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Panel discussion about examples of flexible learning - 30 April 2-4pm. We're seeing some steady progress with the new course participants getting comfy with using their blogs, with some great work being done already.

Panel discussion about examples of flexible learning - 30 April 2-4pm

Hats off to Jenny Rudd for some outstanding work so far. Not to set the standard or anything, just acknowledging work above and beyond the expectation levels of this course. Thanks Jen. Now that many of us appear to be ready to role, it must be time we got cracking with the course proper. Its time we started looking at examples of flexible learning.. we will spend 20 April to 10 May looking at these. Spotlight on E-Learning. Education Week's Spotlight on E-Learning brings together a collection of articles hand-picked by our editors for their insights on: Understanding different models of online learningChoosing the right e-learning companyIncreasing access and equity in digital learningHow elementary schools incorporate e-learningParental involvement in online educationWhat works best for classrooms that blend face-to-face and virtual learningNew standards outlining online-course design Elementary school online students need remediation or acceleration at junctures in their development some say are more crucial than any in high school.

Spotlight on E-Learning

January 7, 2011 - Education Week Distinguishing between the wide variety of virtual schools and online-learning programs available involves understanding the type of operational control. April 23, 2010 - Education Week. Free Textbooks Internet Library. The Cape Town Open Education Declaration. 1:1 Open Educational Resources - paulbmckenzie - Gmail.

MOOC: Massive Open Online Course. There has been a lot of buzz about the free and open Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course to be facilitated by George Siemens and Stephen Downes in September.

MOOC: Massive Open Online Course

To date, over 1,200 people have signed up for the course prompting a new label, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), to describe this super-sized open education course. Over the weekend, George and Stephen joined the folks at to discuss the design and facilitation of such a mega-course. Linked here is the recording of George and Stephen on #81. OER university. WSIS Platform of Communities: Open Educational Resources (OER) OpenContent. OpenLearn - The Open University. Main Page - FreeReading. Journals. 50 Excellent Open Courses on Teaching With Technology.

The information below is taken from a recent posting on

50 Excellent Open Courses on Teaching With Technology

It is a listing of 50 free online courses that are offered on a wide variety of instructional technology topics. The courses are free, self-directed, and accessible over the internet. Rather then listing a few examples in this posting I decided to paste all of the links below. Using technology and creating unique learning environments are two big dreams that all types of teachers have, from elementary educators to distance education teachers to college professors. If you’re already used to taking classes from an online college but are curious about creating your own open resources, or if you are studying to be a teacher in today’s tech-fueled economy, check out these 50 free courses on teaching with technology.

Destination ImagiNation - Home Page. Wikibooks. Curriki. Featured Overstreams. Student Research: Can Googling Replace $168 Intro to Psych Textbook? Electronic Textbooks | News Student Research: Can Googling Replace $168 Intro to Psych Textbook?

Student Research: Can Googling Replace $168 Intro to Psych Textbook?

By Dian Schaffhauser02/16/11 Students are taking the battle against high-priced textbooks into their own hands. This week, 11 University of Cincinnati seniors in the psychology program presented at an Educause event a comparison of the content of traditional college texts, one of which costs $168, to content they found for free on the Web. The research effort was undertaken as part of the Digital Bookshelf Project, the University System of Ohio's effort to make textbooks more affordable. Khan Academy. Live On-line Events. Open education. Open education is a collective term[1] to describe institutional practices and programmatic initiatives that broaden access to the learning and training traditionally offered through formal education systems.

Open education

The qualifier "open" of open education refers to the elimination of barriers that can preclude both opportunities and recognition for participation in institution-based learning. One aspect of openness in or "opening up" education is the development and adoption of open educational resources. Open Book Project. Teachers Without Borders. Free Social Teaching and Learning Network focused solely on education.