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Norway shooting: Glenn Beck compares dead teenagers to Hitler youth. Beck, a multimillionaire darling of the Tea Party movement, said on his nationally-syndicated radio show: "There was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like, you know, the Hitler youth.

Norway shooting: Glenn Beck compares dead teenagers to Hitler youth

I mean, who does a camp for kids that's all about politics? Disturbing. " Torbjørn Eriksen, a former press secretary to Jens Stoltenberg, Norway's prime minister, described the comment as "a new low" for the broadcaster, who has frequently been forced to apologise for offensive remarks. "Young political activists have gathered at Utoya for over 60 years to learn about and be part of democracy, the very opposite of what the Hitler Youth was about," he told The Daily Telegraph. "Glenn Beck's comments are ignorant, incorrect and extremely hurtful. " The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, a Washington-based campaign group, said the remark by Beck, a free agent after being forced out of the Fox News channel earlier this year, was "absolutely disgusting".

A Norwegian Tragedy That Unfolded On The Web - Arik Hesseldahl. What’s being described as the most violent day in Norway since the Second World War unfolded today for so many via social media.

A Norwegian Tragedy That Unfolded On The Web - Arik Hesseldahl

Having seen early reports concerning an afternoon bombing attack outside government offices in Oslo, I sought out news outlets such as local broadcaster NRK to see if any live footage was coming from the scene. There was, and though I don’t speak a word of Norwegian, I was able to piece together a narrative showing Norway suffering through its own 9/11 moment. There were even very early reports that some Muslim men who had been under surveillance had been arrested in connection with the blast.

The video below was taken in the immediate aftermath of the blast. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, unhurt in the bombing, was at one point said to be at an undisclosed location. But it was on the site of another Norwegian broadcaster, TV2, that I saw the first early reports of a shooting on the island of Utøya. The story that emerged from Utøya was doubly disturbing. A Bomb in Oslo? What Google Lost by Ending Real-Time Search - Nicholas Jackson - Technology. I had a sense that something was wrong pretty quickly.

A Bomb in Oslo? What Google Lost by Ending Real-Time Search - Nicholas Jackson - Technology

In between checking my email and finishing up a story for the site you're reading right now, I was casually watching some tweets stream in through TweetDeck -- as I almost always am. Every 10th or 20th tweet posted by those I follow had something to do with Oslo. "Prayers are with those in Oslo," "Not sure what the situation in Oslo is but it doesn't look good" -- messages to that effect. Curious, I turned to Google. A blast "occurred at the government headquarters which house the offices of Jens Stoltenberg," according to a story in the Telegraph that Google led me to.

But I had to dig a bit to find that story. It was not so long ago that I would have been able to plug "Oslo" into Google and be automatically greeted by a curated stream of tweets in real-time right there on the search results page. ‪Oslo explosion: Video of massive Norway blast aftermath‬‏ Oslo explosion - live coverage. 3.34pm: Several people have been injured in a large explosion which has damaged government buildings in central Oslo, including the office of the Norwegian prime minster.

Oslo explosion - live coverage

A Reuters correspondent said he counted at least eight injured people after the unexplained blast. The tangled wreckage of a car was outside one building but the cause of the blast was unknown with police and fire officials refusing to comment. The explosion at around 3.30pm (2.30pm BST) blew out most windows on the 17-storey building housing prime minister Jens Stoltenberg's office, as well as nearby ministries including the oil ministry, which was on fire. Oslo bomb - latest updates. Oslo Bombing Captured on Twitter & YouTube [PHOTOS] Breaking News: Bomb blast in Oslo [youtube] Giant blast hits government buildings in Oslo, Norway. NEW: At least 80 people killed in Utoya Island shootingNEW: A police spokesman says the death toll may rise on the island7 killed, 90 people hospitalized after the blast in OsloThe man in custody is a blond, 32-year-old Norwegian Editor's Note: Are you there?

Giant blast hits government buildings in Oslo, Norway

Send your videos, stories and photos to CNN iReport Oslo, Norway (CNN) -- At least 80 people are dead as a result of a rampage Friday on a Norwegian island, police said, an attack that came shortly after an explosion killed seven others in the Scandinavian nation's capital. Police have detained a 32-year-old Norwegian man who they suspect opened fire on scores at the ruling Labour Party's youth camp on Utoya Island, about 20 miles from Oslo. Police spokesman Are Frykholm, who told CNN early Saturday about the death toll spike, said authorities are investigating further, based on information from the man. Bomb rocks government offices in Oslo, two said dead.