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Try out our demos! for Trac 0.12 (old), Trac 1.0 (current), or Trac 1.1.x (devel) Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Trac uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management. Our mission is to help developers write great software while staying out of the way. Trac should impose as little as possible on a team's established development process and policies. The Trac Project
Miro - Lecteur libre et gratuit de musique et de vidéos. What Makes Miro So Amazing? Device Makers, Music Stores, Cloud Services why you need Miro and how to partner with us Works with your current music library

Miro - Lecteur libre et gratuit de musique et de vidéos.

Main Page - Free Open Source Software This is a public Wiki about Free Open Source Software (FOSS), sometimes also called Free/Libre Open Source Software, Free Software, or just Open Source. All FOSS licenses require that the software remain available to use, modify, and distribute at no cost. Most FOSS licenses also include kind of a lawyer's version of the Golden Rule, requiring that all software modifications, such as bug fixes and enhancements, must also be made available under the same license - with permission to use, modify, and distribute at no cost. This naturally creates living software, continually growing the value for all. These licenses are good at generating the trust that leads to large and sustainable communities. The great majority of FOSS is released under licenses including this give-back condition.

Main Page - Free Open Source Software

100+ awesome free and open source applications - Software - Posted on Tuesday 27th of September 2011 at 13:05 in SoftwareIt has always amazed me quite how many incredible, varied and useful applications are available for free on the Internet. Be it free, open source, web-based or merely passive trials - the number of top quality items on offer is huge. The purpose of this list is to help people realise that the free and open source software communities are expansive and generous.

100+ awesome free and open source applications - Software -

Producing Open Source Software

Producing Open Source Software Special thanks to CollabNet for its extensive support in the writing of this book. Video Presentations: What's In It for Me? How Your Company Can Benefit from Open Sourcing Code Ben-Collins Sussman and Brian Fitzpatrick As the open source community continues to clamor for more companies to open source their code, more and more executives are asking themselves just what open source can do for their company. There are a number of ways for a company to open source an internal project: from tossing code over the wall on the one hand to running a fully open development project on the other to any combination of the two.
THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO – Transparency, Truth, & Trust . . . the meme, the mind-set, and the method THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO – Transparency, Truth, & Trust . . . the meme, the mind-set, and the method Amazon Hard-Copy Page CULTURE | Read ‘Open-Source Everything Manifesto’ for FREE Book Being Serialized One Chapter at a Time Amazon Kindle Page for Book Steele At Togather:Book Him Online for a Local Event 28 August 2012
Interactive map of GNU/Linux OS and FOSS

Open Source Software - Find, Evaluate, Collaborate - OStatic

Could Microsoft Head Toward Android Phones Via Nokia? Could Android--a mobile operating system from Microsoft's arch rival Google that has found unprecedented success--actually be the key to solving Microsoft's mobile problems? I've asked that question before, as seen in this post, which noted that Microsoft could quickly solve some of its tablet woes by embracing Android. Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia is expected to close soon, and there is growing speculation that Nokia, which stumbled with some of its efforts to quickly create a viable, mobile, open source operating system, may have an Android phone in the works. Could that soon put Microsoft in the Android business? Open Source Software - Find, Evaluate, Collaborate - OStatic

Ubuntu 14.04 / 13.10 – Le client Google Drive passe en version 1.4 La version 1.4 de Grive, un client Google Drive pour Linux non-officiel open source, vient d’être rendu public et permet une installation facile pour nos distributions préférées.Ubuntu 14.04 / 13.10 / 12.04 – Firefox 27 En attendant l’arrivée de l’interface Australis Firefox, le navigateur Web, vient de se mettre à jour vers la version 27 apportant principalement des optimisations. Le Libriste : Actualités Ubuntu 12.04 ls precise pangolin et Android

Le Libriste : Actualités Ubuntu 12.04 ls precise pangolin et Android

Framasoft - Logiciels libres

Framasoft - Logiciels libres

Éditeur Framasoft Association loi 1901 déclarée en sous-préfecture d’Arles le 2 décembre 2003 sous le n° 0132007842 N° Siret : 500 715 776 00018 Siège social Association Framasoft Pierre-Yves Gosset c/o Locaux Motiv 10 bis, rue Jangot 69007 LYON
Le site est orienté Open Source, aussi appelé logiciel libre. Je souhaiterais vous amener à les connaître, à les télécharger et à les utiliser pour votre plus grande satisfaction. Le logiciel libre n'a pas à rougir de son homologue propriétaire, il offre des performances similaires ainsi qu'une compatibilité presque systématique avec GNU/Linux, Mac OS X et Windows. Le Logiciel Libre : découvrir, télécharger des logiciels libres

Le Logiciel Libre : découvrir, télécharger des logiciels libres

Today the future of internet begins - and open source is readyCompanies world-wide start to embrace the new standard for communication on the internet; the Internet Protocol version 6 - also known as IPv6. IPv6 will at some point replace existing IPv4 which have been used to transport our data through the internet for more than 30 years. The main reason to switch is that IPv4 only allows around 4 billion internet addresses. In order for one device to communicate with another on the internet each of them has to have a unique internet address (IP address). With the number of devices currently on the market - computers, smartphones, smart tvs and set-top boxes - we are already out of addresses. However, clever manipulation allows some devices to share IP addresses with other devices, but this is not an ideal situation.

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Given that the goal of this article is to introduce you to the Linux kernel and explore its architecture and major components, let's start with a short tour of Linux kernel history, then look at the Linux kernel architecture from 30,000 feet, and, finally, examine its major subsystems. The Linux kernel is over six million lines of code, so this introduction is not exhaustive. Use the pointers to more content to dig in further. A short tour of Linux history While Linux is arguably the most popular open source operating system, its history is actually quite short considering the timeline of operating systems.

Anatomy of the Linux kernel

Linux, BSD, and Other Operating System Screenshots
What is GNU? GNU is a Unix-like operating system that is free software—it respects your freedom. You can install versions of GNU (more precisely, GNU/Linux systems) which are entirely free software. What we provide. The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop the GNU system. The name “GNU” is a recursive acronym for “GNU's Not Unix!”.

The GNU Operating System

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