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Mooc Intef Learning by Rosanna Almela Domínguez. My journey with #twinmooc by Katarzyna Wolska. Work Locally and be heard Globally by Anissa Baa. PORTFOLIO by Elvira López. Hello everyone!

PORTFOLIO by Elvira López

This is my Learning Portfolio: a personal space for learning, sharing ideas and experiences. During the months of this Open eTwinning in 140 mooc I will have the opportunity to show you my achievements as well as my personal reflections on the course and on eTwinning! So... Let's go on reading...👀! What's etwinning? I read many definitions of other colleagues either on etwinning or on Facebook. But before going any further, I would like to introduce myself… so 3, 2 1… and CLICK HERE! Even though I’m far from being an expert on eTwinning, I don’t stop trying to learn more about this useful tool.

Starting a New Voyage by Patricia Mateo. Dreams&hopes by Mihaela Banca. E-Portfolio by Hayfa Mejdoub. EmoTICon by Tania Martínez Rodríguez. MrsB Open Classroom by Beatriz Rodríguez Martín. Last week I started learning many things related to eTwinning through the 2nd edition of the Open eTwinning MOOC.

MrsB Open Classroom by Beatriz Rodríguez Martín

This course is going to be carried out until the first week of June and, during this time, I will have to develop different activities. One of the tasks that I have been asked to complete this week was to tweet in 140 characters what eTwinning means to me. This was my tweet: So for a general idea, 140 characters is enough. But if we want to give more information it's obvious that we will need more than that. When we talk about eTwinning, we refer to a community of schools, teachers and students from Europe that want to develop projects taking into account the social, historical and cultural background of the different participants. Thinking of the possible eTwinning projects that can be carried out, there's no limit. Teaching and having fun! By Loli Fdez Ortega. E-twinning – my personal learning environment. What does e-twinning mean to me?

e-twinning – my personal learning environment

Well, not much as of now. Haven’t heard much about it. Have read some. But it still doesn’t mean much too me. You know what they say, pravtice makes perfect. What I did find out and what is of most importance to me is the fact that e-twinning will help me develop, enable me to learn, facilitate both my own learning process and self-development and my teaching.

The last few days I spent following the course’s facebook page, reading about other participants, leatning of their problems and inhibitions. Thus, so far, e-twinning for me means motivation thanks to communication, cooperation and collaboration. Dodaj do ulubionych: Lubię Wczytywanie... Learning portfolio. Open etwinning: 1st activity. - Maestro Ruymán. Unit 1- What is eTwinning? Today I start a new adventure, guided by a group of specialists who are going to show a bunch of teachers how to cross countries borders thanks to nowadays online resources and work collaboratively with other schools/users in order to reach a common goal.

Unit 1- What is eTwinning?

My expectations on this MOOC are learning to build online bridges among the different countries in the world so that teachers can offer our students a broader vision that takes account of the different cultures and ways of thinking. For this reason, after reading about eTwinning, I would say that this digital tool is a super-powerful resource which can make students aware of the various and good uses of the digital tools, improve their written and oral language skills and learn to work collaboratively accepting and respecting other points of view. Here you can find my eTwinning personal definition in less than 140 words.

eTwinningINTEF Pilar G. #Twinmooc. First activity. My presentation. INTEF176 – MOOC "Open eTwinning" #twinmooc. My Way of Teaching – This is a blog to write some experiences teaching English as a second language in Spanish Primary Schools. ABOUT THE COURSE ON ETWINNING. My first knowledge in the course -