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We are the 99 Percent - Home America has been in the grip of accelerating inequality for decades. Politicians have been supporting policies that benefit the few at the expense of everyone else. No matter what you call it - trickle down economics, free market fundamentalism, crony capitalism - it is all rooted in the idea that if you take care of the people at the very top, everyone benefits. That is a lie and we reject it. This site has one simple purpose: to provide us and our fellow citizens with facts, graphics, and more reading about income inequality, wealth concentration, and our corrupt economic system. Steal these facts, graphics, and ideas. We are the 99 Percent - Home
{*style:<b>When: Thursday, November 22nd at 8pm Where: Walmart on 82nd between Powell and Holgate, Portland, OR Non-unionized Walmart workers across the nation are risking everything by striking on Black Friday. Retail revenue is seasonal. Walmart cannot afford to lose the mindless consumer frenzy of Black Friday. We will help the workers hold the line.... Read More </b>*} Occupy Portland Occupy Portland
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Open Locast a location-based media framework 404 - Couldn't find what you were looking for! Go back to the main site: The Open Locast Project Mapping Occupy Wall Street by MIT Mobile Experience Lab Mapping Occupy Wall Street by MIT Mobile Experience Lab
== Apps for the Occupation, News & Resources ==http://OccupyApps.orgRecent Occupy App Announcements:The first App for the Occupation has been made!Wired broke the news on the In-human Microphone App for iPhoneused to circumvent the Megaphone Ban at OccupyNYC.http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2011/12/inhuman-microphone/Secret Monitor software found on most Android PhonesIf you installed Google Android OS directly from Google, then you are safe. Occupy Apps Occupy Apps
Occupy Cafe - An open space for global conversation Occupy Cafe - An open space for global conversation We are being called to a place of courage. As we contemplate the state of the world at the beginning of 2013, there are so many dimensions that are deeply troubling. Fear is rampant in our country, our communities and our own hearts. "Courage is fear that has said its prayers."
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100,000+ Occupy Oakland, NOT 7,000 as Government Reports 100,000+ Occupy Oakland, NOT 7,000 as Government Reports YouTube - Veterans Today - Report filed by Zennie Abraham in Oakland Oakland’s Interim Police Chief Howard Jordan (a capable and politically smart leader in a tough position) got the Occupy Oakland General Strike crowd count massively wrong: it’s not 7,000, but 100,000. This blogger has been in Oakland since 1974. The largest crowd at Frank Ogama Plaza was for a speech by then-Senator, now President Barack Obama in 2007, and for which was estimated at 18,000. Barack filled the space with people.
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wiki The Occupy.net technology community offers a wide range of free/libre/open-source software solutions to the activist community. You can read more about each of thee services by clicking on them. [edit] Getting Started First of all, create an account on wiki.occupy.net. (You'll be glad you have one!
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OccupyConnect is a tool created by and for the growing “occupy” movement around the world. It’s a place where we can meet each other, stay connected with each other, and discover ways to support each other. OccupyConnect doesn’t represent any one occupation or working group -- and it doesn’t represent the movement as a whole. It’s simply a tool that facilitates communication between us and helps build movement bridges across continents. Every week, occupations from around the world join video conference calls on OccupyConnect. About - Occupy Connect About - Occupy Connect
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Editor: The following article and photos were sent to us from Paris, France, by Mic Porte, a community activist who lives in Pacific Beach who is visiting Europe with her daughter. By Mic Porte I love Paris, the city where people will stand attentively in line for hours to view an art exposition. Galleries, book stores and theaters are always packed. Occupy Los Angeles | Occupy Wall Street comes to Downtown L.A.! We are the 99%. This is Direct Democracy.

Occupy Los Angeles | Occupy Wall Street comes to Downtown L.A.! We are the 99%. This is Direct Democracy.

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coupmedia.org A FEMA manual kept at most firehouses across the United States actually has UFO and alien invasions listed as a possible scenario that can potentially happen at anytime. Chapter 13 of FEMA’s “Fire Officer’s Guide To Disaster Control,” titled “Enemy Attack And UFO Potential,” outlines in a 600 page guide how to handle a UFO or alien encounter. The manual written by two retired firefighters could be part of a larger PSYOP getting into a Project Blue Beam style staged invasion, government propaganda formulated to accelerate their agenda of total world domination, or it could have been implemented due to a future alien impending threat know by our government. Read more: http://aliendigest.com/2012/07/27/fema-document-details-how-to-handle-an-alien-attack/
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OCCUPY EDUCATION 17th June 2013 Photo reblogged from Adventures in Learning with 16 notes adventuresinlearning: (via Youth Voices Summer Program: Connected Learning with the NYC Writing Project on IncitED)Fifteen students from the Bronx. A summer of connected learning that could change their lives — and change the way kids learn all across America. This summer the New York City Writing Project (NYCWP) at Lehman College, CUNY will host a Youth VoicesSummer Program from July 8 through 25, 2013.Too often in school, students are told what and how to learn.
Now We Know How to Get Away With Murder. Kelly Thomas, a homeless man with a history of schizophrenia died at the hands, fists and tasers of Fullerton, CA police officers in July of 2011. On January 13th, 2014, two of those officers were found “not guilty” of murder, “not guilty” of manslaughter, and “not guilty” of excessive force. Of course they were guilty.

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