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Yeomans plow (charrue)

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Subsoiler. Equipment for raised beds in permaculture farm File:Subsoilplough.skp Subsoil Plow Design A 3"x6"x1/4" tube that is 48" long is welded to a 12"x48"x1/2" plate fitted to the quick attach plate for LifeTrac.


There are two eye plates welded to the tube and match up with the eye plates on the quick attach plate. Open Source Keyline Plow. Yeomans Charrues - Systèmes Keyline et priorty Concepts One. Plow Images. The Innovation Diaries. Yeoman’s Plow is a type of farm machinery developed by A.P.

The Innovation Diaries

Yeoman in Australia as a sustainable agricultural tool and enhanced method creating keyline designed farmland. Keyline design relies on the concept of gravity-fed irrigation and is a method that provides long-term water security, conservation of soil through prevention of soil erosion, and sustainability of agricultural systems, especially in arid climates.

The Yeoman’s Plow is a modern update of the ancient “forked stick” plow and the 1930s American design the Graham Hoehme Chisel Plow and is a key component of keyline design and permaculture. Unlike disk plows that turn the soil and can destroy, or at the very least, hinder soil development, the Yeoman’s Keyline Plow creates deep cut into the soil which helps open and aerate the soil and allows for increased water infiltration without mixing the shallow fertile topsoil with the infertile subsoil. Yeomans Keyline Plow Spain. Linea Clave. Ronda, Málaga.