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Social Traders. The Social Enterprise Builder is a step-by-step guide on how to build a social enterprise.

Social Traders

This guide is written for anyone wishing to understand more about social enterprise and how to start one. The Builder guides you through a rigorous business planning process, which underpins the future success of a social enterprise. This comprehensive guide is structured in seven stages. The first two stages are for anyone wishing to learn about social enterprise. The third stage is for those still looking for social enterprise ideas.

Stage 1: Understanding – Understanding social enterpriseStage 2: Inspiring – Social enterprise case studiesStage 3: Exploring – How to generate ideas Stage 4: Focusing – Focusing and developing the idea Stage 5: Designing – Conducting a feasibility study to flesh out the enterprise idea Stage 6: Pursuing – Writing and pitching the business plan Stage 7: Implementing – Executing your business plan and bringing the enterprise to reality Register now! Global Impact Investing Network: Impact Reporting & Investment Standards. The Impact Reporting and Investment Standards is a major project of the GIIN's infrastructure development initiative.

Global Impact Investing Network: Impact Reporting & Investment Standards

One of the limitations to the growth of the impact investing industry is the lack of transparency and credibility in how funds define, track, and report on the social and environmental performance of their capital. This leads to higher transaction costs and a limited ability to understand the impact of investments.

To address these challenges, the GIIN is expanding upon work initiated by The Rockefeller Foundation, Acumen Fund, and B Lab to develop and promote a common framework for reporting the performance of impact investments. The group, in collaboration with other impact investors and industry experts, has developed a standard set of performance measures for describing social and environmental performance that facilitates comparisons of impact data across investments. Visit the IRIS website See how organizations are using IRIS metrics on the IRIS User Registry >

Global Impact Investing Network. Aggregated research reports on Impact Investing.

Global Impact Investing Network

Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Bridges Ventures Meg Voorhes and Farzana Hoque | US SIF Foundation Kyle Johnson and Holden Lee | Cambridge Associates Lisa Kleissner and Cathy Clark | Toniic CATHY CLARK, JED EMERSON, BEN THORNLEY | InSight at Pacific Community Ventures, Case at Duke University, ImpactAssets Center for Global Development and Social Finance Cristina Larrea, Semida Minteuan and Jason Potts | FAST Mission Investors Exchange and the Council on Foundations Maximilian Martin | Impact Economy Global Impact Investing Network Global Impact Investing Network | IRIS Initiative GIIN and New Ventures Mexico CASE i3, the SJF Institute and O-H Community Partners.

ESAF Microfinance. A.BACKGROUNDESAF Microfinance always believes in walking the talk.

ESAF Microfinance

That’s what we really did by putting social performance into practice. The idea was to achieve social goals and find successful solutions for the sustainable development of our clients. To achieve the goals, employees are trained to adopt a problem solving approach, by always extending support for the growth and development of the clients. For the top management, the approach has helped in improving measures towards client retentionafter careful consideration of client satisfaction and drop out studies conducted from time to time. The Social Performance Management Unit (now called Research and Development unit) of ESAF access reports and manages the social performance data. B. C. Impact measurement in microfinance: Is the measurement of the social return on investment an innovation in microfinance? What indicators can be used to measure the impact [2] In this paper we use the term impact measurement to... [2] of microfinance?

Impact measurement in microfinance: Is the measurement of the social return on investment an innovation in microfinance?

Microcredit and its umbrella term microfinance significantly increased their popularity over the last years. Though some negative issues especially with respect to overindebtedness and high interest rates are discussed as well, microfinance is seen as an effective and innovative measure for alleviating poverty. But what is the outcome of microfinance? Does it really alleviate poverty? Does it outplay other measures of development aid? This paper describes concepts and studies that intend to measure the impact of microfinance. Before the creation of Microfinance Institutions (MFI), bank loans were unavailable for poor people, and money lenders exploited many of the underbanked (da Silva, 2007) especially in developing countries.

Originally social cost-benefit analysis is used to evaluate projects with regard to their social or profitability (Stewart, 1975). Antares Co_Social - SROI como herramienta para el cálculo del impacto social. El desarrollo metodológico de la evaluación se realiza siguiendo el siguiente esquema: Por mi experiencia en la utilización de esta metodología son aspectos críticos para garantizar el buen uso y el cumplimiento de los principios: definir bien el alcance de los que vamos a medir, entender y describir bien los cambios sociales que genera cada stakaholder en el proyecto y durante cuánto tiempo, identificar los indicadores que nos permiten aproximarnos a la cuantificación del cambio social (financial proxies) y depurar aquellos cambios que no pueden atribuirse a la organización.

Antares Co_Social - SROI como herramienta para el cálculo del impacto social

En este punto, la metodología introduce una serie de correctores: Además introduce un corrector más, el drop off, en el caso que los cambios duren más del periodo de referencia y fija la cantidad de pérdida anual (es un %). Al final del proceso, SROI se obtiene como el coeficiente entre el valor actual neto (VAN) de los impactos y el valor actual neto de la inversión. Referencias bibliográficas Olsen, S, Nicholls, J. New research highlights limitations of SROI measurement tool. The SROI network.