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The Best 13 Web Tools for Teachers. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is back to you with another list of great educational web tools that teachers are ( or should be ) using. I know I have not posted in this section of my blog for a couple of weeks now but sometimes I get overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do and things get piled up on me but I definitely end up doing all. In Educational Web Tools section, I compile and review lists of web tools I gather from different sources online and provide them handy for teachers and educators particularly those who, because of their time constraints or any other reason, do not have the time to spend online looking for web tools to try with their students or to use for their professional development.

The priority is always given to those new web tools that have recently been created but I so often include other tools as well. However, for today's post I am sharing with you a list of the best web tools for 2012. 1- Claco 2- ClassDojo 3- Diigo 4- Edmodo 5- Evernote. 1st update on 10 Tools Challenge 2013. Learning Materials. Record it. Break it down. Get better. Improve your pitcher's fastball, straighten your golf swing, easily break down a... see more Record it. Material Type: Assessment Tool Author: TechSmith Date Added: Feb 08, 2013 Date Modified: Apr 21, 2013 Peer Review for material titled "Coach's Eye App for iOS" User Rating for material titled "Coach's Eye App for iOS" Member Comments for material titled "Coach's Eye App for iOS" Learning Exercises for material titled "Coach's Eye App for iOS" Personal Collections for material titled "Coach's Eye App for iOS" Accessibility Info for material titled "Coach's Eye App for iOS" About this material: Peer Reviews User Rating (not rated) Discussion (none) Personal Collections (none) Learning Exercises (none) Accessibility Info (none)

10 Free Web 2.0 Tools And How To Easily Use Them In Your Classroom. Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend the first Ozarks Education Research Initiative (OERI) Teacher Technology Conference at Willard High School (MO). The learning sessions I attended were all very good and I am going to share 10 of the FREE tools I learned about below. I will be incorporating them into how I teach and hopefully by using these tools during faculty meetings, PD sessions, and other opportunities as they arise, this will help us all to find ways to incorporate them into the classroom to engage our students even more.

This quote from last week has stuck with me ever since it was spoken – “Date the tool. Marry the idea.” I don’t recall who this is attributed to, but it resonates with me still. Engagement is key! Twitter summary of OERI Teacher Technology Conference at Willard High School on May 30, 2012 via Storify This is a summary of the tweets sent out during the conference. Socrative This link takes you to their website. Today’s Meet by Allison Pilley @ajpilley.

How One Classroom Actually Used iPads To Go Paperless (Part 1: Research) Last year, with a fearless group of 10th graders in Katrina Kennett’s English class at Plymouth South High School , we attempted to transform the traditional research process to a completely paperless one using a fresh new cart of iPads. As I have written previously about iPads in the classroom, our decision to use iPads did not start with iPads, it started with learning goals and objectives. We later determined that iPads would fit into the equation. The 4 Goals A few of the goals that we outlined prior to the research process included: - Students will crowd-source their research to a collective research group. - Students will incorporate varied media types into their research: web based text, traditional text, audio and video. - Students will work collaboratively with their teacher and classmates on their research and writing process. - Students will become proficient researching and writing in a digital environment.

Going Paperless – The Process “ Definitely keep doing this! Top 9 Free Web Tools to Develop Students Creativity. Veille 2011-2012 - Mahara FGA. Skype est un service voix sur IP devenu au fil des ans un outil indispensable pour communiquer, collaborer, soutenir et même former les collègues et les enseignants. Mais Skype est bien plus que de la simple téléphonie Internet.

