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Outils de sciage manuels et industriels

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Viscat Fulgor | welding machines. ELBÉ - Outillage à bois. Dübro GmbH - Kreissägeblatt-Hersteller. Accessoires d'affutage - Boutique en ligne BESSON SAS. KENI MORSE - Fabricant Outils Coupants - recherche - lime. Witox - Woodworking tools since 1924. Products: Sawmill Guide Blocks. Lignum-Vitae: World’s Finest Sawmill Bearing Guide Hardwood vs. Lignum Vitae The purpose of a sawmill guide block is two-fold one is to “ guide” the saw true thru the log allowing the stress & strain of the blade to bear against the block keeping it in a straight line. The second job of the bearing guide is to resist wobble due to heat build up in the blade.

Operators erroneously think that installing “hardwood” block will do the job. By installing typical hardwood the operator has unwittingly introduced an abrasive to the saw. Lignum Vitae with its homogeneous oily nature reduces heat and friction adding life to the blade and enhances overall performance.

Lignum Vitae used as a guide block Centuries before modern materials such as: plastics, mycarta, phenolics, railko, composite bearings, tufnol, celoron, mintex, vescomite, phosphor bronze, and buna-n-synthetic rubber; there was Lignum Vitae. Industry has historically placed the burden of bearings on this incredible material.

Guide scie ruban / saw guide

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