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Information is Everywhere. Globalization: preventing the sameness of the world / An EarSay Project. For A Culture of Peace - Part 1. Pancho Ramos Stierle: Nonviolence Is Radical by Sarah van Gelder. An interview with the activist who made headlines when he was arrested while meditating at Occupy Oakland. posted Feb 23, 2012 Pancho Ramos was arrested while meditating when police raided the Occupy Oakland encampment in November 2011.

Pancho Ramos Stierle: Nonviolence Is Radical by Sarah van Gelder

Painter Ly Vũ Hoàng based her work on press photos of the arrest. Painting used by permission of the artist. Occupy Oakland has been at the forefront of some of Occupy’s most visible actions—a massive general strike on November 2, a shutdown of the Port of Oakland, and attempts to occupy vacant buildings. It has also been the center of much controversy over tactics—especially the tactics of the Black Bloc. We turned to Pancho Ramos Stierle for some insights into the question of Occupy tactics. We talked to him about police violence in Oakland, his own arrest, deportations, and, especially, his insights into the controversies over tactics in the Occupy movement.

I’m telling you this to set the tone for what happened the day we were arrested. Interested? ELECTRONIC AWAKENING (III) TEDxVancouver - Jeet Kei Leung - Transformational Festivals. Convergence Network. Zeitgeist Seattle (Seattle, WA. Zeitgeist Seattle What does Zeitgeist Seattle do?

Zeitgeist Seattle (Seattle, WA

We are part of a larger sustainability advocacy movement (The Zeitgeist Movement), which promotes a shift to a global systematic change that will support humanity as a whole in a sustainable way. As part of that, our mission includes networking locally in the Seattle, Washington region with sustainability groups and community sharing organizations. We offer community outreach by promoting local Sustainability, Technological, Environmental, and Social Change projects and events designed to educate and allocate shared resources.

We see the benefits of an educated public in regards to community driven resources here in Seattle and are committed in helping streamline the information effectively toward achieving real solutions to the systemic flaws our communities are faced with today. Local organizations we currently support (please contact for support) List is continuously being updated: CompassionateSeattle Map: Compassionate Seattle Heart Map. IT'S OUR WORLD TO CHANGE. Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think. 300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds. The End of the Beginning. At last, we have reached the end of the classic Mayan Long Count calendar, the 5,125-year cycle that ends on December 21 of this year.

The End of the Beginning

The mainstream media has, predictably, used the occasion to ridicule the straw man they irresponsibly helped to set up: That this was a doomsday threshold, as silly as Y2K. At the same time, the worst and best predictions of alternative theorists ranging from Graham Hancock to Paul LaViolette to Jose Arguelles, Terence McKenna, John Major Jenkins, David Wilcock, and Carl Johan Calleman have failed to materialize.

Apparently, a galactic superwave is not engulfing our planet, as LaViolette proposed. We are not confronting immediate cataclysmic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, as Hancock sensationally predicted in his bestselling Fingerprints of the Gods. We are, also, not suddenly attaining collective enlightenment as Calleman, Arguelles, and John Major Jenkins conceived. The threat of industrial and military cataclysm also remains severe. RSA Animate - 21st century enlightenment. 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes.

Coalition Of The Willing. Robert Sapolsky: The uniqueness of humans. Do You Live in a Bubble? A Quiz. Paul Solman interviews author Charles Murray about his book “Coming Apart” at a local diner near Murray’s hometown of Burkittsville, Md.

Do You Live in a Bubble? A Quiz

Note: A newly updated Bubble Quiz can be found here. White America is coming apart at the seams. That’s the thesis Charles Murray, a libertarian political scientist at the American Enterprise Institute, puts forth in his new book, “Coming Apart.” In a piece soon to appear on the NewsHour, Murray argues that the super wealthy, super educated and super snobby live in so-called super-ZIPs: cloistered together, with little to no exposure to American culture at large. Those people, he says, live in a social and cultural bubble. Editor’s Note: | This post has been updated to include the ‘share your score’ form. Charles Murray’s Quiz: How Thick is Your Bubble?

See the results here. Some further thoughts from Murray about the quiz: “The scoring of the archetypes reflects a few realities about socio-economic background and the bubble. Full disclosure.