Avec Skype, version gratuite, vous pouvez : Discuter en conférence audio à plusieurs personnes;Appeler en vidéo une personnePartager votre écran pour faire une démonstrationClavarderTransmettre des fichiers Avec Skype Premium (80 $ CA/an), vous pouvez établir de la visioconférence avec neuf personnes. Skype a produit des applis pour Android, iOS et Symbian permettant son utilisation sur les appareils mobiles. Voici quelques conseils pour une meilleure utilisation de Skype : 1. Vous pouvez activer gratuitement votre boîte vocale Skype. 2. Réduisez le nombre de clics en utilisant le glisser-déplacer pour transmettre des fichiers, des contacts. 3. 4. Utiliser la combinaison Alt+Ctrl+PgUp et éviter la souris pour répondre à un appel! 7 Great Tools to Annotate Webpages and Documents. Internet is one of the main sources of information for us in education. As teachers and educators, we should always make sure we are equipped with the proper kit to dig into these sources and get what we are interested in.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been posting articles about different tools to help teachers get the maximum out of technology in their classroom teaching. Today I am going to share with you some awesome tools that I am adding to the list of the best free web annotation tools for teachers. These tools will allow you to easily highlight, annotate and clip any part of a webpage and share it with others.

Here is the list : 1- InFocus This is a great tool that allows users to highlight rectangular sections of any webpage. 2- Co-ment This is must have tool for educators. 3- A.Nnotate This is an annotation and collaboration tool that can be used for documents ( PDF and Microsoft Office ) as well as webpages and images. 4- Crocodoc 5- Internote 6- Note Anywhere. 16 Classroom Tools Teachers should Know about. Integrating technology into our classrooms is a must in todays education. Our students are digitally focused and unless we speak digital with them our communication will be a complete fiasco.

I know some of you are new to the concept of digitising a classroom and others are well experienced and have already been using some technology with their students, be it a beginner or advanced user , the following tools are of great help and , if you are not going to use all of them now, you should at least know about them. 1- Engrade It is the number one online gradebook in class management system with more than 2,410,506 members . 2- Collaborize Classroom This is a free online collaborative education platform that allows students and teachers to transcend the boundaries of their physical classroom to engage in an online collaborative learning environment. 3- Signup Genius This is a great web tool that allows users to create a sign up page and organize their events. 4- Testmoz 5- Quiz Station.

Coffre à outils pédagogiques » Actu@liTIC. 60. 60 in 60 PETE&C 2012. Digital Tools. Web 2.0 for schools. Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills. Web 2.0 in teaching & learning ~ links and resources for teachers. Exploring Web 2.0 in the classroom and beyond The aim of this workshop is to demonstrate the importance and relevance of Web 2.0 tools in the twenty-first century classroom as demonstrated by the research of individuals such as Marc J. Rosenberg, Curtis J. Bonk, Danah Boyd, Arthur Jue, Howard Rheingold, Lawrence Lessig and others. These tools can facilitate collaborative projects that can be used to establish and nurture learning communities on local, regional or international scales.

There are bridges to be built and barriers to be crossed and these tools allow those milestones to be met in a user friendly and forgiving manner. This practical workshop has educators in mind and is simply designed to remove the mysteries associated with Web 2.0 technologies. This workshop is designed to share with the participants the possibilities of Web 2.0 tools within education. These tools allow their users to create professional looking web sites and spaces for collaboration. Duration 8 hours. TechTools for Teaching. All creative tools. Teachweb2 - home. Ultimate Web 2.0 List. Web 2.0 Directory | Web 2.0 Applications. E-learning and Web 2.0 tools for schools. Logiciels Open Source pour enseigner | VousNousIls.

Une sélection de logiciels libres gratuits pour faciliter la gestion de la classe et optimiser la production de supports pédagogiques et d’exercices. Réalisée avec l’association APRIL. Cette Fiche pédagogique, initialement publiée en 2011, a été mise à jour le 15 octobre 2014 avec l’aide de l’association APRIL, engagée dans la démocratisation du logiciel libre et des standards ouverts. Quels sont les avantages des logiciels libres ?

Les logiciels libres sont des programmes pouvant être modifiés ou améliorés par n’importe quel utilisateur. Après validation, les modifications proposées par des utilisateurs sont intégrées au logiciel initial. Ils sont très économiques, la plupart d’entre eux étant mis à disposition gratuitement. Contrairement à d’autres logiciels dits « privateurs », la licence d’un logiciel libre garantit plusieurs libertés : Sélection de logiciels libres utiles à l’enseignement Créer des supports pédagogiques Toutes disciplines Gérer la classe Espace Numériques de Travail Latin. Free Home / Education software, E-books software, Free download! Web20-21stcentury-tools - home. » Directory of Learning & Performance Tools C4LPT.

