tuts. AAlexanderArt. How To Paint Art, Free Lessons. Upload Painting Lessons Subscription preferences Loading...

How To Paint Art, Free Lessons

Working... Free Art Lessons Free Painting Lessons By A Professional Painter Artist Ben Saber Art Class Demonstration 12,591 views 7 months ago In this channel I teach "How To Paint".Painting lessons are available on my Website: Facebook: SUBSCRIBE. Featured Channels commentpeindre comopintarlo Popular channels on YouTube OneDirectionVEVO RihannaVEVO PewDiePie Smosh HolaSoyGerman. Sign in to add this to Watch Later. GagnonStudio art videos and vlog... Here is a preview of my Online Painting Lessons.

GagnonStudio art videos and vlog...

You can visit for more information and to sign up. Please email me at if you have any questions. This preview shows a short demonstration on simple puffy clouds. The technique is to just use an opaque white paint and allow the background to show through in some areas to create shadows. Art Tutorials. Draw James Hetfield Extended Shading Tutorial.

Painting water

Bob Ross: Painting Mountains. OIL PAINTING Demonstrations "How to Paint Waterfalls, Rocks and Trees" by Hall Groat II. Idrawgirls's Channel‬‏ Upload Private Lesson and Mentorship Subscription preferences Loading...

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Working... Xia Taptara xia taptara channel TheArtClasses promo 51,599 views 6 months ago xia taptara channel promoLearn how to draw and paint both traditional and digital with FREE video tutorials and step by step images from profession concept artist Xia Taptara. Read more Uploads Play How to draw How to draw video tutorials along with step by step. How to draw face How to draw face and portrait video tutorials along with step by step.

Digital Painting tutorials Learn digital painting for concept art and illustration with collection of digital painting video tutorials from We provide videos for all levels, from beginner to intermediates and professional. Series of drawing and painting video tutorials Photoshop painting tutorials How to paint landscape environment background Play How to paint landscape and environment concept art background. Scott E. Bartner, a professional artist specializing in oil portraits.

Painting Skin

Bouguereau style digital painting part 1. Painting fire. Getting Started in Encaustic Painting. Acrylics & Alcohol don't mix, or do they? Acrylic Pouring, Collage & Texture. Art Projects: Paint blowing trees.