#Transmedia on IRC - Deus Ex Machinatio - Deus Ex Machinatio #Transmedia on IRC - Deus Ex Machinatio - Deus Ex Machinatio A few days ago I posted asking when would be a good time for a Transmedia Definition Forum on IRC. The result is in, and the best-for-most-people answer seems to be: Sunday, June 5, at 1pm EST/10am PST/6pm GMT. Let's get together on the irc.chat-solutions.org server, in the #transmedia channel. If you've never used IRC before, you'll need to use a program to access it like Colloquy or Adium (for Mac) or mIRC or Trillian (for PC). I'll try to hang out in that chat room between now and then, so if you want to pop in and test your settings early, feel free to do so (though I may pop in and out when I'm AFK or sleeping!)
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