14 websites to make you a more intelligent person. 100 Free Tools to Tutor Yourself in Anything | Online Find the Right Online Class Match. Technology and Education | Box of Tricks. Where to Get the Best Free Education Online. 10 eLearning Freebies. Sharebar Everyone loves freebies and I enjoy sharing and using them. Here are ten that you might find valuable from comic book art to specialized fonts and templates to an mLearning job aid. 1. Comic Book Characters and Scenes Design Comics offers illustrated characters and scenes for free. 2. To go along with the characters and scenes above or to use with photos, you might want speech bubbles that are more unique than the call-outs that come with PowerPoint. 3. mLearning Implementation Road Map Gary Woodill, author of the Mobile Learning Edge, offers a free download of his mobile learning implementation road map. 4.

This website has more than 150,000 icons you can search through and download for free. 5. This is a nice collection of handwritten fonts that can give your designs personality. 6. Veer Creative offers a different free graphic, illustration and font every week. 7. eLearning Templates Several sites including this one offer free eLearning templates for download. 8. 9. 10.

Scribd. 101 Excellent Resources And Tools For Students Of Any Age | Brain Training 101. Whether you’re a student just starting the school year or you’re a lifelong learner like me, you’ll find resources, tools and a ton of fun stuff to stash in your virtual backpack. If you find these resources helpful, please share this post with your friends. I would greatly appreciate it. Before you begin, make sure you Grab Your Free Brain Training Power Pack. Increase Your IQ Score Day by day account of our experiment to increase IQ. See how well it worked… Brain Pages Find help and support on just about any topic relating to brain fitness. Perfect Lecture Notes Step by Step Comprehensive instructions on how to take the perfect set of lecture notes. 8 Concentration Tips for Studying Effectively Eight drug-free ways to stay alert while studying for an exam. Test Your Sense of Pitch Curious about the accuracy of your sense of musical pitch?

The Cerebrals Society Test your intelligence, using three different subtests: Verbal Analogies, Mathematical Problems and General Knowledge. Mr. Emerging Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010. 21 Brilliant Productivity Tools Every College Student Must Use | Get Degrees. If you ask a college student about productivity, he won't have much to say. And you really can't blame him. He leads a dynamic life where academics and fun go hand in hand, with the latter becoming a more important activity most of the times. However, with the advent of internet and web 2.0, a college student now has access to so many amazing tools that he could finish up his work as well as enjoy life to the fullest without the guilt. The following list mentions 21 such tools which could skyrocket the productivity of college students when it comes to doing research, communicating with fellow students and dealing with assignments.

Research and Taking Notes 1.Questia Questia is an excellent online research tool which features a huge web based library of magazines, books, journals, papers, articles and much more. Although you need to pay about $19.95 per month for its membership, you could save on books and magazines you buy if you subscribe to it. 2.Free Book Notes 3.Wikipedia 4.Notely 7. No Idea Left Behind: 25 Tools for Capturing Ideas Anywhere. As a serial entrepreneur, I’m addicted to ideas. I feed off of ’em. And nothing makes me more upset than having a great idea… and losing it.

Ideas never happen at opportune times, and having the proper idea capture tools can make sure that you’ll capture all your ideas for later processing. The problem with ideas is that they’re situational. You don’t only have ideas while you’re in front of the computer, or walking your dog. Ideas happen all the time. In order to capture every single little idea that we have, we’ll need to take a multi-pronged approach to capturing the little bits of genius that we have throughout our day.

I should note that we’re not talking about complex systems like mind mapping and other GTD systems. Analog Idea Capture Analog idea capturing is the oldest and one of the most useful forms of idea capture. Hipster PDA. Pocket Briefcase. Moleskine. Rite in the Rain notepad Rite in the Rain. Write boards. Sticky notes. Mac Software Quicksilver appending to text file.