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Volunteer Abroad | Volunteer in Latin America | Volunteer in Africa Volunteer Abroad | Volunteer in Latin America | Volunteer in Africa Each year, hundreds of volunteers participate in Rustic's volunteer abroad projects and set out on unforgettable journeys to amazing destinations in 17 countries. Our volunteers immerse themselves in local cultures, volunteer to uplift lives of the extremely poor, participate in exciting tour programs while in the host country and return home with life changing experiences. Rustic has strived hard to make the volunteer programs very affordable, so anyone can participate in them. Our programs are also directly supported by local communities which make them sustainable in the long run and our team of experience staffs will always ensure the programs are highly flexible and hosted in safe locations.
UCS: Independent Science, Practical Solutions | Union of Concerned Scientists

UCS: Independent Science, Practical Solutions | Union of Concerned Scientists

Union of Concerned Scientists Skip to main content Home About Us Publications News Center Policy Center In the wake of the nuclear crisis in Japan, we have seen first-hand the critical connection between water and nuclear power. In fact, power generation and water are intertwined—producing energy requires water, and providing that water uses energy.
TNC en español - Conservando la naturaleza. Protegiendo la vida. TNC en español - Conservando la naturaleza. Protegiendo la vida. Créditos fotográficos (izquierda a derecha, de arriba a abajo): Vista de Rio de Janeiro © over_kind_man/Usuario de Flicker; Una gota sobre una hoja © _kaway_/usuario de Flicker; Campesino en los andes colombianos © Diego Ochoa/TNC; En la Republica Dominicana un pescador repara sus redes © Mark Godfrey/TNC; La Buitrera, Neuquén, Argentina © Erika Nortemann/TNC; Langur negro de nariz chata © Long Yongcheng/TNC; Indígena arahuaco © Carlos Villalón; Bisontes en la reserva natural de Broken Kettle ©Chris Helzer/TNC; Indígena arahuaco © Carlos Villalón; Aves en las costas del Peru. © Walter Wust; Karla Miliani recorre el Río en busca de historias © TNC; Guardianes de la selva ©TNC; Canal del Dique. Bomba de tiempo © TNC; Joven bebiendo agua © TNC; Gotas de agua dulce © Chris Helzer/TNC; Gabriele Corcos y Debi Mazar © Cortesía del Cooking Channel;Pescador en Chenzhou, China © Wong Chi Keung Chimpancé © Ami Vitale; Membrillo silvestre © Erica Nortemann/TNC.
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¿Dónde están? ¿Dónde están? Most homes are usually well constructed, especially those built using the modern methods by professional construction companies. There may be older homes however, which may have problems with the foundation, which is considered the most important feature of any home. The entire house could collapse, if the foundation is compromised or weak in any way.
[Infographic] Combating Mass Incarceration - The Facts June 17, 2011 The war on drugs has helped make the U.S. the world's largest incarcerator. America’s criminal justice system should keep communities safe, treat people fairly, and use fiscal resources wisely. But more Americans are deprived of their liberty than ever before - unfairly and unnecessarily, with no benefit to public safety. Especially in the face of economic crisis, our government should invest in alternatives to incarceration and make prisons options of last – not first – resort.

[Infographic] Combating Mass Incarceration - The Facts

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View Country Profiles View Regional Overviews Main Filtering Map OpenNet Initiative The jails are still full, the cops are still racist, the courts are still an instrument of class rule, the wars are still endless. But Peoples Power is still decisive and we will celebrate every step forward. On to a New Year of struggle and resistance. Free ALL Political Prisoners!!

The Cato Institute

The Cato Institute Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson delivered his first State of the Union address, promising an “unconditional war on poverty in America.” Looking at the wreckage since, it’s not hard to conclude that poverty won. Says Cato scholar Michael D.
Human Radiation Effects Group Human Radiation Effects Group We are interested in the environmental factors linked to the incidence of childhood leukaemia. One particular focus is the role played by electric and magnetic fields associated with the electricity supply. Two aspects are being investigated.
R&D Budget and Policy Program - Home Skip to main content Home R&D Budget and Policy Program Providing timely, comprehensive, and independent analyses of federal research & development funding trends since 1976. Office of Government Relations R&D Budget and Policy Program - Home
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Learning - DevForum E-Discussions and Communities Tapping into the creative potential of the DevForum tool: A story from the LAC GDLN groupThe Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region GDLN team is leading the way in tapping the potential of the DevForum tool in very creative ways. “Two examples of current activities that I have initiated on DevForum include a brainstorming and consensus-building exercise among a small virtual group of GDLN managers where the outcome would be a concrete proposal for a GDLN LAC Strategic Business Plan,” says Daniel de la Morena, consultant to the LAC’s Knowledge Management department. “And I am also assisting in the set-up of a community of practice for people involved in e-business in LAC. This community will be similar to the European e-Business Support Network (eBSN):”, he said.
ucation Resource Organizations Directory (EROD)
ucation Resource Organizations Directory (EROD)
Sherlock Holmes International (English) Depuis le 10 novembre, notre principal serveur de fichiers est en panne. La conséquence ? Les sites Web et les mailing-lists Sympa ne fonctionnent plus. Vous pouvez suivre l'avancement des réparations sur le blog ou le salon de discussions IRC #apinc sur . Vous pouvez toujours accéder à vos bases de données ou demander un dump sur le canal IRC en précisant votre identifiant. L'association APINC propose depuis décembre 2001 des services non commerciaux autogérés, administrés par des bénévoles et destinés aux projets non marchands.
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Will Uploaded Minds in Machines be Alive?
.: Ministerio del Interior (España) - :.
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RedCLARA - Cooperación Latino Americana de Redes Avanzadas
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Beyond Borders | The Platform for Small Nation Dialogue and Cultural Exchange
Integrated Ocean Drilling Program U.S. Implementing Organization (IODP-USIO)
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