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#occupygezi. Protests in Turkey Part of Growing Cycle of Discontent. (Source: Protests in Turkey entered their fifth day today, with demonstrators heading into the streets in cities across the country.

Protests in Turkey Part of Growing Cycle of Discontent

The protests, which were initially aimed at protesting the demolition of Istanbul’s Gezi park, have transformed, because of police aggression, to include more general grievances with the Turkish government. Mashallah News provides a good recap of the demonstrations’ development, thus far: “In Istanbul, just 1.5% of the land is devoted to public green space, of which nine acres are located in Gezi park. On Monday, construction crews began the demolition of the park to make way for a shopping mall. In a much anticipated speech on June 1, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan responded to the growing protest movement. “Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan… speaking about the police attacks on protesters, is defiant — he says of those who are demonstrating about the re-

Occupy Europe: How a generation went from indifferent to indignant. The most significant current youth movement in Europe started with a tweet on Justin Bieber, the boyish Canadian crooner.

Occupy Europe: How a generation went from indifferent to indignant

On May 15, following a rally against education cuts at Madrid's main square, a cluster of 40 students stayed on, talking into the night. Spain, like Greece and Italy, faces huge public deficits. The government has been cutting outlays for basic services like schools, health care, and social welfare. While college attendance in Spain is a success story, youth unemployment has risen to a horrific 44 percent. So on Puerta del Sol square, the kids were hashing it out. Gezipark: fr - 2013-06-04 02:00:04 +0200. TUR | FR | ENG | GRE | ITA | GER | ESP News from / Nachrichten / Νέα από / informations / Notizie (da) 4.6.2013 (Istanbul Time):

gezipark: fr - 2013-06-04 02:00:04 +0200

Occupy Together Meetups Everywhere. The World vs Wall Street. Squares around the world. Occupy Together  List of "Occupy" protest locations. Map: Occupy Wall Street Spreads Worldwide, Arrests on the Rise. The loose-knit protest movement known as Occupy Wall Street has stirred action from New York City to LA and spread overseas.

Map: Occupy Wall Street Spreads Worldwide, Arrests on the Rise

Here we present an expanding map of protest hot spots and reported arrests, and track the movement's growth. Check back often for updates—and check out all the rest of MoJo's #OWS coverage here. Protests taking place beyond Manhattan: What began as a call for Americans to gather in New York's Financial District has given rise to like-minded actions nationwide and far beyond. Click on the dots for details from more than 462 locations and over 3,200 arrests (last updated: November 20, 9:30 p.m. Occupy Variations. How to Occupy the Noosphere – TedX. IAN’S NOTE: This talk represents my own personal synthesis from artists, activists, Occupiers, rabble rousers, revolutionaries and evolutionaries that I’ve had the privilege to meet during my short time on this planet.

How to Occupy the Noosphere – TedX

A sincere bow as well to my friends, supporters, and teachers – which I am forever indebted. I had a lot of fun with this talk. Thanks to the TedX organizers and volunteers, fellow speakers, and all the lovely people of Victoria who made this an amazing event. Please SHARE this video if you’re inspired. Occupy Love. Occupy Earth (OccupyEarth) The protests around the world: The march of protest. Occupy Toronto Market Exchange. Occupy Toronto: St. James Park, march to Ryerson, Brigette DePape speech. 15th october: #United we will re-invent the world. Occupy Toronto Market Exchange. Occupy Wall Street global protests.

OCCUPYTHEWORLD. Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing in the World Now. Published in The Nation.

Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing in the World Now

I was honored to be invited to speak at Occupy Wall Street on Thursday night. Since amplification is (disgracefully) banned, and everything I said had to be repeated by hundreds of people so others could hear (a.k.a. “the human microphone”), what I actually said at Liberty Plaza had to be very short. With that in mind, here is the longer, uncut version of the speech. I love you. And I didn’t just say that so that hundreds of you would shout “I love you” back, though that is obviously a bonus feature of the human microphone. Yesterday, one of the speakers at the labor rally said: “We found each other.”

If there is one thing I know, it is that the 1 percent loves a crisis. And there is only one thing that can block this tactic, and fortunately, it’s a very big thing: the 99 percent. That slogan began in Italy in 2008. “Why are they protesting?” But there are important differences too. Un mouvement planétaire : Occupy Wall Street. Depuis septembre dernier, des manifestants qui se sont nommés "Occupy Wall Street" se relaient près de la bourse de New York pour protester contre la responsabilité des financiers et de tous ce système capitaliste à l'origine de la paupérisation et de la situation économique actuelle.

Un mouvement planétaire : Occupy Wall Street

Peu à peu le mouvement trouvent un écho dans les médias du monde et d’autres villes au Usa commencent à voir des groupes de manifestants appelant à en finir avec cette économie cause d’une pauvreté grandissante et visible partout en occident. Les manifestations inspirés par le Wall Street Occuper lui-même nés du mouvement des indignés nés en « Espagne, se sont propagées dans toutes les villes du monde. Occupy protests around the world: full list visualised. "951 cities in 82 countries" has become the standard definition of the scale of the Occupy protests around the world this weekend, following on from the Occupy Wall Street and Madrid demonstrations that have shaped public debate in the past month.

Occupy protests around the world: full list visualised

We wanted to list exactly where protests have taken place as part of the Occupy movement - and see exactly what is happening where around the globe. With your help, adding events in our form below, we've been able to show 750 Occupy events world wide. As we wrote this week: Protests inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York and the "Indignants" in Spain have spread to cities around the world. Tens of thousands went on the march in New York, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Rome, Sydney and Hong Kong as organisers aimed to "initiate global change" against capitalism and austerity measures. So, we have started listing all the events we can find verified news reports for. Le tour du monde des Indignés. Occupy the London Stock Exchange.

Occupy the London Stock Exchange. Occupy Germany. London. #Occupy Europe. Occupy Newark NJ (OccupyNewark) Occupy Brisbane (OccupyBrisbane) Protesters Fail to Occupy Singapore - Dispatch. Occupylatinoamerica.

Occupy Seattle Timeline

Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed. What do we want again? Occupy Wall St takes hold of Australia. "Tens of thousands" expected soon "It's not radicals - just ordinary people" Australians prepare own occupations IT'S the protest movement that may not exactly know what it's protesting about - and may not have much chance of achieving it.

Demontrators enraged by "corporate greed" plan to spread their message in capital cities across Australia tomorrow as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. As tracked down Australians at the original Wall Street protest in New York, organisers of the local offshoots said they planned to set up a permanent campsite outside the Reserve Bank in Sydney to highlight "massive inequalities in Australia".

Portuguese Revolution / Revolução Portuguesa - 1 de Outubro, Manifestação Porto. Chaîne de OccupyTV. Globalizing Dissent, From Tahrir Square to Liberty Plaza. The winds of change are blowing across the globe.

Globalizing Dissent, From Tahrir Square to Liberty Plaza

What triggers such change, and when it will strike, is something that no one can predict. Last Jan. 18, a courageous young woman in Egypt took a dangerous step. Asmaa Mahfouz was 25 years old, part of the April 6 Youth Movement, with thousands of young people engaging online in debate on the future of their country. They formed in 2008 to demonstrate solidarity with workers in the industrial city of Mahalla, Egypt. オキュパイ・トウキョウ - OCCUPY TOKYO - 世界革命. Global Occupation.