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OCCUPYTV. Demands of the Occupation. The @OccupyArrests Project. Occupy Everywhere 2011. PEARLTREES #OWS. We are the 99 Percent - Home. Occupy Chicago. Occupy Portland. Citizen Radio. Occupyresearch - tools and practices. Mapping Occupy Wall Street by MIT Mobile Experience Lab. Occupy Apps. Occupy Cafe - An open space for global conversation. Collaboratively Curated for the Movement. 100,000+ Occupy Oakland, NOT 7,000 as Government Reports. YouTube - Veterans Today - Report filed by Zennie Abraham in Oakland Oakland’s Interim Police Chief Howard Jordan (a capable and politically smart leader in a tough position) got the Occupy Oakland General Strike crowd count massively wrong: it’s not 7,000, but 100,000.

100,000+ Occupy Oakland, NOT 7,000 as Government Reports

This blogger has been in Oakland since 1974. The largest crowd at Frank Ogama Plaza was for a speech by then-Senator, now President Barack Obama in 2007, and for which was estimated at 18,000. Barack filled the space with people. The Occupy Oakland General Strike had that many people in the plaza for most of the day, while two huge crowds were outside of it: one marching down Broadway, the other a set of people walking around various parts of downtown Oakland with protest signs. You can’t take a snapshot of an event like this, because of its time length; you have to think of it as a dynamic.

For that to happen all day long and considering the capacity of the plaza and the crowds outside of it points to 100,000 people. Occupy the Web Hackathon - Occupytogether- Eventbrite. Invalid quantity.

Occupy the Web Hackathon - Occupytogether- Eventbrite

Please enter a quantity of 1 or more. The quantity you chose exceeds the quantity available. Please enter your name. Please enter an email address. Please enter a valid email address. Please enter your message or comments. Wiki. Anonymous Worldwide. Untitled Document. Occupy-dev. About - Occupy Connect. OccupyConnect is a tool created by and for the growing “occupy” movement around the world.

About - Occupy Connect

It’s a place where we can meet each other, stay connected with each other, and discover ways to support each other. OccupyConnect doesn’t represent any one occupation or working group -- and it doesn’t represent the movement as a whole. It’s simply a tool that facilitates communication between us and helps build movement bridges across continents. Every week, occupations from around the world join video conference calls on OccupyConnect. We chart the course for our conversations together, aided by a trained facilitator. Principles of purpose: Conversation - We’ll share stories of how we’re struggling for the world we want Cooperation - We’ll spark ideas and discover ways we can work together Connection - We’ll find like minds around the world to take ideas forward and build the social tissue of our global movement Principles of culture:

Occupy colleges. The oldest political news site on the Internet. Links and Resources. Occupy Wall Street comes to Downtown L.A.! We are the 99%. This is Direct Democracy. Occupationalist / Covering the Occupy movement as it unfolds. No filters. No delays.

Taking the Power Back! Occupy Davis. Occupy Streams Map. Occupy Police. OCCUPY EDUCATION. 27th March 2014 Link with 1 note EmpowerED: Los Angeles Student Power 2014 → If you had the power to change your education, what would you do?


For the first time ever, leaders from K-12 student unions, like the Chicago Students Union, Newark Students Union, Portland Student Union, and Providence Student Union, will all be in the same room this Saturday at USC, sharing their stories of student organizing for educational justice with students in the LA community and working with them to build the student power movement. Over 175 students in LA have already registered for the event. Livestream is embedded on our website: 25th March 2014 Video reblogged from Sustainable Prosperity with 12 notes sustainableprosperity: Published on Mar 24, 2014University of Southern Maine student Meagan LaSala and professor Rachel Bouvier explain how cuts disproportionately target faculty and will trigger a decline in quality public eductionSee more videos: 17th June 2013.

Occupy Oakland. LIVE OCCUPY NEWS STREAMS & CHAT. Documenting the Movement, One Arrest at a Time. Unsettle Portland. We the People, Not We the Corporations. NYC General Assembly # Occupy Wall Street. NYC Protest for World Revolution. The Anonymous Press. Occupy Nashville. #OccupyWallStreet UPDATE. #OccupyMarines are Preparing to Occupy America Nationwide. United States Marine Corps.

#OccupyMarines are Preparing to Occupy America Nationwide

Sergeant Shamar Thomas in a spectacular moment defended the protesters of Occupy Wall Street while staring into the faces of thirty NYPD officers, and now countless other Marines have organized in an amazing show of solidarity. Sgt. Thomas’ gallant actions in standing up for American citizens being brutalized by the police were shown in a video which has gone viral with almost 2 million views. Marines have joined forces with #OccupyMarines in solidarity with the movement not just in New York, but nationwide: “OccupyMARINES Are Currently Assessing The Current Situation To Ascertain What Is Currently Needed To Support OWS America.

Their website presents a post centering on continuing the Occupy movement throughout the upcoming winter. Instead of ostracizing the police, the Marines are attempting to reach out to them much like Sgt. During Sgt. Meet Iraq veteran Alex E. Veteran Alex Limkin said: Sgt. Naysayers stand back, the Marines are coming. Occupy Denver. We are the 99% - Occupy The Nation. Occupy Denver.